Monday Update on Young Love 2nd November 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 2nd November 2020

Jagya, Ganga and Anandi see the news on TV about their hospital and the raid. Akhiraj also hears the news and smirks. Anandi switches off TV and asks Jagya and Ganga why Somesh is doing all this when they have done so much for him. Ganga asks Jagya to call Somesh. Jagya calls Somesh but his phone is off. Jagya says someone wants to ruin us and asks who is our enemy. Akhiraj is sitting with a politician, and thanks him for ruining Jagya’s name. Politician says his eyes are on Jagya’s MLA seat. Akhiraj says you know media and police, and that’s why they have reached hospital on your saying. Minister praises Akhiraj for his plan. Akhiraj says his enemy will be ruined now and he is happy as if he went for Chardhaam yatra. Next day, Anandi gives tiffin to Shivam, and asks Jagya, dadisaa and Ganga why they haven’t eaten breakfast. Jagya says I can’t believe whatever Somesh have done.

Anandi tells Shivam to come, and says you are getting late for school. Just then people starts throwing stones on the house. Jagya comes out and sees people chanting slogan. Jagya asks them to calm down and says I know you people are angry, but I have given my statement to Police and truth will come out. The people call him rakshas and calls murda baad. Jagya asks them to calm down, have faith on law, and folds his hands. Someone throws stone on Jagya. Anandi gets shocked and asks what kind of people they are? She says Jagya have worked for their welfare, and says how can he betray you. She says your trust is so weak? They throw stone on Anandi’s head. Jagya shouts Anandi.

Nimboli comes out and sees Anandi hurt. Dadisaa asks them to talk to her, and asks how dare to hurt her kids. She says hit me. She calls them betrayal for not supporting their MLA, and tells them that Jagya never took any penny being MLA but done their welfare. She says Jagya haven’t done anything wrong in the hospital, else we wouldn’t have admitted our daughter in that hotel. She says you people have no mind and asks them to wait for Police report.

One man asks Dadisaa to move from their way else they will not respect her. Dadisaa says okay, I will see if a lie have strength. The villager picks a stone and is about to throw on Dadisaa. Nimboli stops him. She reminds him that when his daughter fell ill, Dadisaa lifted her and took her to hospital in Anandi’s car, and Jagya treated her. The man Rajveer says I do remember. Nimboli asks then why you are throwing stone on these people. All the people feel ashamed of their doings and leave. Dadisaa smiles. Anandi tells Nimboli that you are so brave. Dadisaa says haveli daughter should be brave only. Jagya is still tensed. They get inside the house. Ganga nurses Jagya’s wound. Jagya says stop it, and says he felt pain hearing the accusations. He tells Dadisaa that he did nothing and all the accusations are wrong. Dadisaa says we don’t need any clarification and says we trust you.

Jagya says they have played with my patient’s lives. Jagya gets a call from Minister. Jagya says I am trying from my end, and says okay. He informs everyone sadly that he got a call from party high command, and if couldn’t control soon then I will have to leave the chair. Dadisaa asks him not to lose his strength. Jagya says okay. Anandi tells Ganga that they have to do something and can’t let anything wrong happen to him. Ganga says I can do anything for him, but don’t know what to do. Anandi says my heart is saying that we will get the solution from where it started. Ganga says hospital. Anandi says yes. Ganga says I am with you.

Ganga and Anant checks the medicine purchase lists and sees the purchase list missing. Anandi says we shall talk to staff also. They talk to the cook. One cook tells that Manager Somesh told them to cook food with the vegetable which is delivered in night. Anandi says how can he accuse Jagya when he ordered them. They think to check the CCTV footage. Anant notes down truck number. They see vegetable and medicine get unloaded from the truck. Ganga says we have different supplier for both. Anandi thinks to get to the clue.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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