Thursday Update on True Love 9 January 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 9 January 2020

Damini is at the door of the morgue when the ward boy comes and closes it. She heads back to the OT when the lady accidentally drops the belongings of Iccha on floor and a bangle goes rolling in Damini’s feet. She picks it up….looks carefully and says….this is Icchki’s bangle.

She goes to the lady who is collecting all the stuff back in the bag. The lady states that these are things who has just and goes quiet. She sees the bangle in Damini’s hand and asks for it.
Damini is shocked out of her wits and looks at the rest of the things…the saree and the mangalsutra. She drops her specs in shock and shouts Icchki. She takes the plastic bag from the lady even as she continues saying that this is of the accident victim who has donated her heart.

Damini holds the saree in her hands and cries a heart wrenching cry. The lady continues with her questions if she was her relative. Damini is crying very badly and the lady is not able to fathom what’s happening.
Damini looks back at the corridor and falls flat on the floor…unconscious.
The lady is shocked out of her wits and calls for help but no one is there.

Back at haveli, Meethi si making rotis. She hurts herself in the process and cries out Ma. Gomti looks at the burn and again taunts her that she is crying for such a small thing.
Meethi retorts back asking her to not say anything to her. She can only taunt….she wont understand anything. Gomti is amused watching her reaction.

Just then Maiyya walks in asking what her massi wont understand? Why is she crying? Did anyone or this Gomti said anything to you. She asks her sister next.
Pavitra clarifies that her hand got burnt while making rotis. Maiyya tells her to go and get cool butter to apply on her hands. Pavitra heads towards the door.

Meethi replies no Maiyya she isn’t crying because of the burn. She is remembering her mom. (sad music is playing). That is the first name that came to her mind. She hasn’t spent much time with her but don’t know why she is remembering her all the time. She is crying now. There must be some reason why she is missing her mom so much…there must be. You are a mother too at least you try to understand my pain. I have to talk to ma. Please let me talk to her once.

Maiyya replies you are crying for such a small thing. You went out today without telling us…..breaking our traditions yet did I say anything to you? You know why….because you are my daughter-in-law and we don’t want you to think that we are lying. She instructs Vishnu to take her to the phone booth and make her speak to her mom. Go.
Meethi becomes super excited and thanks her with all her heart. She is the best. Lets go Vishnu.
Maiyya also tells him not to come back till she speaks to her mom….however much time it takes, just make her talk to her mom. Meethi leaves with him leaving behind a puzzled Gomti and Pavitra.
She tells them to focus on the work. Let that girl speak to her mom. That’s it!

Nani comes to the hospital with Divya. She laments that everyone hid such a big thing from them including Mukta. Her dearest Tappu was fighting here for her life yet none of them told her. She was at home when she should have been here with Tappu.
All try to calm her down that she had high BP and wasn’t well they dint want to worsen her health. Divya too consoles her saying she too dint knew. In a way it was good as they wouldn’t be able to take it. She hugs a crying nani.
Nani asks for the donor’s name. Please get her name and address. She wants to go meet their family members to thank them. Divya agrees saying they all will go to thank them. Jogi nods in agreement.

The lady comes running towards them. She tells them that the lady who was with them….who were specs, she fell unconscious and has been taken to ward no. 3.
Jogi and Veer head to the ward when the lady speaks out…maybe the lady who died had some relation with her. She saw her stuff…her bangle and fell unconscious. They stop in their tracks.
The lady adds before she fainted, she had shouted something…Icchki.
Everyone is shocked and the camera zooms on everyone’s face one by one.

Divya takes the bag from the lady’s hand and Iccha’s saree and rest of the things fall on the floor.
Veer sees the mangalsutra and recalls their marriage. While Jogi continues prodding the lady with questions about the lady who has passed away…the donor…she cant be Iccha. No one can believe what they are hearing. Iccha had gone to temple. This person cant be Iccha.
The lady says she only saved her daughter outside the temple.

Veer on recalling his marriage says…this mangalsutra belongs to Iccha.
The lady asks if she WAS his someone….who she was.
Veer shouts at her that she IS……his wife. She IS. (First time I liked what he did here!)
He runs towards the corridor. Jogi shouts Iccha and runs after Veer as Mukta gasps in shock and cries in Rathore’s arms. She too leaves Rathore and goes with them. Nani, Divya and that lady follow them while Rathore stands back completely shocked and shaken.

All run in the corridor shouting for Iccha and stop outside the morgue.
The lady tells the war boy to open the morgue as they are that accident victim’s family members. He obliges and all enter one by one after Veer.
The camera again zooms on all of them turn by turn. Veer comes and stands next to the dead body. All watch with bated breath as he removes the cloth from Iccha’s face revealing a blood soaked Iccha. Mukta and Divya close their eyes in pain.

All watch with bated breath as he removes the cloth from Iccha’s face revealing a blood soaked Iccha. Mukta and Divya close their eyes in pain.
Veer remembers Iccha asking him to stay back with her at the hospital. He says he will be back soon. The lady says…she was a Goddess. She saved my daughter’s life by jumping in front of the truck. She even gave her heart to your daughter. She too cries for Iccha while Tvamev vidya is playing in the background.

Mukta is very much scared and Divya is crying looking at Iccha. Nani just looks on with shock.
Jogi moves towards the body…takes her hand in his and sees the mark. Flashback is shown where Iccha was saying that she has brought her destiny in her hands. Jogi, Mukta & Divya are stunned and Mukta runs to her crying Iccha Ma get up please. She begs her to get up.
She cries in Divya’s arms and asks her to wake up her Iccha ma. Veer cries out loud for Iccha after looking at her hand. Nani stands stunned. Jogi consoles Veer.

Nani comes forward. She says…listen chuhiya, what is this new drama. Get up. Can you not hear me? Get up….get up now. How can you go like this? I have cursed you all my life. Have always doubted your intentions. All my life I have been telling you that you are the once who snatched all happiness from my Tappu’s life and have lived on her Uttaran forever. Remember how I had painted your face red in childhood. A flashback of younger Iccha is shown. Nani comes there on the pretext of getting her ready but overdoes her makeup and all laugh at her. She says chuhiya, I couldn’t understand you.

What did you do? Even when you were leaving this world you gave your heart to Tappu. I am ashamed of myself for whatever I have done to you. You gave a new life to her. I am not able to face you today…how will I? She goes to her feet and speaks aloud…I have heard that a dead person’s soul roams around for 13 days after their death and can see everything. Wherever you are please see that I am holding your feet…forgive me BETA! Tell me once beta that you have forgiven me.
Jogi looks at her and understands her pain. He hugs her. She tells him to tell Iccha to forgive her. She listens to you na. Please tell her Jogi. Veer cannot believe his eyes and everyone else is crying.

Rathore comes to the Ganesha idol. He is holding Iccha’s saree in his hands.
He says…you have made a joke of everything…of my helplessness. I asked you to make Tappu healthy for she is doing penance for her misdeeds. I told you that people need her. For that you took Iccha ji’s life? She always prayed to you and her belief always strengthened in you whenever she was in some trouble. You took her life? Your hands are full of a pious soul’s blood now (holding the saree in front). Now I wont go in front of the so called God now. Whoever said or believed in you, I don’t care. Today, I am saying GOD IS DEAD. There is not God here, no justice will be done now.
He turns his back to the idol and closes his eyes in pain.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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