Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 10th March 2022


Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 10th March 2022

Agnibahu gets to hear about Dhananjay’s location in his ear. The soldier (Ashoka) is made to stand at a distance. Kaurvaki mumbles for water. Ashoka feeds her water. She recognizes him. Kichak and Amatya hear her. Kichak questions the soldier. Whose permission did you take before feeding her water? Ashoka replies she is important for him which is why she has been kept alive. I gave her water for the very same reason. Kichak calls him clever. Ashoka says I am trying to learn something under you. Kichak is intrigued by him. Have we met before as well? Ashoka replies that he is not that important to be remembered by him! Agnibahu and Ashoka leave from there. Kaurvaki is in tears.

Ashoka catches up with Agnibahu. He thanks Agnibahu for saving him. You could have told the truth to Kichak if you wanted. Agnibahu clears that he saved himself by hiding him from Kichak. He signals him to come.

Dhananjay waits impatiently for the evening to end. He is sure Ashoka will fall in his own trap. I have never waited for sunset like this ever before.

Acharya Devrath and his allies pray for Ashoka.

Agnibahu and Ashoka head towards the place where Dhananjay has been kept.

Dhananjay is sure Ashoka will die anyways today if he comes here or not! Ashoka enters in that tower. A lot many soldiers come there upon noticing them.

Kichak asks Jagannath to stop. Hurt your daughter. Kaurvaki says nothing will happen by hurting me. If I was in your place then I would have put all my strength in saving the one who will be killed today. Maybe you have realised your defeat already. Jagannath hits her.

Agnibahu explains he has been sent by Mahanayak Kichak. The soldiers begin to chant Jai Kichak once Agnibahu says so. It angers Ashoka. He removes his moustache and shouts Jai Janani. Dhananjay hears him too. He asks a soldier to check what’s happening outside. Ashoka and the soldier get into a fight.

Acharya Devrath it is important for Ashoka to win today so that all the people can win!

Ashoka kills every soldier that comes in his way. He forces Agnibahu to come along. There is a room upstairs. Ashoka breaks it open. Dhananjay is pacing inside. He is scared to see Ashoka. Ashoka tells him the sunset is still due. A soldier attacks him from behind before Ashoka can hurt Dhananjay. Ashoka points out that backstabbing is his rule. Dhananjay says there is no rule in war. Victory means everything. You will lose today. Ashoka still says Jai Janani as he falls on the ground.

Kichak laughs thinking the future of Magadh and Maurya went into darkness today only.

Agnibahu wants to hurt Ashoka but Dhananjay stops him. Let the world see him losing. If we kill him then he will be considered a hero. Agnibahu still wishes to kill him. Dhananjay says Mahanayak wants him alive!

Dhananjay makes a few soldiers lift Ashoka. Open your eyes and see your defeat!

The sun is setting.

Acharya wonders if Ashoka will be able to accomplish his mission or if he will die in the process. Everything depends on Ashoka’s actions.

Ashoka looks at the setting sun.

Amatya points out only a little time is left in sunset. Kichak anxiously waits for the reply from the tower. A soldier informs Kichak they are not getting any reply from the tower. We sent many signals / messages there but there has been no revert so far. Amatya deduces that Ashoka has reached there, but how! Kichak assures him Ashoka will not get out from there alive. Kaurvaki taunts him. You earlier used to say Ashoka will not be able to reach there. Now that he has reached there, you say, he wont be able to get out alive from there. He is Ashoka. He will do what he has decided. He will certainly kill you all! He told you you will see him before your death! He is going to become a reality. Kichak angrily tells her he will kill Ashoka before her eyes. He orders the soldier to get other soldiers ready. We will leave for that place right away.

Ashoka fights with the soldiers once again. One soldier hurts him in his eye and then stabs him again. Ashoka screams out in pain. Ashoka falls unconscious. Dhananjay is tensed. Mahanayak wanted him alive. He sprinkles water on Ashoka but in vain.

Anand looks at the statue made by Ashoka. He thinks of Ashoka’s encouraging words about staying united to fight against Kichak. Acharya Devrath has faith in Ashoka’s win. Why are the signals otherwise?

