Saturday Update on A Magical Love Story18th September 2021


Saturday Update on A Magical Love Story18th September 2021

Tabeezi telling about the cave. Kaala jinn reaches the cave and sees Roshni inside. Tabeezi says Roshni wants to tell us something by making the cave of ice. Aman says she has become of ice, she isn’t able to come here, that’s why my entire room was of ice. Tabeezi says just Kaala jinn can make Ayana of ice, it means he knows about Ayana and baby. Roshni asks aman to just hurry up. Aman says it means Kaala jinn reached there, I have to go there.

Tabeezi says magical door broke. Aman says we have another one, we have no other way, we have no other option than taking the risk. Kaala jinn tries to take the baby. Tabeezi asks Aman to be careful. Aman fails to go through. Roshni asks Aman to hurry up. Aman stumbles back. She says keep trying, you can save us. Roshni disappears. Aman angrily becomes the Jinn and tries again. He gets through and reaches the cave. He sees Kaala jinn taking the baby. He runs with the sword and hits on Kaala jinn’s hand. Kaala jinn leaves the baby. Aman sees the baby and gets emotional. Abhi mujhme kahin….plays….

He hugs the baby and asks are you fine. Baby smiles. Aman gets shocked seeing Roshni frozen. He says no….. He goes to Roshni. He says you are very strong, you have sent the message to me even after becoming of ice, we saved our baby, how can you leave us, our story isn’t any ordinary story, its a story of Jinnat king and Ayana, this can’t happen, you can’t get upset and leave me, my anger is my love, you can’t punish me, I can’t live without you, please come back. He cries and says come back for the sake of the baby, please. Kahani hamari….plays….

His tear falls over her hand. She begins to turn normal. She happily cries and takes her baby. Aman holds her. They cry. Someone with the white umbrella goes to Kaala jinn. He asks are you ready for the deal.

Aman and Roshni come home with the baby. Everyone gets happy seeing the baby. Sara says if Kaala jinn freed Aman of deal, why is he after the baby. Tabeezi says yes, I don’t understand it. Saima says baby will have powers of Ayana and jinn, does he want baby for powers. Tabeezi says no, he has much powers, reason is something else, we have to find out. Shayari says I know something about it. Rehan says we know everything about you, we won’t believe a jinn shikari. Aman says let her say. Shayari says I checked records to research on Kaala jinn, its written that he never loses, he is always one step ahead. Rehan asks her to come to the point. She says we don’t know his plan, we can find out his plan if we are ahead of one day, once we know his plan, then we can easily defeat him. Tabeezi says right.

Aman asks Tabeezi, is time travel possible. Tabeezi says yes, but its dangerous also. They hear the clock bell. Aman says we are ready to take this risk. Roshni says we can take any risk to save baby from Kaala jinn. Shayari says this time key will change this clock into time machine, we can just use it once. Tabeezi says whoever goes ahead will be one day ahead, take care of baby, Aman, be careful. Dadi asks if there is any danger in the tunnel. Roshni asks her not to worry. Shayari says you have just 15 mins, you will have to come out of the time machine, else you will be stuck forever. Aman and Roshni enter the time machine. Shayari runs the time machine. Kaala jinn comes to the house.

Shayari saying there are just 5 mins left. Aman and Roshni are inside the tunnel. Everyone sees a storm coming. The Jinn steps on the ground and creates an earthquake. Roshni gets stuck. She asks Aman to just go. Aman says I won’t go without taking you. They come out. Everything gets fine. Roshni asks how did it happen. Rehan says Shayari wanted to shut you both in the tunnel forever, she is a jinn shikari. Shayari says no, its not like that. Tabeezi shows kaala jinn outside. Roshni says maybe he came to take our child, what shall we do now.

Aman goes out and calls the jinn. Kaala jinn comes. Roshni asks Aman not to take any step in anger, come inside, baby is with us. Kaala jinn says you don’t keep promise and then call me, what plan do you want to make now. Aman says there is no trick. He pleads with Kaala jinn. He says just leave my family and go. Kaala jinn says Jinnat king is pleading. Aman says I m not a king, but a father, please spare our family, pity us, go away from our lives, please. Kaala jinn says jinn never make one way deals, you have to give me something on return. Aman says my dad made the deal, he promised you, I will fulfill it, I will come with you. Roshni says no, take me with you. Aman says don’t listen to her, I m ready to come, my dad had promised. Roshni says no, spare him. Kaala jinn says if I say I don’t want any of you, why to take one of you, when I get both in your child. Aman says no, I m ready to come, spare my child. Roshni says its our mistake, spare the baby, please.

Kaala jinn says fine, if you both are pleading so much, but deal isn’t one way, I will spare three of you, you have to do my work, you have to find my real name, Kaala jinn isn’t my name. Aman asks that’s all. Kaala jinn says its not easy, you will have three lamps, if you pass the hurdles, then you will be knowing my name, you will face three dangers, can you do it. Aman says yes, we are ready. Kaala jinn asks him to be ready for the first challenge. He disappears.

The first lamp comes out of the soil, crawling. Dadi asks what did you do, Aman. Aman says I had no other way. Everyone agrees with him. Shayari says Kaala jinn will try not to let us pass the challenge. Roshni says we will have to pass it. Aman says we have to wait for lamp. Phupi guesses names of Kaala jinn. Dadi says we can’t guess it. Shayari says I can try to find his name by research. Rehan argues. She says I know someone who can help me. Tabeezi says I will also try to find out from the book. Roshni says wait, we don’t know the challenges and danger, we will give much love to baby, we have to do baby’s naming ceremony, we will do it today itself. Aman and everyone are happy. Bum bum bole….plays….

Everyone smiles happily and dances. Dadi asks Aman to tell the baby his name. Aman and Roshni say Armaan…. Roshni says Armaan means to dream with open eyes. Aman says his life will also be like a dream. The door opens. Aman asks Roshni to get back. He calls Baazigar. The lamp comes there. They get shocked. Dadi says lamp means danger. Aman asks what shall we do now. Roshni says we have to hurry. Shayari says I will go and find out Kaala jinn’s name. Rehan says she is helping, but us to someone else, I don’t trust her, I will go with her. Shayari says I don’t need you. Roshni says we will feel you are safe if he is with you, go along. Rehan asks Shayari to come. Shayari asks him to follow her. They leave. Dadi says a big danger is going to come, what shall we do. Tabeezi says we should see what’s inside the lamp. Aman says we will open it and see. Aman goes and takes the lamp. He rubs the lamp and says its not opening. He calls Baazigar and does the magic to open the lamp.