Monday Update on Young Love 13 January 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 13 January 2020

LP Shrivastav giving interview to the media and says he respects reporters. He says why I should respect this woman(Kusum). He refuses to have been married to Kusum. She is nothing to me. Kusum takes out photo of their marriage and asks can you identify yourself? Shrivastav says you trapped me. I know that she wants to come on TV and wants publicity. He says I don’t hope this stupidity from Jagdish ji. Jagya asks him to wait for another proof.

Kusum calls her son Shakti. Shrivastav gets shocked. She asks what you will tell now. Will you decline your relation with your son? Shrivastav is shocked and says it is shameless thing. Jagya says it is really shameful for you to lie repeatedly. He asks what is your relation with this boy? He says don’t think I came here to ask you to accept them. Shrivastav asks what do you wants? Jagya says he wants his blood samples and nails to get the DNA test done.

Shrivastav is shocked again. Jagya says you said now tha you are not Shakti’s father so we wants to get the test done. Do you have any problem. Shrivastav says he accepts but will talk to his ministers. Jagya asks why? He says he can’t take a move without taking to them. Jagya gives them time and says only justice will be done now. He tells media that Shrivastav agreed and thanks them. Kusum and Shakti look tensed. They leaves. Shrivastav gets up from his bed and eyes Jagya angrily. He says you are gone. He threatens Jagya. Jagya gives him advice to accept his sins and apologizes to Kusum. Jagya leaves.

Anandi gets a phone call and she gets shocked. She tells Shiv that Kaki called and said that her Bapusaa has got some skin disease and his condition is deteriorating day by day. Shiv says we will go now itself. Anandi says what about Daddu? Shiv says he has family here. Get ready.

Shrivastav sees news about him. He gets a call from minister. He asks what I am seeing this. Shrivastav says it is a lie. Minister says you introduced her as your wife long back. Shrivastav badmouths about Kusum and calls her characterless. Minister listens silently. Shrivastav says she brought her son and saying he is my son.

Minister asks him to get the DNA test done to clarify his name. Shrivastav says he is trapped by the media. It is a trap to ruin his political career. He says Jagya came to know that she was my wife before so brought her to ruin my career. Minister asks him to settle his issue else think that your career is ended. Shrivastav says ok. He calls his servant and asks him to get the news publish that he is ready for DNA test.

Daddu tells Anandi not to worry as everything will be fine. Anandi says they will try to return soon. Subhadra says Khazaan ji will be fine too, I will pray for him. Shiv says we will go now. Anoop asks Shiv to call him if needed. Shiv says ok Chote Papa. Anoop gets angry. Shiv realizes what he just said and calls him Papa. Anoop says its ok. Meenu asks did you inform Amol. Anandi says I made him understand. He was insisting to come. Subhadra says she will take care of Amol. They leaves. Subhadra thinks Anandi can’t stay in her house.

Kusum comes to kitchen. Ganga makes tea. Kusum offers her help. Ganga asks are you fine? Shrivastav agreed for DNA test. Kusum says I am thinking why he agreed so easily. He knows that Shakti is his own blood, his own son. Ganga says may be because he don’t have any other option. She asks for whom you are making this tea.

Ganga says for Dr. Saheb. Kusum says she will give. Jagya is talking on phone when Kusum comes to give him tea. Jagya asks to make him drink tea as he didn’t see her. He says her sorry and says he thought Ganga came. Kusum says she is making breakfast. Jagya takes the tea cup and thanks her. Kusum thinks you are very nice. Why my destiny is bad. She looks at Jagya.

Anandi comes to her father’s village. She enters the house and is shocked to see her ailing father on the bed. She calls him Bapu……He turns around and gets happy. She rushes to him, while he stops her saying the infection would spread to her.

Anandi asking her father why he didn’t inform her about his illness. Khazan Singh says he has few days left. He didn’t know about his illness will increase. Shiv comes in and asks him to rest. Anandi says I will take you to Udaipur and will take care of you until you gets well. Shiv says you will be fine. Khazan says I can’t agree and apologizes. He says I can’t leave this village. Anandi asks why? Just because I am your daughter. You would have gone with your son. Khazan says he said no means no. He asks her to take care of her house. Anandi is adamant to take him to Udaipur. Khazan refuses and asks Shiv to explain to Anandi. Daddu comes home after a walk. Anoop tells Daddu that he will start his office in guest room and reminds him that he has to get total body check up done tomorrow. Alok hears them. Anoop says I will be taking you to hospital. Alok goes to his room. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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