Sunday Update on A Magical Love Story 19th September 2021


Sunday Update on A Magical Love Story 19th September 2021

Dadi asking Roshni to take Armaan inside. Tabeezi asks Aman to keep an eye on the lamp, she will try to find out. Aman says sure. Shayari says Jinn shikari’s master stays here. Rehan asks here? Shayari says yes, I learnt everything from him. He says I can see. They argue. She says that’s the master ji. He asks what, that chaat wala will tell us the name of Kaala jinn. She asks him to wait there.

Aman and Roshni see the lamp. She says its good that the lamp isn’t open, danger would be away. He says we can’t delay things, Tabeezi asked me to keep an eye on the lamp, I can’t make you and baby away from my sight. Roshni says Armaan has fallen cold. She takes care of baby. Aman goes to get the blanket. She turns and sees the baby missing. Shayari says he doesn’t know the name of Kaala jinn. Rehan asks how. Shayari says its not easy, so Kaala jinn has given a challenge to Aman and Roshni. Aman comes back and asks where is Armaan. Roshni cries and says he appeared. They see the lamp open. They hear a woman’s voice. They run to see. They see Armaan with the old lady.

Roshni takes the baby. Aman asks who are you. She says I know you are the baby’s parents, I m Chunmun daai, no need to get scared, I have pacified many such babies, I take care of their families also. Aman asks did you come from the lamp. She says certainly, it doesn’t mean that you both have to fight me to get answers, how can an old lady fight with jinnat king and Ayana, I have come to give answers, but not so easily, you have to find my weakness, until then, treat your guest, take care of me, I will take care of you, are you ready. Aman says yes. She asks entire family. Dadi says we all are ready. Chunmun asks for food. Dadi says sure, you may come.

Shayari eats golgappa. Rehan says it means you went to Golgappa seller that day when I was following you. She says its a bad thing to follow a cute, innocent and simple girl. They argue. He says come to the point, you just to have golgappas. She says I went to find Kaala jinn’s name. She asks him to have golgappas. He says never. She sees a fork inside the box. She says I got it, this is the answer. He asks what. She says my master ji’s style is awesome. He asks her to go and ask him. She says I can’t ask him, he just gives clues, we have to find out. He says I found out, you are mad and he is more mad. He throws the fork. The fork flies in the air. She asks him to shut up his mouth if he doesn’t know. She says we have to follow this fork. They follow the fork.

Roshni makes baby sleep. She gets shocked seeing the spider webs in her cupboard. She sees the web trap over Armaan’s cradle. She gets Armaan out and cries. Tabeezi and Salma get shocked seeing the huge web. Dadi says I have made aloo paratha, hope you like it. She doesn’t see Chunmun. She sees the web over the dining table. Sara gets itching. Dadi asks her to get ready and leave for her exam. Sara shows the wound. Dadi asks her to come, maybe its an insect bite. Dadi, Roshni and everyone talk of the web. Dadi says Chunmun is missing. Roshni asks where did she go. They hear Chunmun singing. Roshni says maybe she has Armaan with her. Shayari says you got me to kaala jinn cave and want me to go in, you want to trap me. Shayari says you are mistaken, Kaala jinn will leave Aman and Roshni, and he will get after you, why. She jokes on him. She asks him to go home, she will handle it alone. She goes. Rehan follows her.

Roshni asks Chunmun to stay away. She scolds her. Roshni thinks how is she weaving without any wool. Chunmun says its wrong to behave like this with a guest. Aman asks what happened. Chunmun scolds them. Rehan and Shayari get some glass bottle. They see a jinn trapped. Jinn asks who are you, what are you doing in my brother’s cave, he had caged me. Rehan says you would be knowing his name, tell us. The jinn says we don’t have one way deal, free me and I will tell his name. Aman apologizes to Chunmun. He says I will get something special for you. Chunmun says no, I stay happy in whatever I get. She goes. Aman asks Roshni what was she doing. Roshni asks him to hear the sound. They see Chunmun going. She says its her footstep sound, she is strange, who is she.

