Monday Update on Young Love 7th September 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 7th September 2020

Kamli asking Pushkar to count the numbers on his fingers. He makes her eat food with his hand. Kamli gets a phone call from Munim ji informing her that someone looted her house. Kamli gets shocked and tells Pushkar that they have to leave for Sanchodi. Harki hears them and says Pushkar’s Chacha has done good thing. Nimboli comes to Dadisaa and tells her that she did a mistake and had spoken to her badly. She asks for forgiveness. Mangla comes. Nimboli asks her to apologize as well. Dadisaa forgives and hugs her.

Kamli, Pushkar, and the guards come to Sanchodi house. Kamli asks the guards to be careful. The servant apologizes to Kamli. Kamli asks her not to blame himself and asks what are the stolen things. Munim ji gives her list. Kamli says lets keep the things on place. Pushkar sees his remote car and goes following it. He gets kidnapped and the goons keep him in the bag. The guards let him go as they tell that they are taking the waste materials. Kamli calls Pushkar and sees him missing. She runs out. Pushkar’s Chacha asks his goon, if he is alive. He says he got unconscious. Pushkar’s Chacha thinks to take special care of him and smirks.

Dr. Anant comes to haveli and checks Nimboli. He asks her to take medicine for one more day. Nimboli refuses. Anant says you have to complete the treatment course. Mangla asks Nimboli to talk nicely with Anant. Anant asks if you want to have chocolate. Nimboli asks what is it? Anant gives her chocolate and says it has tablet inside. Nimboli says you are a good doctor. Anant says you are a good girl. Nimboli laughs. Mangla gets tensed. She asks Nimboli to have bath and takes her inside. Anant talks to Anandi about Nimboli. Anandi tells her that Nimboli hates to study. Dadisaa says Anandi wanted to study when she was a child. Anandi says she feels bad as Nimboli is not inclined to stidy. Anant asks her not to lose hope and says he will make sure Nimboli gets inclined towards education.

Pushkar gains consciousness and finds his Chacha and Chachi infront of him. He says he don’t want to see his Chacha and Chacha who are his parents’ murderer. Chacha says I saved you from the goons who had kidnapped you. He says he has informed Kamli about him. Chachi gives him laddoo and asks him to eat it. Pushkar refuses, insists to meet Kamli. Chachi says all laddoos are for you. Chacha asks him to have laddoo and is about to feed him, but Kamli comes there and stops his hand.

Kamli asks them to come out and asks what you both were going to do with him. Chachi says he was hungry and that’s why she asks him to have laddoo. Chacha says I informed you on phone that I saved pushkar. Kamli says yes, you have saved him, and asks to eat the laddoo. Chacha and chachi refuse to eat it. Kamli throws the laddoo and says you have added poison in it. Chacha says I would have kill him there itself. Kamli warns him and asks Pushkar to come with him. Chachi asks Chacha why did you bring him here alive. You would have killed Pushkar there itself. Chacha says his plan has failed.Anant brings a big teddy for Nimboli and tries to convince her to study. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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