Thursday Update on Young Love 17th December 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 17th December 2020


Nandini makes rotis again. Krish asks her to give rotis to him. Pandit ji asks them to send the rotis to cow shed for other cows once this cow accepts it. Krish says I am sure that she will love it. Nandini feeds roti to cow, but it is rejected by cow. Everyone is shocked. Pandit ji says cow takes food even from criminal’s hand, but it is not accepting from your bahu, means she has done grave mistake.

Karuna asks if there is some other way. Pandit ji says there is other way too and asks them to donate 21 tolas coins to 21 bachelor girls. Nandini says cow never refuses to rotis. Kundan thinks he made it have some medicine, and says it will not have food for 4 days. Krish says it is not a joke, 3-4 lakhs will be spent. Triveni says your wife has to bear the expenses. Nandini says do you know what is illness? She says this is wrong. Karuna says don’t you trust God? Nandini says I believe, but this is just blind faith. I can spend money on a patient, but can’t on this blind faith. Triveni tells that if this daan happens then you will be safe and says she will go and earn money.

Sudha serves food to her inlaws and Premal. Premal’s mum taunts Sudha for not making good food. Premal gets a call from someone and is informed that his business proposal is accepted. He is asked to bring 5 lakhs cheque for security. Premal is tensed. He informs his parents that the company asked for 5 lakhs cheque. Premal’s mum taunts Sudha and says it was good if Premal would have married Nandini, even though she is elder than him. Premal is irked. Premal’s dad smirks. Premal’s mum thinks he will do something.

Krish comes to Nandini and says you have done well and have made maasi ji quiet. Nandini says she was saying wrong and I can’t favor blind faith. Krish says peace is important, and asks her to be polite. He kisses on her forehead. Krish asks are you going to hospital today. Nandini says no and says she will stay with Triveni all day. He hugs her.

Premal’s mum compromising with the gas cylinder and stove in the kitchen. Sudha comes and asks if you want anything. Premal’s mum says she needs halwa for puja and asks her to cut dry fruits first. Sudha thinks why she is hurrying up when there is so much time for pooja. She cuts the dry fruits and keeps kadai on stove. She adds oil in it, and is about to light the stove with lighter, but just then she gets Nandini’s call. She goes to attend her call. Nandini asks are you fine? Sudha says she is fine and happy. Nandini asks her to tell if there is anything. Premal feels the gas smell and switches off gas. Premal’s mum is irked.

Premal goes to talk to Sudha and says he is ignoring her mistakes since long. Nandini hears him. Sudha cuts the call. Nandini gets worried. Premal asks Sudha if she will take everyone’s life. Sudha says I didn’t light the gas. Premal’s mum says I switched it on so that I could kill you. Sudha is shocked. Premal’s mum says you want to blame me and conspired to send us to jail. Sudha says I didn’t say it. Premal asks Sudha not to do anything and asks her not to do any mistake. Sudha says I didn’t. Premal’s mum thinks she will make sure that she will not be saved next time.

Karuna says she will give 21 tolas gold coins. Triveni asks Karuna to take money from Nandini’s family. Abhayram says Karuna don’t want to take money from them. Triveni scolds him. Karuna says she don’t want to ask money from them. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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