Friday Update on This is Love July 06

Friday Update on This is Love

July 06 Episode

Mani and Shagun see Aaliya and get shocked. Mani cries. Aaliya says its hurting a lot. Inspector asks Doctor when can they take Aaliya’s statement, they have doubt on Adi, and he is not caught till now, we have to talk to her. Doctor says you can’t take statement now, patient is not in position, you can come later. Inspector leaves. Mani tells Aaliya that she is strong girl. Police comes to Bhalla house. Mihika asks what, acid attack on Aaliya, and they are blaming Adi, no he can’t do this. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Adi can’t do this. Inspector says we did not find him at home, cooperate with us, inform us when Adi comes home, if he runs away, we will doubt on him. Raman says I will inform you. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Adi is very innocent, he can never do this, and Aaliya is
like our daughter. Mihika thinks how will be Aaliya.
Ishita sits by Aaliya’s side and says you are strong, my daughter, you will get fine soon. Mani is in deep sorrow. Doctor asks Ishita to go out. Aaliya asks Ishita not to go. Ishita says I m standing outside, you are strong, if anything happens, they will call me here. She leaves with Mani. Mani cries. Ishita says Mani, Aaliya will get fine, have hopes, I m sure she will be fine, our daughter is very strong, when she got hurt in childhood, she used to fight like boys, she was always stronger, she is not one to give up, I m worried for Aaliya and Adi both, don’t know where is Adi. She wipes her tears and asks Mani are you listening, I will not let anything happen to Aaliya, she is very strong, please you also be strong, we have to find out together, who can do this with Aaliya, we have to find out.
Constable finds Adi in the car. Inspector says open the door, get him out. They open the door. Inspector asks constables to check the car well, there will be some proof. They get the chemical bottle. Inspector says oh my God….
Ashok asks are you mad Shagun. Shagun says it means you did not do this, I thought its you, as you are Bhalla’s enemy, it means Niddhi did this, she is mad and stupid, she is out on bail. Ashok says I was with her at her guest house, she can’t do this, she did not do this. Shagun ends call and says it means Adi really did this, Mani will not leave him, what to do.
Shagun asks Ishita whats this drama, you could have stopped this and explained Adi. Ishita asks is this time to fight, we have to be with Aaliya. Shagun says police will doubt Adi, did you read his messages. Ishita says so what, we can say bad, but not do bad, Adi is your son, you know him, he can’t do this. Shagun thinks I will blame Adi to keep Mani on my side. Shagun says Adi can do anything in anger, I have doubt on him, maybe Adi did this, I have seen Adi’s anger. Inspector comes there and tells Mani that we have to take Aaliya’s statement, I took permission from Aaliya, we can put some light on this case. He asks Aaliya what happened that night. Aaliya says I was waiting for Adi, when I turned…. Inspector asks was it Adi? She says I don’t know, his face was covered. He asks do you know anything, his clothes, personality. Adi is tied and interrogated by police. Aaliya says that guy was wearing some orange tshirt and height maybe 5.10, he was young, I don’t know anything else. Doctor asks Inspector to let patient rest. Inspector says fine and informs his senior. Mani cries seeing Aaliya.
Inspector tells Mani that police arrested Adi, we got chemical bottle from his car, I think he is behind this case, he is prime suspect as Aaliya’s description is matching to Adi, come to police station with us. Ishita and Shagun look on.
Ishita asks inspector how can they arrest Adi, did they go mad. She gets shocked seeing Adi. Raman looks on. Inspector says your son is still drunk, he is saying he does not know what happened, we got chemical bottle from his car. Ishita says my son can’t do this. Inspector says you are educated and you know we don’t get anyone without doubt, he is matching to Aaliya’s description, shall we leave him as you are his mother and feels he is innocent. Mani comes and says yes, leave him, he is innocent, I m Aaliya’s father and don’t want to complaint against Adi. Inspector asks are you in pressure. Mani says no, I m victim’s father, and I m saying this, Adi is innocent, find the real culprit. Raman and Ishita get relieved. Ishita tells Adi that Mani feels you are innocent, he trusts you, I also know you did not do this.
Ishita takes Adi outside and sees Mani. Adi goes to Mani and apologizes. Mani angrily aims gun at him. Raman and Ishita get shocked. Ishita asks what are you doing Mani, he is my son, you know he is not culprit, you said that inside. Mani says shut up, this is my way to get justice, I m going to kill Adi, then Adi won’t need to give explanation to anyone. Ishita says you know Adi is innocent. Mani says you will feel so, he is not innocent for me, I could not do anything to protect Aaliya, I raised her since she was 2 years old, I will punish Adi. Raman says Adi can’t do this, you can’t do this. Mani says I want to punish Adi, as you will save him in court, I can’t wait for years to get justice, Adi is culprit, he will get punished today. Ishita cries and says no. Police comes and aims guns to stop Mani.
