Saturday Update on The Frontliners 18th September 2021


Saturday Update on The Frontliners 18th September 2021

Karan coming inside the hospital. He collides and says sorry doctor. The lady asks whom do you want to meet. She gets a call. He goes. Sid pulls Ishani’s hand. They dance. Dilbara….plays… Everyone looks on. Rahil says Sid made us busy and got busy. The lady asks Karan to stop. Vardaan dances with Anjali. Juhi looks on. Sid goes to kiss Ishani. She turns away. The lady stops Karan and says I will report about you. He says please don’t do this. Sid lifts Ishani in arms. Rahil says you heard the gun shot…. Neil says no.

Karan has shot the lady. She falls down. Everyone claps for Sid and Ishani. Karan says sorry, I didn’t come to kill you, but to save Chintu, he needs a heart, I know its in this hospital. Ishani leaves. Sid goes after her. Everyone leaves. Karan asks about the heart surgery OT. The nurse tells him and asks is patient your relative. He says he is my everything and recalls Chintu. Ishani scolds Sid. She says I have to go for a heart surgery now. Karan reads the doctors name list.

Ishani sees the blood stains. She says blood packet got torn, I will ask someone to clean it. She doesn’t see the lady dead. Asha says we will do this surgery, why is Ishani needed. Rishabh scolds her and asks her to focus on surgery. He goes. Asha sees Vardaan and recalls his words. She thinks why doesn’t Ishani die. Rahil goes to Ishani. She says I have to take the heart for transplant. Karan follows her. She asks what are you doing here. Sid thinks of Ishani. Samaira runs. Sid asks what happened. She says receptionist…. She takes Sid and shows him the lady lying dead. Sid checks her and says someone shot her, she is dead. Samaira says it means someone got a gun in the hospital. Nurse says I will inform everyone. Sid says that man could be around. Vardaan asks what…someone shot a bullet. Nurse says receptionist is dead.

Juhi asks how can this happen. He asks Anjali to call the police, we have to secure the hospital and patients. Anjali says raise the alarm. He asks Sid to just call all the doctors. Sid says Vardaan is calling for a meeting. He looks for Ishani. Vardaan says a mad man is here in Sanjivani, he has shot Anita. Sid says make sure to secure the patients. He says I m not able to find Ishani, I will go and see. Juhi asks him to take care. Vardaan says stay here, I don’t want anything to happen to you, both of you, shut the door, be careful. He goes. Juhi goes to shut the door. Rishabh and Asha prepare for the surgery. Nurse says Ishani went to get the heart organ. Asha says I messaged her to come. Sid comes and asks where is Ishani. Rishabh says she would also be roaming like you, she went to get the heart, how careless. Sid says there is a threat on Sanjivani, don’t start the surgery, lock the doors.

Rishabh says but we started the surgery. Sid goes and finds a doctor tied. He frees him. Doctor says a man had come and took Ishani at gunpoint, he also took the heart. Sid says don’t know what does he want. Juhi and everyone secure the hospital. Asha worries for Sid and Ishani. Sid says entire Sanjivani is secured, Ishani is missing. Vardaan asks what, did you check everywhere. Sid tells everything. Vardaan says but heart? Sid says the heart needed for the transplant, maybe its connected to that heart. They see Ishani with the organ box. Sid says Ishani. Vardaan says no Sid… They see Ishani at gunpoint.

Vardaan stopping Sid. Karan takes her. Sid shouts. Karan asks the way to go downstairs. Ishani says we can talk, I have to go for a surgery, I can’t roam with this heart, it will get spoiled, its about someone’s life. Karan says you are right, someone’s life is at stake, tell me the way. She says everything is getting recorded, they will reach us. He says I m not an illiterate, I know CCTV cameras are not working. He takes her. Sid asks where would they take her. Neil says we can see on CCTV. Vardaan says cameras are off, system is being upgraded. Sid says I won’t let anything happen to that heart and Ishani. Vardaan asks him to stop. Asha says no one is answering calls. Rishabh says I will go and see. Asha asks him not to go. He says we have to do this patient’s surgery. She says I m worried, anything can happen to them. Ishani asks what do you want to do. Karan says just walk straight. Ishani makes him fall. She shouts Dr. Sid. She runs. She reaches the door and looks for her card.

Sid reaches her. She asks him to open the door fast. Sid says maybe my card fell down. He takes card from Vardaan. Sid punches the card. Karan asks Ishani to stop, else he will shoot. Sid opens the door. Karan shoots. Ishani comes out and falls over Sid. Everyone hears the gunshot. Rishabh and Asha worry. Neil is shot. Vardaan says I will handle him, you handle Ishani. Rahil says bullet just touched him and passed. Vardaan says I will come. He calls Anjali and asks why didn’t the police come by now, keep me posted. Sid and Ishani hide. She says don’t know how is Neil. Sid says Vardaan is with him, he will be fine, where would be the shooter. Ishani says this heart is fine luckily. Sid holds her. Tu hi meri shab….plays… She says I have to go to OT. Sid says yes, we have to take the heart for surgery. Anjali asks the officer to do something fast.

Vardaan comes and says everything is fine. Anjali says police has come, they won’t come in, they want to talk to the man and know his motive. Juhi asks how is everything. Vardaan says everything is fine, Neil got shot, don’t worry, Rahil is taking care, that shooter captured Ishani, she is fine with Sid now, that shooter wanted the donor heart, what’s the connection, no one knows. He thinks what’s happening, why is he doing this. Chintu’s mum cries. Karan cries and says I beg you, save my son. He shouts open the door. He says there would be some other way. Ishani says his eyes had pain, I don’t think he is doing this for money.

Karan sees Chintu on video call and cries. His wife asks where are you, you told you will do anything to save Chintu, please do something. Karan says I will not let anything happen, I won’t leave anyone, its my promise to my son. Rishabh says Sid and Ishani will get the heart and come. Asha prays for them. Rishabh says that’s surprising, you are praying for them. Asha thinks I told that in anger, I don’t want anyone to die.

Ishani says we are taking the heart to OT. Vardaan says good, take care, Neil is fine, Rahil just informed me, be careful. Sid sees the shadow. They hide. Sid asks the doctor to go inside fast. Sid asks Ishani to go to OT, he has to find the man and save his Sanjivani family. Ishani asks him to take care. He says if I get shot, then its different thing, but if I get saved, remember I won’t leave you, all the best. He goes. He sees a shadow with a gun. Ishani says I got the heart. She sees the team at gun point. Sid runs. Vardaan says see and attack, its me, its a toy gun, it would be some patient’s son’s toy, I got this to scare the shooter, it looks real, where is he. Sid says don’t know what does he want. Karan scolds Ishani. He threatens to shoot everyone.