Monday Update on True Love July 09

Monday Update on True Love

July 09 Episode

Veer tells Ichcha that while in Delhi he met with a psychiatrist and that after learning of Vansh’s condition she also said that they should have never stopped his treatment, cuz of which Ichcha’s life is now in danger. Ichcha assures Veer that Vansh is getting better and is very caring. She tells Veer not to meet with her again, and not even call her since she doesn’t want a reason for Vansh to doubt her. She gets up to leave but Veer stops her and asks her if Vansh has been doing any strange things or if he’s been having mood swings. Ichcha thinks of Vansh in the store, beating up the guy in the restaurant, etc. Ichcha lies that nothing has happened and that Vansh is not mad. Veer tells Ichcha that he’s more worried for her than for Vansh, and he knows he’s made a mistake by getting Vansh-Ichcha married. Out in the rain, Vansh is searching for Ichcha. He reaches the restaurant that they were just in and is upset seeing them not there. He kicks a chair down and leaves from there.

All are eating at the Thakur house. Jogi comes downstairs with his bags packed and announces that he’s leaving for Darjeeling. Nani turns to Divya, who expresses that she doesn’t care where Jogi goes. Jogi announces that he won’t return until he has proved his innocence.

Sid is outside the Bundela house and inquires abt Taps and Veer, but the guard tells him that they are out of the country. Sid understands that Taps must be at her house. Back at the Thakur house, Taps reaches there. Nani asks her abt America. Taps explains how Veer tricked her and went to Delhi instead, and then came back to Mumbai since Ichcha’s life was in danger. She hugs Nani when Masoom comes there calling Taps, Tapasya didi. Taps looks to Nani and Nani tells her that Masoom has come as another Ichcha. Taps is furious and screams for Jogi. Nani quietens her and explains everything.

At the Bundela house, Vansh reaches home and goes into his room to find Ichcha there. Vansh asks her if she was not bored sitting at home alone. Ichcha says that she also went out and got him a black shirt. Vansh thanks her, and in his mind wonders when Ichcha will stop lying.