Mani shooting at Adi. Ishita screams and turns her face. Raman and Ishita see Adi fine, and Abhishek who stopped Mani. Abhishek asks Mani to think of Aaliya, who is in hospital, what will happen when she knows you shot Adi. Mani gives the gun. Ishita cries and hugs Adi. Mani says Abhishek you played good game. Abhishek says no, if Adi is culprit, he will get punished, if Adi is proved innocent after you shot Adi, think how will you live with guilt, trust me. Mani says fine, I will file case against Adi. Abhishek says good, come. Mani goes. Adi is taken by police. Ishita tells Raman that we have to make Mani believe that Adi is innocent. He says we can do that later, think of Aaliya and finding true culprit. She agrees and says its about Aaliya’s respect.
and Niddhi talk about Adi. Shagun calls Ashok and says Mani tries to shoot Adi. Niddhi tells her to use this chance, this case will go to fast track, Adi will go jail and Raman’s family will get disturbed. Shagun asks have you lost it, Adi is my son. She ends call and talks to nurse. Ashok says what happened, Shagun ended call. Niddhi says I have no problem with Adi, I want to take revenge from Ruhi, who has beaten me. Ashok says fine, I will do this work for you. He calls news channel. Niddhi tells reporter that she has breaking news, but her name should not come in between.
Raman panics and says no lawyer is ready to take the case. Mihir also says same. Ishita says Dr. Batra said Aaliya’s speedy recovery can help, but we need lawyer. Ruhi says I met a family as Ruhaan, that lady is a lawyer. Raman calls on number and says her phone is off. Mihir and Ruhi say we will go and convince her, don’t worry. They leave. Ishita asks Raman not to worry, I will try more contacts.
Abhishek asks Adi where was he at the time of attack. Adi says I don’t know, I got drunk at night and then argues with Raman at home, then I met my friend. Abhishek asks who, tell me, was he with you at the time of attack. Adi says no, I gave him lift, he was saying about his GF, I dropped him and got more drunk, I took more wine from a wine shop , I have its bill. He shows the bill and says I don’t remember what I did, don’t know I did this or not, I know you want to help me. Abhishek asks inspector to take Adi’s statement. He fears that Adi did attack, he can be trapped, how to get truth out of Adi. Inspector says we will try again. Abhishek says I know his family well. Inspector says I think we should take his friend’s statement.
Abhishek shows the chemical bottle and asks how did this come in your car. Adi says I don’t know. Abhishek asks how can you be so irresponsible, Aaliya’s life, your family’s reputation is at stake, recall it, tell me. Inspector says I will talk to him. Mihir and Ruhi meet Abhishek and give Adi’s bail papers. Mihir asks Ruhi to inform everyone that Adi is coming home. Constable gets Adi. Mihir says its okay Adi and hugs him. Adi cries and says I m so sorry, you all are troubled because of me, I don’t remember anything. She says calm down, we all are with you.
Mihir says we know you can’t do this, come home. Abhishek stops Adi and says if you tell us everything well, we can find real culprit easily, if you are not culprit, you got bail, it won’t be good if you are found drunk again, Mihir you know well, Adi can’t go outside Delhi till this case goes on. Mihir says don’t worry, Adi will not go anywhere, thanks. They take Adi. Abhishek tells inspector that we can just hope Adi remembers everything, every single detail. Media comes outside police station and ask Ruhi why is she saving her brother, who has ruined a girl’s life.
Ruhi says you can’t blame him, nothing is proved. Reporters ask Adi is he mad lover, did he get cheated in love, did he take revenge from that girl. Adi cries. Mihir says police is investigating. Ishita and Raman come there. Reporter ask Raman why did Adi do this. Raman asks what nonsense. Reporter ask Ishita about her children, you should do justice and put your son in jail, you got him bail. Raman gets angry. Ishita stops Raman. Raman and Ishita worry. He says who can tell them about our family, Shagun….. They leave.
Ashok is at hospital and talks to media, that its his work to get justice for Aaliya, every girl is like daughter, real culprit should get punished. Ashok and media get inside ward. Nurse says patient needs rest, go out and makes them leave. Shagun asks whats all this. Mani comes and asks whats happening. Ashok asks reporters to leave, patient needs rest. He offers help to Mani. Mani asks him to go. Ashok says remember, I m call away. Mani goes. Shagun says why are you here, Adi is my son, his name will get spoiled. Ashok asks her to think, whats more imp, Adi or Pihu, you have to sacrifice Adi if you want Pihu. He goes.
Mrs. Bhalla and Mihika see the news of chemical attack on a girl by Adi. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Adi is innocent, why are they defaming him. Mihika consoles her. Mr. Bhalla gets Pihu home. They both are hurt. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Pihu and asks how did this happen. Mr. Bhalla says some people stopped us on the way when I was getting Pihu from school, people were angry as we are supporting Adi and hurt me, I tried to keep Pihu safe. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says people did this with you and little girl. Ishita, Raman and Ruhi get Adi home. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Adi and cries.
She asks are you fine. Adi goes to see Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi is innocent. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to save Adi. Ishita says don’t cry, I will just come. Raman cries.