Sunday Update on Anupama 8th May 2022


Sunday Update on Anupama 8th May 2022

Anupama answering Rakhi. Rakhi asks what will you have. She reads the items from the menu. Anupama says Gujarati food is good here. Rakhi says its international level club. Anupama says the world likes our indian food, look there. She shows a man having gujarati food. Rakhi says you would know the price of annual membership, 30 lakhs, much more than your husband’s annual income. Samar asks Mama ji not to worry. He says I hope Rakhi doesn’t trouble mummy. Nandini comes and says I wish you asked for something else.

He asks were you wishing for me. She says you wish, I was finding an electrician, my fuse had blown. He laughs and says I knew your fuse is blown off. She says I mean, my house fuse. He says you need help. She says just the tools, I will return it. He gives the took box. She goes. He says my fuse gets blown off when I m in front of her. Mama ji says I will always remember this, I didn’t help such a girl in my young days. Samar says I change my way seeing the girls. Mama ji says I know it now, I was so wrong, I was always single, I feel you will also get single. Samar asks what.

Rakhi says we spend more money in our international trips. She asks Anupama to have water. She says Kinjal goes to London, she spends much money on her hair salon, spa, self care and birthday party, you would know where you stand in front of us, shall I explain your status more, I think you won’t need to talk now.

Anupama says I wish you are always blessed by Maa Laxmi, you are doing wrong, money saved is strength, if it gets on mind, it becomes a weakness. Anupama says money isn’t everything. She answers Rakhi. She says just rich sees the money, half of the money gets spent in showing off, you said Kinjal spends money in her parties, but she is happy with Paritosh, you can buy new house for her, but she dreams for my house, she knows not everything can be bought, you would understand this well, you are just like me, you go abroad, I do Tulsi pariknama and roam the entire world. Rakhi says we are different. Anupama says no, your daughter is sad and my son is also sad, your daughter lied to come to my house, my son left my house, Kinjal doesn’t see Vanraj’s salary and our house, Paritosh doesn’t see your money. Rakhi says still we are not same. Anupama says our children’s sorrow and situation are same, they are eager to meet, they will go away and get married in a court, they will never see our face, they will not show their children to us, then we both will cry, we have undergone the same pain when we delivered the children, mum’s pain will always be same, mums can be same, but pain can’t be different. Rakhi drinks water. Anupama says we are just the same, there is just one difference, Mamta/motherly emotions. She says you don’t want to get them married, I want them to get married, I will do it, not just love and war, everything is fair in Mamta as well.

Kinjal and Paritosh worriedly wait for the call. Vanraj and Baa are also tensed. Anupama says I have come to talk about Paritosh and Kinjal, the matter went somewhere, they want to take our consent and get married, they can go against us and marry, it will be better that we bless them, tell me, do you agree for this marriage. Mama ji asks Baa to have juice. Kinjal comes home. Baa stops her and asks her to get written statement from Rakhi. Mama ji shouts Paritosh. Paritosh comes asking did mummy come. He smiles seeing Kinjal and goes to hug her. Baa asks them to talk in front of her. They say I missed you baby. Kinjal says I took dad’s permission and came to meet you, promise me, you won’t go missing. Paritosh says promise. Baa looks on.

Kinjal says sorry to fight, I love you. Paritosh says I love you too. Baa coughs. Mama ji says don’t worry, Anupama went to meet Rakhi, everything will be fine. Anupama asks Rakhi to say, is it her yes or no. Rakhi recalls everything. She says yes, I m ready for this alliance. Anupama happily smiles. Rakhi says just for the sake of my daughter’s happiness. Anupama asks her to have sweets. Rakhi asks did you get sweets, how did you know I will agree. Anupama says my mum taught me to always have hopes when we leave from house, dreams come true when you see it, I had dreamt of it, my partner Kanha ji manages it, I will share the jou with you. Rakhi asks waiter for a spoon. Anupama asks her to have it. She says congrats. She says Kinjal and Paritosh will be happy, we will get them engaged and then married. Rakhi nods. Anupama thanks Kanha ji. Rakhi thinks I agreed because I don’t want Kinjal to elope and marry, they will get engaged, but I won’t let the marriage happen.

