Thursday Update on Complicated Love 17th December 2020


Thursday Update on Complicated Love 17th December 2020

Radhika cries elated, that Kunal is back. She says she won’t again be able to survive if he is hurt again in life. Dida tells her to be thankful to God for sending Kunal back to them. Mauli tells Radhika that Dida is right, she must gather courage. Dida asks Mauli if doctors told her how Kunal reached here. Mauli says Kunal was shot with bullet and fall from a great height, some people brought him here but Kunal would better be able to narrate what happened.

Radhika was determined not spare those goons. Ishaan assures police is doing their work.
Outside in the corridor, Sweety appreciates Sandhya for warning Pari well, she won’t speak about the matter to anyone. Sandhya was upset why all this happened. Sweety tells Sandhya to be happy that Kunal is alive, if he had died Ishaan and Mauli couldn’t have married. There is no hurdle in Mauli and Ishaan’s marriage anymore. Sandhya complements Sweety to be intelligent. Sweety takes Sandhya inside to discuss Ishaan and Mauli’s wedding from them as well.

In the room, Pari and Mishti wake Kunal up. Mauli assures Pari that Buddy will soon be fine and play to them. Sandhya and Sweety finally come in. Sandhya says she is really happy and thankful that Kunal is alive, doctors are trying their best to save him. She tells Radhika to prepare taking Kunal home and marrying Mauli and Ishaan.

 Dida says it’s enough for them that Kunal is alive, daughters have to marry one day. She says she would be thankful to God if they are married on the date that Pandit ji fixed. Within next six days, Kunal will be home and Mauli and Ishaan will be married.

Ishaan warns that this isn’t the right time for such decisions. Sandhya says they are family now. She says Radhika must also have married Kunal really well. She was saddened by the postponement after the news of Kunal’s death, but Kunal is alive. They shouldn’t now place any hurdles in Ishaan and Mauli’s marriage. Ishaan forcefully takes his mother outside and warns Sweety to stay out of the matter. He questions Sandhya why she is being too insensitive. Sandhya complains Ishaan doesn’t care for his mother’s sentiments.

Ishaan asks if they have seen Kunal’s condition. Did she even consider what they have gone through, police told them that Kunal was dead; what they must have gone through. Radhika watch them talk to each other from inside the room’s window. Sandhya asks Ishaan if he is considering to marry after Kunal gets well. Ishaan was irritated and replies he isn’t thinking about anything. Sandhya insists that she is happy about Kunal being alive, but they aren’t concerned with whatever happens to Kunal anymore. Mauli comes to Radhika. Radhika tells Mauli to go home and live her own life. Mauli thinks it seems Sandhya hurt her. Radhika hugs Mauli and tells her to live her life, she is rightful of a happy future. She takes Mauli and Mishti outside the room to Sandhya and Ishaan. Pari and Dida also come outside.
Sandhya tells Mauli they have a lot to do, the rituals will start from tomorrow. She says a number of arrangements are left now, even menu selection, flower arrangements and Mauli’s bridal dress as well. She apologizes Radhika for not being able to invite her, it’s important for Mauli to move forward after forgetting all her past relations. Radhika assures Mauli that her love and Dida’s blessings will never be any lesser for Mauli. Mauli walks ahead with Sandhya and Ishaan. Someone calls her from behind. Kunal just stepped outside the hospital room. Everyone was in a shock to see him there, Mauli however smiles widely. Kunal walks towards Mauli, he looked confused and hugs Mauli. Everyone looks puzzled. Kunal asks Mauli where was she going, she won’t go anywhere today and must stay with him. Mauli asks Kunal why he came here, he needs rest and must be in the room. Pari was happy that Buddy is fine. Kunal looks towards Pari blankly. Mishti asks how he feels now. Kunal says these girls are so cute, and asks Mauli who these girls are. He can’t remember if they have seen them before; are they patients? He gets a severe head ache and loses his balance. Mauli and Ishaan holds the unconscious Kunal.

Sandhya speaks on phone. Radhika was concerned about Kunal. Mauli inquires the doctor why Kunal got unconscious. The doctor says he was under stress due to internal injury. Sandhya insists on Ishaan and Mauli to go home, designers are coming over. Ishaan says they will come a little late, after Kunal wakes up. Sandhya says he was once awake, he will be fine now as per doctors; his family is already here. Radhika supports Sandhya. Mauli hugs her, Radhika prays for a beautiful life for Mauli ahead.

At night, Radhika insists on Dida to eat something. How she will handle so many people alone if they also fell ill. She now comes to Pari. Pari was upset and asks Dadi why her Buddy didn’t give her kisses and hugs when he woke up. Radhika says her Buddy was under severe medication so may be a little fuzzy. Pari says he didn’t even recognize her. Radhika promises that as soon as her buddy wakes up, he will surely give her kisses and hugs. She insists on Pari to go home and by tomorrow morning her Buddy will be fine. Dida says Pari will sleep with her today. Pari finally cheers up.
Sandhya selects the jewelry and dresses for Mauli. Sandhya insists on her to wear heavy and expensive jewelry as successful and huge hoteliers will be there for the wedding. Sandhya calls Sweety to come sooner for her help. Mauli picks her cell phone up. Sandhya tells Mauli that she is going to marry Ishaan, now this house and this family is her responsibility. Ishaan intervenes that they must postpone this wedding. Sandhya wasn’t ready. Ishaan says they have long awaited, nothing will change in only a few days. Mauli tells Ishaan not to argue. Sandhya tells Mauli to leave for hotel now, the driver will pick her up. Ishaan was ready to drop Mauli but Sandhya says they shouldn’t meet till wedding now. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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