Friday Update on True Love 13 March 2020


Friday Update on True Love 13 March 2020

Rathore saying I always know what’s happening with my family. meethi is getting married with Vishnu right? Who all took this decision and why this I know and understand. But I am surprised at your decision. You used to talk so big as to what all you can do. Lost so early in war of love? Akash says, maybe everyone will think like that, but today I have to do the duty of a brother. I will have to forget my duty for my love for a while. Love and duty are at its own different places.

Today Surabhi needs her brother. Rest of the convo is in mute. If I don’t go back to Aatishgarh today then my sister’s child will be killed even before it can take birth. Rathore is sitting all quiet. Akash picks up his bag to go when Rathore tells him to keep it down. Akash obliges. Rathore says one soldier can only fight one war at one time (are we on border :O). you came here to win your love you handle that I will take care of the other. Akash wonders as to why he would that for him.

Rathore says Surabhi is not only your sister but Iccha ji’s daughter-in-law as well (wow I only see sense in him following Iccha and her ways….kudos to you). I can anyways….(do anything) to save a mother and a kid. He gets emotional (remembering his time I guess ? ). I will handle that. Akash tells him it will be very dangerous for him to go to Aatishgarh. Rathore agrees with him…but not for me…..for your brother Nirbhay. Looking at his hand he comments maybe there is some debt of Aatishgarh which is still unfulfilled.

Nirbhay pushes Agarth in the same room as Kadambari. Ekadish is happy with this rift while Agarth is miffed. Ekadish fakes her brotherly love. How can you do this torture with your dad? Nirbhay says mom dad dint spend time together since long….dint share their sorrows and happiness so now they can. They can show their feelings here. Dad only had locked mom here right? Now he too will stay here in this room with mom (rightly said…like father like son :/ though I am not happy with it as Agarth had a change of heart for his daughter). Who will stop me now? First I will abort the child then will think as to what needs to be done about you. Agarth and Kadambari are in disbelief.

Nirbhay and Ekadish leave locking them inside the room. She comments now her brother too is locked in a cage (talking as if it’s a tradition :x). I am feeling very bad but you don’t worry. I understand all you are doing it for the good of this house. My brother cannot understand this. He is growing old that’s why. She looks at his face for some reaction but he keeps a blank face as usual. Surabhi and Kajri are sad to see this happen. Kajri comments this house is turning in to hell slowly the only ray of hope is AKash. I have spoken to him. He will come by tomorrow morning. Have faith he will come surely. Surabhi looks hopeful.

Next morning, its Rakshabandhan time (so soon…its till a week away). Mukku does the rituals first and ties Rakhi on Kanha’s hand. All look on happily. Next is Meethi’s turn. They both ask for her gift. He hands them each an envelope (woah why do I feel like going shopping looking at the envelopes ? ). Meethi hugs him happily while Mukku points out they both got a phone last time why only an envelope this time? Kanha says Meethi will get the real gift when she gets married.

And for Mukku I will get innumerable gifts as soon as she finds her prince charming. Mukku and Vishnu look at each other. Meethi is clearly in a dilemma. How do I tell you that this wedding is a drama only? Kanha brings her out of her dreams asking if she is happy. She nods back. kanha notices Mukku’s sad face. Why are you worried? Badi ma (Divya) told me if Mukku cant find a guy for herself then we all will search together. All laugh while Mukku and Vishnu are visibly lost.

Kanha gets happy thinking about her wedding. Mukku denies. I don’t want to get married. I want to stay in this home only. Kanha jokes they will have to find a ghar jamai (lol google calls it “live-in son-in-law” ? ? ). Mukku smiles back looking at their happy faces. Jogi blesses her to find a husband like Vishnu very soon. Both look at each other. Vishnu wonders as to what is in Mukku’s heart but I must tell her asap what is in my heart. Its good that that Akash left this house. I only want this drama to end asap.

