Thursday Update on Complicated Love 24th September 2020


Thursday Update on Complicated Love 24th September 2020

Rajdeep gets into the car to flee but Kunal runs to grab his collar. Rajdeep questions if Kunal is a police inspector or some security personnel? He blames Kunal to intervene in his public property as Nandini is his wife. He will create more such shameful videos of Nandini to disgrace her even more. He smirks asking if Kunal wanted a maid in Nandini or was he looking for something else? He tries to show Kunal some more videos in his cell phone. Kunal beats Rajdeep. Both wrestle with each other, Rajdeep taking the lead initially but soon Kunal clutches his neck and punches Rajdeep hard.

Rajdeep blames Nandini for being a non-protective wife. The residents of society gathered around. Rajdeep wasn’t ready to apologize Nandini and make her lick on his shoes when he gets her. Kunal drags Rajdeep towards Nandini and the society men. Rajdeep complains to the society men that this man Kunal is interfering in their personal life, it’s a spouse fight only. The society men confirms if Rajdeep is her husband? He was ready to show the marriage certificate. The men advance to help Kunal, Kunal warns Rajdeep to apologize Nandini. Rajdeep sense the danger, he apologizes Nandini and promises to delete all the photos and videos. Kunal already broke his phone. Kunal holds Nandini’s hand and takes her inside.

At home, Mauli wipes Kunal’s injuries. Mauli was thankful that Kunal was home and saved Nandini. Dida was emotional and appreciates Mamma for bringing Kunal up in the best of manner. She never forbid him to play with dolls in childhood so that he never considers girls as dolls. She calls Kunal a gem and says she would have saluted Kunal today if her feet worked. They all clap for Dida.
At night, Nandini was in the washroom and thinks no one ever bear such pain for her. Whatever Kunal said in front of people today worked as a balm on her burning heart. He fought from Rajdeep only for her respect. She owes a lot to Kunal and has a faith that at least someone is there to stand behind her.
The next morning, Mauli and Mamma come inside after yoga in the balcony. Nandini gives them lime water and asks for breakfast. Mauli asks if someone enrolled in her cooking classes. Nandini says she removed the notice, she doesn’t have the courage nor the will to run any classes in the society. She goes for Dida’s tea. Mamma says she soaked lentils at night already and will soon join Nandini to help prepare breakfast. Mamma tells Mauli to give Nandini sometime. Kunal comes with Dida and insists Nandini must defeat Rajdeep. Mamma insists that it will take some time for people and Nandini both to adjust after yesterday’s incident. Kunal insists that if Nandini stays at home her confidence will continue to shatter. She must get out and try to engage with people. We need to open the windows of our mind if we wish to change the direction of wind. Rajdeep will win if Nandini stays silent. They must take some risk, may be some people sign up and others don’t. Dida agrees with Kunal. Mauli says Nandini will be heartbroken if people don’t enroll in Nandini’s call. Kunal says Nandini must step forward, make effotrts and even face the defeat as well; their efforts shouldn’t stop. He is going downstairs to post the advertisement. Nandini wonders how she can break their confidence in her.
The family prepares for guests at home. Nandini was cheerfully ready as the chef. Everyone was hopeful that people might get late but will surely come for registration. Kunal threw the pamphlets in each house by himself. Nandini asks Mauli why she looks so stressful, its fine even if people don’t come. Dida says they will open wine bottle, they will have one glass if someone comes but two if doesn’t. Mamma suggests to wait for ten more minutes. Kunal was restlessly looking at the door. Mamma comes to him saying she already warned him that it’s not easy to break people’s mindset and will take time.
Mauli asks Nandini to prepare her favorite chocolate cake while they will order dinner from outside. Nandini turns to go and bring a good chocolate cake. A lady comes inside asking about cooking class registrations. They were a bunch of girls. Nandini was active at once. Mauli comes to Kunal happy that so many people have come. Mauli reads the ad and asks what time was mentioned in it? Kunal says it was 6pm, but the pamphlets read 7-9pm. Kunal smiles watching Nandini happy and thinks he is ready to do anything to keep her this way.

The participants wished to learn a variety of cooking skills including Chinese, Italian, Continental and sweet dishes. Nandini vows to teach them good cooking. Mauli and Kunal watch her indulge with students, Mauli smiles that she got the old Nandini back now.
At night, Kunal counts the forms. Nandini comes to him, he says she got ten students. Nandini was sure she will handle them. She considers his faith on her as her biggest strength; she only stepped towards success because of that faith. She promises to bring a hundred now, just like he brought ten from zero. Kunal jokes he will have to book a whole conference hall for her then and turns to leave. Both walk in opposite directions in the hall, Kunal repeatedly turns to look towards Nandini; Nandini also watch him going in the opposite direction (both at separate times).
The next morning, Mauli comes out of the bath to find Kunal asleep. She gets mischievous and tickles Kunal but he doesn’t move. Mauli sprinkles with her wet hair on Kunal’s face. He asks why she wants him to get up. Mauli says its morning and she is awake. Kunal asks the incentives if he wakes up. She says its vitamin D and good morning tea she will bring. Kunal drags Mauli into the bed and cuddles her forcing her back to bed. Mauli says she miss us, it’s been long they hadn’t spent such quality morning time. Kunal agrees and decides to spend the day with each other and covers their faces with a blanket. Mauli asks if this is how he would spend the day with her. Kunal teases Mauli asking what else she thought.
Mauli comes out of the room to greet Mamma. Nandini had gone to market for shopping for her classes. Kunal comes out and informs Mamma that he and Mauli want to go outside for breakfast. Mamma and Dida appreciates their decision. Soon there was a bell at the door. It was Rajdeep. Mauli walks towards Rajdeep but Kunal takes the lead. Rajdeep says he won’t sit quietly after how Kunal beat him. Kunal holds a hand over Rajdeep again and deters to call the police. The police calls from behind Rajdeep. The police had come to take Kunal as there was an F.I.R against him. Rajdeep complains that Kunal tried to beat him, his bruises are visible and hidden injuries apart. Kunal and Mauli explain to the inspector that he abuses his wife and anyone would have done the same. The inspector insists on Kunal to come with them, they will decide who the goon is and who is innocent. Mamma and Mauli intervene and asks the inspector to show the warrant if there is an F.I.R. The neighbors gathered around.
Nandini just returns home. She was worried watching the police around Kunal. Rajdeep whistles towards Nandini. Rajdeep blames Nandini for being responsible about whatever happens to Kunal in the jail. He warns Nandini to continue ruining her life and each of her supporter’s until she returns to him. He urges the inspector to leave. Nandini stops them and introduces herself as Rajdeep’s wife, she narrates the whole story to them. She says Kunal was really innocent and won’t even be able to defend himself. Kunal had only beaten Rajdeep for her respect, and Rajdeep made the first strike. She was ready to show them proofs in her phone. Kunal forbids Nandini as it might create another hype. Nandini says that’s Kunal who still cares for her. She knew Rajdeep will come for revenge and never deleted the image. The inspector asks Nandini if she wants them to leave Kunal. Nandini requests them to give some respect to Kunal; he knows how to respect women. The inspector asks Nandini if she wants to complaint against her husband. Nandini says no, he will soon reap what he has sown. If gone to jail he will get a bail for himself. The inspector warns Rajdeep to be careful from now on.
Nandini questions Rajdeep till when he would take advantage of the innocents. She, Kunal and Mauli aren’t weak. We are only respectable. She swears to the child who died in her womb, she will watch him next time.