Teusday Update on This is Love 11th August 2020


Teusday Update on This is Love 11th August 2020

Ruhi crying. Ishita says I m sorry, we didn’t know how to explain you. Ruhi asks why did this problem happen, what bad did I do. Ishita says you are world’s best daughter. Raman says you are Ishita’s daughter, learn from her. Aaliya takes Ruhi to room. Simmi says we should not lose hope, we can’t keep Karan and Sudha in darkness. Mihika says Simmi is right, we can’t lie to them. Raman asks what will we do, will we let Ruhi suffer, we will tell them later, can Ruhi bear it if Karan breaks relation with her, Ishita don’t break down, this family is strength for each other, I will tell Karan and Sudha later, I will tell them later. Karan and Sudha are on the way.

She says don’t call Ruhi, I want to surprise Ruhi, I selected a lahenga for her, she will look really beautiful. He says you are the best. She says I got Ruhi’s dress for getting measurements, designer said she will keep it ready. The lady says sorry, we sold the lahenga. Sudha asks how, this is not fair, I had booked it. The lady says sorry, the customer has paid double. Sudha gets angry. Karan asks her to calm down. She says there should be ethics. He says we will go to Bhalla house, your mood will get fine.

Raman asks who will handle Ruhi if we break down, its a big thing, but we will find some solution. Ishita says yes, we have to smile so that she smiles, Sudha and Karan are going to come, if Ruhi tells them…. Raman asks them not to say anything. Mr. Bhalla says he is right, tell Ruhi not to tell anyone. Ishita says I will go and get Ruhi for breakfast. She goes to Ruhi and says Karan and Sudha are coming. Ruhi asks why, do they know about my condition. Ishita says no, we won’t tell them. Ruhi says Karan is marrying me, he has a right to know that I can’t give him a child. Ishita says I had tolerated this pain, I don’t want to hide it, Raman believes that there is some solution, what’s wrong, we can tell Sudha and Karan later.

Aaliya says she is right, everything will get fine. Ishita says you are my brave girl, you remember what you did for me, everyone called me Baanch/infertile, you fought with them. Ruhi says don’t give me false hopes. Ishita says adoption can be an answer. She hugs Ruhi. Tere dil ka….plays…Ishita says Aaliya, get a good dress for Ruhi. Mihika says Karan and Sudha have come. They go and discuss the arrangements. Karan says I already booked honeymoon package. Sudha says we know how efficient you are. He asks Ruhi to show her sangeet costume. He takes her to room. He asks what happened, you look upset. She says my friend learnt that she can’t conceive, because of her surgery in childhood. He says its a sad news. She says they will go for adoption or surrogacy, for example, if you were in her husband’s place, you would also go for it, right.

He says what can I say, its imp, child is imp, a husband and wife’s relation doesn’t depend on child, why are you stressed, I want you to be happy, cheer up. He asks her to come, wedding planner has come. The man gets the lahenga. Sudha asks who had ordered this lahenga. Raman says guess who sent it, who is your fav person in the house. Ruhi says Chachu. Romi comes home. Everyone smiles seeing him. Ruhi and Mihika, and everyone hug Romi. Romi says really sorry, so much happened, I couldn’t come, actually, I told everything to Mihika, why I couldn’t come, finally I have come. Raman says its Ruhi’s marriage. Romi says of course, I came for her. He asks Ruhi to see the lahenga. He says it was already booked, when I saw it, I thought it will suit you, I gave extra money and took it. Sudha says you know who booked it, I had booked it, your choice is brilliant, ask your assistant not to talk rudely with anyone. Romi says sorry. Karan says its fine.

He says Romi is amazing, it will be perfect, we will come back from honeymoon and give good news that you are pregnant. She says no, I m not ready for this. He says we are together since long, mom wants a grandchild, we shall have a child soon. She says I have to tell you something, I can never conceive. He gets shocked. He asks why didn’t you say before, this marriage can’t happen. He pushes her. She cries and wakes up from the dream, shouting Karan…

Ruhi saying we have to tell truth to Karan, he will leave me if he knows it, I can’t face another rejection, I can’t lie to him. Ishita asks her to relax. Everyone goes out. Raman shouts and hugs Ruhi. Romi says Ishita told me, don’t know why is this happening with Ruhi. Raman says we won’t let you get hurt, Karan loves you, you love him. Mr. Bhalla says we have to tell Sudha and explain her, I can’t see this, it won’t be right to hide such a big thing and get her married. Romi asks them to take Raman and Ishita in confidence first. Ishita says give me time then you can talk to Sudha and Karan. Raman hugs Ruhi and jokes. Mr. Bhalla says Romi is immature, we should go to Sudha. Appa says yes, we should go. Sudha says we should buy another lahenga for Ruhi. Karan says its fine, they already got it for Ruhi. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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