Anupama hugging Rakhi and saying I will hire an auto and leave. Rakhi sees Vanraj and Kavya coming. She says you are travelling in auto and Vanraj is roaming in his car with his colleague. Vanraj and Kavya see them. Kavya says we should have not come for lunch. Vanraj says I didn’t know Anupama is going to meet Rakhi here, I will handle it. Vanraj meets Rakhi and says I had a client meeting here. She jokes that she would have thought he has come on a date with his colleague. She leaves. Vanraj asks what did she say. Anupama says what we didn’t think, congrats, she agreed, we have fixed the engagement also. Vanraj says I can’t believe it, you did it Anupama. He holds her hands. Kavya looks at them. She says congrats, your son’s marriage got fixed. Vanraj leaves Anupama’s hands. Anupama says we will tell everyone at home, shall I wait till your meeting ends, we will go home tomorrow and give the news to Paritosh, he will be happy.

Vanraj thinks I want to see happiness on Paritosh’s face right away, but I can’t hurt Kavya. Kavya asks him to go, she can handle the client meeting again. Anupama says we will go, don’t know how is Paritosh. Vanraj asks are you sure. Kavya nods. The man says your car tyre is punctured, we are changing it, it will take some time. Vanraj says we will have coffee. Anupama says we will get sweets for Kavya.

Kinjal thanks Rakhi and hugs her. Rakhi says I did this for your happiness. Kinjal says I will inform Paritosh. She gets Anupama’s message. She says Anupama wants to give the good news to Paritosh. Rakhi says think about marriage later, I mean think of engagement. Pramod looks on. Anupama says I have told a lot to Rakhi and Rakhi agreed. Vanraj smiles and asks what condition did she keep this time. Anupama says nothing. He says maybe she has something on her mind, its tough to trust her. She says no, she agreed for Kinjal’s happiness, I messaged Kinjal not to inform Paritosh, I want Vanraj to give the news to Paritosh.

Kavya asks Vanraj to have food. Anupama says Vanraj and Paritosh are allergic to lotus cucumber. Anupama and Vanraj tell an incident when Paritosh fell ill. Vanraj says I bought a car so that my wife and children don’t get drenched under the rain again. Anupama says he said he will do everything for the family. Vanraj messages Kavya. Kavya doesn’t check it. She says I should go to office. Anupama asks her to come home with them. Vanrah says she is right. Manager says your car is ready. They leave. Kavya angrily comes between them. Anupama sits beside him in the front seat. Kavya gets upset. Vanraj signs her. She takes the back seat. Samar comes to help Nandini. They have a moment. He drops her down when she argues. She screams. She says I never fell down in 25 years. He says it means you are 3 years elder to me, I m surprised. He fixes the fuse. She smiles. Anupama asks shall we go to temple tonight. Vanraj agrees. Anupama says when he came to see me for the marriage, I had a mannat that he agrees, we got married. The seat belt opens. Vanraj says wait, I will fix it.

Kavya gets jealous and recalls Anirudh’s words. He fixes it. She thinks Anirudh was right, Vanraj loves me, but Anupama will always be his wife, I can’t let that happen, I want front seat in his car and life, sorry Anupama, I can’t share him with you. Vanraj sees her angry. Paritosh waits for Anupama. Samar gets a message. Nandini comes home and returns the tools to Samar. She gives him money. She asks Baa how is she. Samar says I need help. He shows the message. Paritosh says mummy didn’t come. Baa calls him out. He runs to see Anupama. He sees Samar and Nandini dressed as husband and bride. He aks what’s this. Samar says its your future. Everyone sings and surprises him. Banda to ready hai…..plays…. Samar and Nandini wear Paritosh and Kinjal’s pic mask, and exchange garlands. Everyone dances. Paritosh gets confused. He shouts enough, what’s this joke, I m in tension. He sees Anupama, Vanraj and Kavya at the door.

Anupama asks Vanraj to say. Vanraj says Paritosh, your alliance got fixed. Paritosh gets happy. Everyone smiles. Samar says we were doing this to congratulate you, mummy had messaged me. Pakhi says congrats. Anupama says I told you, I will get your happiness. Mama ji says she has done it, Vanraj has given her 24 hours. Samar says she made it possible. Vanraj says Anupama, you did it. Anupama smiles. Kavya looks on.