Thursday Update June 14 on Young Love Glow Tv

Thursday Update on Young Love Glow Tv

June 14

In badi haveli, anandi and her family members praying. Dadi sa wishes god to give happiness to anandi. All leave. While leaving anandi looks on whole house and recalls incidents with jagya and gets emotional. All reach hotel. Bhairon says sumitra to take everyone to rooms and take rest. But anandi asks where he is going. Bhairon says he has some work with lawyer so they are going out. Dadi sa and bhairon leave. Anandi doubts them.

Gauri talking with her mom on phone, gauri says I told jagya to ask how much share they are giving to him but he got serious. She looks bhairon and dadi sa arriving their hotel so she hangs on and walks inside. Door bell rings. Jagya opens the door. Dadi sa and bhairon come in. jagya invites them. Bhairon waits for a while and says jagya, I thought foolish people also can think twice. I know who is making you to talk like this but I thought ul use your brain and ask dadi sa to forgive u but I was wrong. Jagya gets hurt and replies, I am not asking my share to enjoy. Its my right. But dadi sa cuts his words and asks bhairon to give away his papers. Bhairon takes out and about to give anandi comes there and asks to stop.

Bhairon wonders how she is here. Anandi scolds jagya, you are feeling you have done a great thing by asking his share in the property. You have fixed a rate for your mother, dadi sa love, bapu sa’s care and everyone’s affection. Great jagya. Gauri defends jagya saying, as we are not replying you doesn’t mean you can speak anything. We don’t act like you. Bhairon says seriously to gauri, if you speak any other word against anandi then I will forget how to speak with a lady. Gauri clams down. Anandi scolds jagya. Dadi sa stops anandi and says, think a beggar has come to their home and asked for a share in their property so they gave him away. Jagya gets hurt and starts blaming anandi that, because of you I was forced to take this step. You have taken away my family members from me. Now they are acting as idiots as you say. Anandi slaps jagya. Every one shocks.

Anandi slaps jagya. All the family members shock and even gauri. Anandi says, jagya till now I bared everything you have done to me and I never complained about it anytime. But now you have gone against my family. Just imagine jagya when a family can do so much for their DIL then how much they can do for their son. If you have asked them in a right way they would have given the property happily. But you played a cheap trick with them. Though my family gets compromised about this but not me. I will never allow them to compromise for my happiness.

Jagya gets angry and replies, ok you are feeling I have done a great mistake na. I will see how you will be free from me. Tomorrow I will not come to court and see how you will get divorced. Anandi says, I have expected this cheap answer from you jagya. Tomorrow I will go to court but not to wait for u, I will file a case against you for marrying another girl being the first wife alive. Though we were child married now we are legally wife and husband. So now I can file a case against you and drag you to court. I can prove your 2ndmarriage as illegal. Gauri gets worried hearing this. Anandi leaves taking away dadi sa with her. All her family follows them.

Singh family is having dinner. Everyone is very upset. Dadi sa tells anandi, I know child you will get hurt when you know about this. That’s why we kept it secret from u. anandi replies, don’t worry dadi sa I can understand. I was alone when I came into this house marrying jagya and even now I am alone. Everyone looks at anandi sadly. So she again says, I am happy that I got a wonderful loving family. How many girls can get this? Her in-laws become her parents. I was alone without jagya but not a family. Anandi goes to kitchen to bring water. Basanth asks bhairon, do you think jagya will come to court tomorrow? Bhairon replies, I don’t want to predict about jagya anymore. Dadi sa says I wish he come to court tomorrow.

In the hotel, gauri is worried as they have lost the property and even the divorce. She says jagya, we lost our dreams. Today also our dreams got smashed because of anandi. Jagya yells, I cant forget the insult which anandi has done to him today. She has slapped me before all my family members. I will never leave her. I shall leave to Mumbai right now and see how she will get divorce. Gauri tries to explain jagya but he declines.

At the court, all singh family members waiting for jagya and their turn. Later jagya along with gauri come to court. He looks at anandi very angrily. All walk towards the court. Jagya asks gauri to wait outside but she says she will be there for him in every moment of his life and bear everything for him. Jagya gets impressed.