Monday Update on Young Love 16 March 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 16 March 2020

Nidhi waiting outside the Shiv Niketan. She gets her mother’s message that she is coming to take her back. Nidhi says she doesn’t need anybody’s support. She says you and Papa keeps on fighting, so don’t act to support me. She cries. She takes out wine bottle and throws it on the plant. Sarita looks at her. Anandi comes. Nidhi promises Anandi that she won’t break any rule and swears that she will never touch alcohol. She requests her not to drop her from Shiv Niketan. Anandi says it is good for you. You have to apologize to your mum as she is coming to take you back, and asks her to wait outside. Anandi starts teaching Karathe to the students. Nidhi looks back.

Kamli thinks if everyone was like Nimboli, then she would have live life with her own wish. She thinks life would have been simple and happy. Disa brings food for Kamli and asks her to eat. Kamli says she had already. Disa says I know who had eaten that roti and asks her to eat. Kamli asks why girls’ life is entangled. Why did boys can do everything with their wish and we can’t even take a breath.

Disa tells she doesn’t know the answer, but this world run on one rule. She says men are always stronger than women. Kamli asks will we always suffer? Disa says truth is this, but some women raised voice against men. Some have won and some have lost. They have one thing in common. Kamli asks what? Disa says they had patience and waited for the right moment. Kamli says she will wait patiently for the right chance. Disa smiles and makes her eat.

Jagya tells Ganga that they have to stop the swine flu from spreading further. Ganga says we will take more precautions. They see Abhi playing with a boy. Jagya says this is nurse’s son and should be in the balwadi. What is Abhi doing with the boy. He asks the nurse to drop him at balwadi. He then asks Abhi, why did you come here. Abhi says I came here with maa. Jagya scolds Ganga and says even a intern knows that kids are not allowed in this ward. Ganga says sorry. He leaves angrily. Abhi apologizes. Ganga says mistake is mine. Abhi says I will never come to this hospital.

Harki comes to the cow’s shed and sees Nimboli sleeping. She asks her to wake up. Nimboli wakes up. Harki scolds her and says you have to work all day being hungry. Nimboli gets tensed. Harki sees the wall and gets angry on her.

Nidhi is sitting outside. Dadisaa looks at her and tells Anandi that her mum didn’t come until now. She says I asked her to come inside, but she said she won’t come until we forgive her. Anandi says Sarita told me everything. Nothing is right between Nidhi and her mum, but I gave her admission. She has broken my trust, and might be repenting now. We are answerable to all. We can’t change the rules for one girl, it will affect other girls. Sarita says you are right, but I think she won’t drink again. Anandi says her penance is for sometime only. Nidhi faints and falls down. Anandi, Sarita and Dadisaa come to her. Her mum comes and asks Nidhi to open the eyes. Her mum gets angry on Anandi and asks how dare you? Anandi looks on.

Kundan’s friend Madhav comes and says he brought the books. Harki brings him to room. Madhav asks Kundan to close the door. Kundan closes the door and looks at the book. Madhav provokes him to get close to Nimboli and asks to stop her in his room. Kundan says his parents won’t let him go near Nimboli. Madhav laughs at him and asks him to see the books instead. Nimboli knocks on the door. Madhav asks Kundan to open the door. He opens the door. Nimboli asks what you will have? Cold drink or tea? Madhav asks her to ask Kundan. Kundan stares her.

Nimboli asking Madhav, what he would like to have? Madhav laughs and asks her to ask Kundan instead of him. Kundan asks her to bring any cold drink. Nimboli sees him laughing and asks? Kundan asks her to bring lassi. Nimboli says she will send Chagani. Kundan asks her to bring it. Madhav laughs. Kundan promises that Nimboli won’t be saved from him anymore. Nidhi wakes up in the hospital and sees her mum at her bedside. Her mum asks her not to look at Anandi, Sarita and Dadisaa. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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