Roshni saying Chunmun Daiis strange, she weaved without the wool and there was web everywhere around. Aman says whatever, we can’t do anything until we find her weakness, we have to keep her happy so that she helps us in passing the first challenge. Shayari and Rehan argue. She wants to free the jinn to get name of the kaala jinn. Rehan says no, we are already dealing with kaala jinn, I don’t want another jinn to trouble us. Aman says we will scare Chunmun, so that her truth comes out, we will attack her with Zangemarmar, she is a jinn, she will come in her real avatar. Tabeezi says we have to start making Zangemarmar balls. They make many balls. Sara says don’t know which insect has bitten me, I will tell Dadi.

She gets shocked seeing the webs on her hand. She gets caught by the webs. She fails to shout to Dadi. Dadi says we will be connected with this blutetooth, we will attack Chunmun with these zangemarmar balls. Roshni drops some Zangemarmar balls in front of Chunmun. She stops. Chunmun changes her direction and goes. Rehan and Shayari fall down, while the bottle falls somewhere far. They have an eyelock. Naa jaane….plays…. She acts hurt and stops Rehan. She throws the fork and breaks the bottle. Jinn says thanks to free me. Shayari asks him to help them by telling Kaala jinn’s name. Jinn says its not easy to tell you the name, but still I will help you. Natasha comes and stabs the jinn. He disappears. She recalls making a deal with the jinn. Rehan and Shayari get shocked.

Salma slips on the stairs and drops the Zangemarmar. She shouts and asks Roshni and Aman to come fast. Everyone rushes. Natasha attacks Rehan. Rehan defends. She says your magic won’t work, I m with Kaala jinn, its his cave, you have no way to run away, its better you come out. Rehan says she was a jinn shikari, how did she become a jinn. Shayari asks him to go and get engaged to her. He says I will see her, I can’t be scared of her. Shayari says if she is jinn, I m jinn shikari, see what I do.

Salma signs there. Everyone gets shocked seeing Chunmun in the web. Chunmun says you know that I m a spider web. Aman says we will find out how to kill the jinn. Chunmun says you are Jinnat king, but you have no info about Jinns, forget the thought of killing me. Tabeezi signs him. Sara is caught. Tabeezi says we have to find out her weakness, I hope to find out. She reads about Makdi jinn. Makdi jinn comes and takes the book. Tabeezi says you return me the book. Chunmun asks her to take it. Aman does magic. She disappears. Roshni asks what will we do now, how will we defeat her. Aman says we know the weakness of spiders. Tabeezi says you mean it will be weakness of spider jinn also. Aman says Spiders can’t tolerate bright light. Roshni gets an idea.

Natasha says I wanted to cage you Rehan, now I ma jinn, I will kill you, come out Rehan. She sees Shayari’s dupatta and attacks. Rehan says we are out of the cave, your game is over. Natasha says game isn’t over yet. She disappears. Roshni throws her clips and puts bright light over Chunmun. Chunmun goes. Aman goes the magic and flies few things in front of Chunmun. She doesn’t see anything. Roshni says she is blind. Chunmun says I m blind, but not deaf. Aman says her blindness isn’t her weakness. Tabeezi says she doesn’t want us to know her weakness. Roshni says maybe Shayari knows. Dadi says Sara didn’t come back, she didn’t reach exam centre, is she in any trouble. Tabeezi says maybe her train got late.

Aman says call isn’t connecting. Roshni asks did she behave odd. Dadi says some insect has bitten her, her hand got swollen and the mark was red. Tabeezi says spider had bitten her. Chunmun says I will eat you after you get trapped. Sara struggles. Aman and Roshni come to ask her about Sara. Chunmun says Sara is here, find her if you want. Aman shouts Sara. Chunmun says your magic won’t work here. They see the webs all around. Tabeezi comes to call them. They rush and see Salma tied on the wall. Chunmun says you both can’t do magic on my web. Roshni scolds her. Chunmun says its a punishment for you, you aren’t behaving well with me. Roshni asks her to free her mum right away. Chunmun says you are misbehaving with me, your anger will cost you a lot. She goes. They hear their footsteps.