Teusday Update on Young Love 11th August 2020


Teusday Update on Young Love 11th August 2020

Kamli informing Urmila that Harki is coming and hides in her room. Urmila asks Harki, did you see my jewellery. Harki shows her jewellery kept in the red cloth. She shows the jewellery and says your dad gave fake jewellery to you. Urmila checks her jewellery and says I thought it is taken by thief. She says you had stolen it. Harki tries to beat her. Kamli comes and stops her hand. She asks why she is beating Urmila when she is the one who had stolen her jewellery. Harki says I have right on her and her things.

Kamli says she is no longer your bahu and asks her to have shame. She says you have become a thief because of kundan. Harki says I care for Kundan and have to pay the money. Chagani brings breakfast for Urmila. Harki says my son is eating non tasty food and you are giving her tasty food. She throws plate in anger. Kamli stops her and gives 15000 Rs asking her to bring Kundan home. Harki asks why you didn’t give before. Kamli says I want to see until when you can stoop. she says I can’t see it anymore. She says I am giving this 15000 loan to you. Harki takes the money. Kamli asks Chagani not to give her food from tomorrow. Chagani, harki and urmila are shocked to hear that. Harki asks how dare you? Kamli says what wrong did I do? I am just doing tit for tat? You have insulted food and did wrong, and I am just following your husband’s rules.

Harki looks at the money and recalls her bad behavior with Kamli. Urmila tells Kamli not to feel bad and asks why did you punish her if you are hurt.

Ganga tells Anandi that everything will be fine. Anandi says I will call her for breakfast. She comes to Her and says I was coming to call you. Disa says she didn’t like hairs which you comb, and asked me to comb her hairs. Anandi says how she will learn new things. Disa says she will learn slowly. Dadisaa calls Anandi and Mangla. Anandi tells Nimboli that she will give her breakfast after puja. Nimboli says shall I come with you to puja. Anandi says yes. They go for puja.

Kundan is watering the plants in juvenile home. Someone informs him that your punishment is increased and you have to stay here for 15 more days. Kundan gets angry. The boy says he heard warden talking. Kundan gets angry and goes. The boy smirks. They see warden coming and tells that he has misunderstood us. They say that Kundan want to take revenge and want to kidnap his daughter. The warden asks where is he? The boys don’t say anything. Warden and Kundan goes towards each other angrily. Warden beats up Kundan while he fights with him. The boys enjoy their fight. Kundan is angry and says I will take revenge. The boys laugh.

Harki tells that she is very hungry and thinks Kamli didn’t give her anything. She sees empty utensils. She thinks to eat something, but then sees Kamli coming there. She tries to open the box, and finds chillis inside. Kamli says bujiya was inside, but I kept it in my room. Harki says I an very hungry. Kamli asks her to drink water and gives it. Harki gets angry. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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