Monday Update on Young Love 28th September 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 28th September 2020

Nimboli telling Mangla that Jagya and Anandi are suffering because of them so she is doing right by helping them. Mangla makes Nimboli sleep and looks at her emotionally. She comes out of hotel room and cries. Anandi comes. Mangla says Akhiraj will win tomorrow? How everything will be fine? Anandi says I have full trust on Jagya. Mangla says if your trust fail and if we die. If Nimboli die? Then your trust will be gone? She says everything will be finished then. Anandi gets teary eyes and tells that tomorrow is Nandini and Shivam’s birthday. Mangla asks tomorrow is my Nimboli’s birthday and smiles.

Anandi says tomorrow is their birthday. She says Nimboli was 3 months old when she was separated from her. She says she have thought to celebrate their birthday together for first time, and says if Akhiraj got successful in separating me and my daughter, then I will think that I couldn’t meet my daughter even after getting her. She says she wants to tell the truth to her that she is her mother. Mangla is shocked and says Nimboli hates her mum. Anandi says she can understand my helplessness. I would be at peace that she knows my helplessness. She says I will tell her now and goes to room. Mangla tries to stop her.

Anandi tries waking Nimboli, but Mangla stops her and says Nimboli is sleeping. She takes her outside. She says I can understand your pain. You trust Jagya, but I don’t trust him. You knows him well. She says if Nimboli hates you knowing this truth, then you will not at peace. Anandi says my patience is breaking and says I want to hear Maa from her mouth once. Mangla asks her to have patience and hugs her. They cry.

Akhiraj keeps looking at his phone. Badri asks him to call Kundan. Akhiraj says it is not right to call him now. May be someone is keeping eye on him. Just then he gets Kundan’s call. Akhiraj asks if anyone is there? Kundan says no. Akhiraj asks him to give call to Harki. Akhiraj asks her to bring Kundan to Bhairov temple. Harki asks why? Is there special occasion? Akhiraj says he will reach there after killing Jagya, Anandi, Nimboli and Mangla, and says we will decide there about Kamli’s fate. Harki informs Kundan that tomorrow will be day of happiness.

Dadisaa gains consciousness. Nurse calls the doctor. Doctor permits Anant, and kids to meet her. Shivam asks are you fine? Dadisaa says you both have brought me here, and says she thought she will die. Shivam asks her not to say that. Dadisaa asks about Jagya and Ganga. Anant tells her that Jagya is going to meet Akhiraj within half an hour. Kamli prays to devimaa and asks her to protect haveli people from Akhiraj. Jagya tells Anandi that it will take 30 mins to reach there. He looks at Nimboli and says sorry. Anandi tells him that today is Nimboli’s birthday. Jagya is surprised. She gets down the jeep and hugs her. Thaari Maa plays………She asks her to come. Jagya blesses her. They leave. Sarita, Pooja and all the girls of Shiv niketan prays for them. They are on the way. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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