Tuesday Update on True Love 27th October 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 27th October 2020

Asgar is looking for something and has ransacked every corner of his room. Zubeida asks him if he is looking for something and if she can help him but he replies in a sarcastic manner. She has no idea what a memory card is and he is all the more irked at her illiteracy. She is ready to understand and look for it if he can explain her. he doesn’t want to waste his time on it anymore. She starts crying but he tells her to stop and get sherbet for him. she obliges. He recalls that he had told Fida about the memory card containing India’s destruction plan. He wonders if Fida got the chip with her.

Ansari comes to police station which surprises his colleagues as his brother got engaged today. He asks them if there is any news on Jammu rail blast. They have got a picture from India. Ansari looks at it. It is a woman’s photo but she has her back towards the camera. This woman was in the same compartment where the blast happened. he checks the map of Jammu station. Ansari looks at it closely. Nangla station comes 5 minutes before Jammu station. A bridge comes in between under which Tavi river flows. This river connects India and Pakistan. It is a possibility that timer bomb was used in the blast and that women jumped in Tavi river after putting it. his colleague agrees with him. Ansari wishes that the woman’s face was visible in this photo. He still has his doubts on Meethi. he recalls all the incidents from the beginning and till the time when her passport was brought up.

Meethi notices a tempo coming in. Shoaib comes to meet Asgar. He has brought two bags with him. meethi comes downstairs to see while Asgar checks the bombs and guns in the bag. More stuff will come in two days. Asgar heads back towards the house with bags. Meethi opens the door and is shocked to see him and so is he to see her there. He wonders what she is doing here at this hour. Has she heard everything? Meethi apologizes that she only came to see what the noise was all about. He tells her that his friend brought some stuff for his carpet factory. Meethi is curious as he came so late. Asgar lies that his tempo had broken down which is why he got late. Asgar tells Meethi to go and sleep as it is quite late. She begins to go when her taviz falls down. He asks her about it. She remembers how Fida gave it to her. she had also said that thousand lives can be saved. She simply tells him that it is hers. He is surprised because she is a Hindu. She replies that it is a gift from my friend. It is her memory. Plus Hindus also wear taviz. Every religion is the same. He appreciates her mindset and gives it back to her. she leaves after thanking him. Asgar makes sure she has gone and looks at his bags.

Someone puts a rope around Meethi’s neck while she screams for help and calls out Maiyya’s name. Maiyya wakes up muttering that she dint kill Meethi. she wipes her hands but then realises that it was her dream. She takes out the cd from under her bed. Kajri was passing by and notices the cd in her hand and gets thinking. Maiyya wants to destroy the cd as it will put an end to the story.

Someone throws a paper covered in stone through Meethi’s window. She goes till the window to see and notices a tall guy running from there. Nusrat picks it up and leaves from there. Meethi becomes curious to see this.

Nusrat requests Meethi not to share with anyone what she saw in the morning. She also calls her aapa which means sister. Meethi asks her if she is happy with this alliance. Nusrat agrees stating that her family is happy with it. my happiness lies in my parent’s happiness. Meethi doesn’t know if she is happy or not but she and everyone who is related to her wont be happy if she is getting in this alliance without her wish. I married the one I love. we were very happy. there were some misunderstandings because of which I have reached here but I still love him. I am saying this as I want you to marry where your happiness lies. Nusrat assures her she will follow her heart though looks worried when Meethi goes from there.

Maiyya and Gomti have locked a room from inside. Kajri eavesdrop from outside as she feels that something fishy is going on. Maiyya wants to tell Akash everything. I saw a very bad dream where Meethi was telling me not to kill her. I am telling you if she comes back then she will tell everything to Akash. He wont keep any relation with me afterwards. Gomti asks her if he will forgive her. destroy that cd and throw it away. we should pray that Meethi should never come back. Maiyya is only worried what if Meethi comes back. Gomti notices a shadow outside the door. Both the ladies go quiet. Kajri gives them the clothes that she has brought with her. They take it and close the door on her face. Kajri recalls how Pavitra massi had taken the cd that day. What’s in the cd? How is it related to Meethi?


Meethi again writes down in the diary. I have been told not to talk about returning to my country before Nusrat’s marriage or it will create problems for everyone. I know Nusrat is not happy with this marriage. She is hiding something from all of us. I am a stranger here and cannot say anything but my heart wants me to say everything as marriage is a chaste relation. Girl can be Indian or Pakistani she will want love from her husband. Feelings are same always. A girl’s life changes completely after wedding. I told my point to Nusrat. While talking to her I realised that Akash and my love was true. We had to face so many hurdles but we were together through thick and thin. What happened that you took such a decision after knowing everything? Why dint you understand my pain?

Akash caresses his wedding photo while Jana Jogi De Naal plays. He picks up the vermilion box and puts it on Meethi’s forehead in the photo. Meethi too touches her forehead just then feeling something. Akash has full faith that Meethi will come back. It doesn’t matter if anyone agrees with me or not. meethi wipes her tears which have strewn down her face.

Zubeida asks Meethi if she will come to the factory with her. She is going to give lunch to Ashfaque and all the other labours. Meethi agrees to go with her. Zubeida seeks promise from her that she wont run away. if you do so then everyone at home will be upset with me for trusting you. You wont break my trust, right? Meethi affirms that she wont go anywhere till they tell her to. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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