Jogi and Divya gets into a sweet argument about having sweets. Divya signals him towards the door saying here comes your sugar free tea. Meethi and Vishnu are astonished to see Akash. Meethi recalls seeing him packing his clothes yester night. Akash dint leave! Kanha is at discomfort in his presence. Akash looks at the rakhi in Kanha’s wrist and covers his right hand’s wrist with his left hand.

Ekadish and Nirbhay are leading away as Pavitra and Gomti drag Surabhi downstairs to go for the abortion. Surabhi is shouting in denial. She begs her aunts to understand her situation being a woman (chant is playing in the background) (I am so waiting for Rathore’s entry here B) ). Nirbhay turns and takes hold of Surabhi who is crying relentlessly. She asks his brother to not do it. He warns her not to test his strength. She reminds him it is Rakshabandhan today. Don’t do this sin today. Don’t kill my child. Kajri is crying silently while Nirbhay says these emotions are the biggest enemy of any person.

Your brother will certainly give gift to you on Rakhi. I will make you free of this sin why don’t you understand. She shouts her child isn’t a sin. Ekadish asks her not to cry. You think we aren’t sad? Your brother is in murderous mood right now and you very well know your brother. He can kill Kanha then? You too will become a widow like me. Surabhi is shocked at the picture. Nirbhay takes her along as Maiyya looks at them happily. Kajri prays to send Akash or everything will be ruined.

Akash is lighting incense sticks in the small temple in his room when Meethi walks in. why are you playing with our emotions? He says I am not in the situation to do so. She asks him to stop lying. I saw you packing your stuff yesterday. You were also talking on the phone with some about Aatishgarh’s ticked confirmation. Then why all this Akash? He replies will go on the day as promised. I wont stay for another day. Can I start my prayers now? She wonders why he looks so tensed. There is something which he is hiding for sure. He begins with his prayer as she leaves.

Akash is working in the kitchen absentmindedly. Damini notices this. Why don’t you go? You don’t have your mind here in the work anyways. Akash agrees with her. When a brother’s sister’s life is in danger how can he concentrate on any work? Damini asks about what he said but he dismisses it. She says I like hearing things straight. He says Surabhi is going to be a mother rendering her speechless. She is concerned for Surabhi. How is she? He asks her how she would be. A wife needs her husband the most in this time and my sister’s husband is not with her.

Nirbhay brings her to the OT for abortion as she shouts for refusal. He shouts back at her telling her to be quiet. Next he threatens the doc to do it asap. You need not worry about law I will handle it. Do it now! He closes the door behind him as he leaves.
The nurse tries to help Surabhi in lying down when she notices the kids’ cute photos around her.

Damini calls it a new drama. Akash says he wont stoop this low. Its about my sister’s child. She looks away. Did you try to tell Kanha? He cuts her saying I did talk to him. She is surprised he knows. He says tried that he trusts my words but knew that he would think it to be another lie. She quietly leaves from there. Akash prays to God to help Rathore sir who has gone to fulfill his duty.

Back to Aatishgarh, Surabhi tries to break free from the clutches of the nurse (ha clutches as she is the monster now ? ). The doc prepares the syringe. She cries helplessly. The doc is about to inject it when our very own dude Rathore opens the door (in full style B) ) shocking everyone.

Rathore literally pushes open the door making everyone inside the OT (I would actually call it a room) jump. If someone even dares to touch her then they will certainly need other doc’s in some other hospital. Surabhi gets up and runs to his side. He pats her head asking her to calm down. The doc gulps (what is it with some people which scares everyone else in less than a minute time…must be that they know they are doing it wrong). He is walking out with Surabhi while Nirbhay assures Maiyya he will bring Surabhi back in an hour or two.

Rathore collides with Nirbhay who immediately shouts back. All 3 look at each other. Surabhi sticks to the wall scared but Rathore supports her. nirbhay comments to Rathore you got saved that day but your death has brought you here today. He calls out for his sister to come to him but she nods declining hiding behind Rathore. Rathore takes off his glasses (I like the color ? ) and asks Surabhi to hold them and don’t worry about anything else. Nirbhay tells him to give his sister to him. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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