Dhananjay keeps pouring water on an unconscious Ashoka. I wont let you die like this.

Ashoka lies unconscious in the ground. Acharya Chanakya and his late Acharya Akramak call out for him. They both encourage Ashoka to get up when he says he cannot do so. Ashoka gets up. Acharya Akramak reminds him of what all he has learnt from him. He gives him a sword and tells him to listen carefully to the source of the voice. Ashoka hits everything that Acharya Akramak directs towards him.

Dhananjay keeps pouring water on an unconscious Ashoka. I wont let you die like this. Ashoka wakes up. He covers his eyes with a piece of cloth. Agnibahu is worried seeing him in action. Dhananjay is still confident of Ashoka’s defeat. Let him fight. It will keep him alive till sunset. He asks a soldier to give a sword to Ashoka. Agnibahu warns him to think once again. Dhananjay taunts him. Kichak and Amatya are on their way towards the tower. Dhananjay throws a soldier at Ashoka who grabs it. Over confidence becomes the biggest mistake sometimes. I will make sure I write your death with it. He kills all the soldiers who try to attack him. Dhananjay looks on stunned. He runs out as soon as he gets a chance. Ashoka holds Agnibahu’s neck but lets go of him when Agnibahu tells him about Dhananjay leaving.

Ashoka stops Dhanajay by throwing a rope around him. he beats him. this is for forcibly taking tax from innocents to leave them die of hunger; to support Kichak. He is about to kill him but then thinks of Arjun. I wont punish you for your sins! He picks up Dhananjay and leaves with him on a horse.

Agnibahu looks out of the window. Kichak will not spare me if he finds out I brought Ashoka here with me. He gets an idea and pours liquor in the room. He sets the room on fire. Kichak and Amatya see the smoke coming out from the room. A soldier informs them about Ashoka taking Dhananjay with him. The soldier falls unconscious.

Acharya Devrath hears the sound of hoofs. Ashoka comes there with Dhananjay.

Kichak is sure Ashoka would have taken Dhananjay to the place where his allies were killed. They leave for that place.

Dhananjay begs for mercy as Ashoka closes in on him.

Agnibahu cooks up a story before Kichak. I came to help you as I knew I will meet you here only. He also joins Amatya and Kichak.

Ashoka leaves the decision of Dhananjay’s fate on the people of Takshsila. They suggest killing Dhananjay. He asks the lady (who had blessed him before leaving to find Dhananjay) what should he do. I will do whatever you will say. She says death penalty. Dhananjay keeps begging for mercy when Ashoka kills him.

Kichak is angry to not find Ashoka in that village.

Acharya Devrath tells Ashoka he fulfilledhis vow before sunset. Ashoka denies. My vow is still incomplete. He pulls up the Raksha Stambh and places it high. This is the symbol for us and against anyone who mistakes others as weak. It is a symbol of all the braves who proved that they are capable enough to stand against any injustice; towards the parents who sacrificed their kids for their motherland; for the kids who are proud of their Guru’s. He says Jai Janani. Everyone follows suit. He falls unconscious afterwards. Acharya Devrath and a few other people rush to his side. Someone announces Kichak’s arrival. Acharya Devrath takes Ashoks with him to the Vishwavidyalaya. Everyone vacates the place.

Kichak is angry to see Dhananjay’s dead body. Amatya remarks Ashoka could not take out the fear of Kichak from anyone’s heart even after killing Dhananjay. Everyone is missing. Kichak wants to find out how Ashoka got to know about Dhananjay’s location. Except me and Amatya only one person knew about it. He looks at Agnibahu. Agnibahu acts all innocent before him. He suggests Kaurvaki’s name. Kichak points out that he himself killed the pigeon taking her message. Agnibahu says how you would know there was only one pigeon. It was very important for her to give the message to Ashoka. Kichak decides to punish Kaurvaki such that no one will be able to sympathise with her. She will become the Nagar-Vadhu tomorrow (wife of every citizen of Takhshshila)!

Vaid ji tends to Ashokas wound. He was so hurt and lost so much blood yet he is fighting for life. It indicates his strength. Anyone else would have been dead by now. He has lost a lot of blood. It is to be stopped or there will be a disaster!