Sunday Update on Dream Girl 8th May 2022


Sunday Update on Dream Girl 8th May 2022

Raghu apologizing to Aarti for his angry behavior. He says trust me, I m sorry, we will be living as GF and BF, I want you to meet my friends, only if you are comfortable. She agrees. He thanks her and goes. He comes back and says I had to say one more thing, I m possessive about you, can I apply black dot to you. She smiles. He takes his black ink pen. He gets the ink on his hand and rubs his hand. He colors her face black.

He says now your beauty will not catch bad sight. He thinks Ayesha is proud of her beauty. He asks her to come. He says you are star and should have star entry, I will meet them, get tea for them. If I get happy, your company will get my name. He leaves. Aarti cries and goes out. The staff looks on shocked. The girl offers help. Aarti says thanks and does work herself. Mithi comes and asks whats this black color on her face. Aarti says you worry for me, but I m fine, I m preparing for my look test. Mithi says this does not suit your face. Aarti says I m strong. Mithi asks her to close eyes and makes her wear a friendship band. She says Manav gave this to her, when she was ill. Aarti smiles.

Ayesha is on the way. She gets a call and someone asks whats this black ink on your face, someone from your office sent it to me. Ayesha thinks its Aarti, and lies that I m preparing for a role, don’t cover these rumors. The lady says inform me the story first. Ayesha says sure, send me that pic. She gets the pic and is shocked. She gets angry on Raghu and says he is really bad, I m saved, I can’t tolerate this, sorry Aarti, just few days, once this work is over, everything will be fine.

Raghu tells his clients that he got peace in navrang, will they like to meet Ayesha. Aarti brings tea. Raghu says tea has come, and this is Ayesha Sareen. They can’t believe seeing her. Raghu asks Aarti to say something to prove she is Ayesha. Aarti says yes, I m Ayesha. Raghu asks her to say any film dialogue from her hit films. She gets tensed and says bad result of bad deeds.

Raghu says we can’t hear it. The men take selfies with her. The man asks about the black color on her face. Raghu says she is not losing, she wants me to invest in her films, she is playing maid role whom everyone insults a lot, she is showing this acting live, she is hardworking. The man says this is wrong. Raghu asks why, we should support her, you can insult her and that will be help. Aarti says yes. Raghu shouts on her asking her to serve tea.

She serves tea. Raghu smiles. Raghu spits the tea on Aarti and makes her clean the place. He makes tea fall again.

Raghu insulting Aarti. Karan and Richa see the jungle. She says she is getting filmi feel here, what if they lost way. She says there is enough space and stunts can be done easily. Manav sees Karan coming and leaves. The stick falls. Karan asks did she hear anything and gets that stick. He shouts Manav and asks him to stop once. He falls down and Manav leaves. Richa says if he was Manav, he would have stopped. Karan says I m sure he is Manav, but don’t know why is he running away from me. He asks Manav why are you doing this with me. Manav thinks enough of this hide and seek, its time to come infront of Karan.

Aarti sits at a corner. Raghu asks are you still here, I thought 10 gulabjal bottles would be spent to clean your face. He asks do you want to continue this, you can quit, if this game goes ahead, your problems will get worse, trust me, quit and leave Ayesha Sareen. Aarti says I m fine, I will do it. He holds her and asks her is she mad, is this a joke. He says see what I do next.

She says I know it won’t be easy, but my intentions are true, you think about yourself. He leaves her. She says I mean you get peace doing this, you will get good sleep at night, I get tired here and get good sleep at home. He feels guilty. She says I won’t quit, I hope you will also get peaceful sleep like me. He gets angry on her and asks who is she to ask him, don’t ask me anything next time. He shouts on her and leaves.

Aarti comes home. Ayesha cleans Aarti’s face and says sorry and takes care of her. She says Raghu is a devil. Aarti says he is not that bad as he shows, there is some reason and story which made him helpless to do this, I felt he is good hearted seeing his anger. Ayesha thinks Aarti is having sympathy for Raghu, did I do wrong to send her, she is liking him after his torture, I can’t let her like Raghu.

She says Raghu is not soft hearted, he can fall to any extent to hurt anyone, you are good to see goodness in bad person, promise me you won’t think good of him, I don’t want him to trap you in love, this can be his planning to trap you. Aarti says there is nothing like that, I m doing this for you, Manav and Navrang. I will do as you say. Ayesha says I know, you got tired, rest now. Ayesha leaves.

Raghu gets angry recalling Aarti’s face and says I don’t care, I sleep peacefully. He drinks and throws the glass. He recalls what he did with Aarti and laughs. Kaka says your laugh is not your happiness, it shows someone’s pain, look at yourself, why will you punish yourself for the past, that girl is not responsible for this. Raghu says every girl is same, they are greedy and egoistic, I know Ayesha did not do anything, but I feel good by hurting her, I don’t care about anything. He goes.

Its morning, Raghu comes to Navrang. He sees Aarti sitting alone in the lawn and comes to her. He says you look beautiful, you also could not live without me, were you so restless to meet me? Raghu asks Aarti to go to the shop and make sandwich for him. Aarti runs to his car and leaves. Raghu calls someone to do as he said, Ayesha will reach there. He calls new channel and says I have breaking news for you.