Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 11th March 2022


Friday Update on Emperor Ashoka 11th March 2022

Vaid ji tends to Ashokas wound. Ashoka mutters about Magadh’s enemy in his semi unconscious state. Acharya Devrath assures him it will come true. Right now you have to take care of yourself. Ashoka mumbles yet again. The promise given to my mother about united India will be incomplete. Vaid ji shares that the wound is too deep. Ashoka might not recover as the blood loss has been too high. Everyone is concerned for him. They fear Kichak coming here. Acharya Devrath advises increasing the security around.

Sushim and his friend are on their way to some place. They notice people enjoying, playing drums. Sushim gets down to find out if there is some occasion today. A man offers Prasad to Sushim. Sushim wants to know what’s happening. The guy shares that God sent an angel to help them. a lot many sinners are being killed. Dhananjay, Kichak’s partner, died yesterday. Veerayan too is dead. Kichak has lost a lot of his allies by losing these two people. Kichak’s almost handicapped now. Soon he will also die by that person. Sushim wonders if this person is from Unan or Paras. The guy denies. He is one of us. On his own he did what was very difficult. He is actually a kid. He encouraged people to fight and not be scared to take a stand against what’s wrong. He is the first one to give a woman a chance to fight against such people as well. He is a saviour and helps innocent people.

Sushim and his friend think of Ashoka. Sushim wants to know how that kid looks like. The man compares him to sun. Just like a sun’s brightness spreads around, same is with him. Sushim gets irked. Do you know his name? I will myself go and find out. His friend says sorry to the guy on Sushim’s behalf. The guy says Jai Bholenath, Jai Janani. Sushim stops in his tracks as he hears it. He asks that guy about it. The man says this kid only gave this slogan to everyone. It’s been not more than a month since that kid has come here. His ship sank but he survived. Sushim gets thinking as he relates the facts. It’s been one month since Ashoka’s ship sank. Is this person Ashoka? I myself will have to go to Takshshila to find out the truth.

Vaid ji tells that Ashoka’s body has given up. There is no pulse. I don’t think that he. Acharya Devrath points out that everyone’s hope and trust is on him. it is important for him to live. Vaid ji says it is a miracle that his pulse is there atleast. As per my understanding, he has lost the battle between life and death!

Kaurvaki is being brought in the court. She asks for her mistake from Kichak when he says she will be punished now. Agnibahu says she is acting as if she does not know what she has done; as if she did not give the info about Dhananjay’s location to Ashoka. I feel as if she is making a fun of you. Kaurvaki is glad to know that Ashoka lived up to his word. I don’t fear anything now. You will soon reach your end. Plus I will feel really lucky if I have actually helped him in any way. I am sure he will fulfil his vow to free Takshshila from you! If you still don’t believe it then look around on your own. He has already shaken your pillars of strength. You will keep on watching just like this if you don’t react now. Agnibahu tells her to smile. Very soon you will get to know what will happen to you. Kichak decides to spread fear again in Takshshila by punishing her. He gives the responsibility to Nayak. Make sure you will follow my command. Nayak nods. Kichak announces that Kaurvaki will be made the Nagarvadhu. Agnibahu offers to be with Kaurvaki till the time she reaches brothel. Kichak agrees. I want her to be tied to a stone and made to walk around in Takshshila. If Ashoka comes to save her today then he will have to face me! Kaurvaki looks angrily at him.

Vaid ji says Ashoka’s body is not reacting to anything. His death seems certain. He gives up hope.
People break down. A lady says there must be someone who can take care of him; who has defeated death previously. Vaid ji agrees. There is someone who has done such miracles previously. Screen shifts to Dharma. The lady asks for the name. Ashoka says Ma.

Kichak goes around town on his horse. A chariot with Kaurvaki tied to a big stone is following him. A man in the front announces about what happens to people who revolt against KIchak. People gather around to see. Kichak says my message should reach Ashoka!

Acharya Devrath demands to know who the one who can do such a miracle is. Vaid ji shares an experience when he was returning from Badrinath. I saw a man being bit by snake. His body was completely inflicted by poison. I could see no way to save him when a lady stepped forward. It turns out to be Dharma only. She says Lord Shiva can save those who no one can save. That lady took my permission and started to take care of that man. Dharma feeds some herbs to that man. He should stay awake for the night. He should not fall asleep or else he will die. Dharma sits beside the man’s side for the entire night and chants Shiva Mantra continuously. The man wakes up healthy next day. Vaid ji and everyone are surprised. Flashback ends. The miracle was more about that woman. Her pure gestures made impossible possible. She saved that person. She did not seem to be a simple woman. She was on some journey that day. She may or may not be there as of now. But I am sure her devotion can treat Ashoka. Acharya Devrath agrees to find her out from wherever she is. He tells Ashoka not to give up till he is back. He leaves after telling Anand to look after Ashoka.

Dharma covers the diya as strong wind blows. She looks around tensed. Her Daasi is worried about her hand. Dharma cannot understand why she is feeling scared and restless. I did not feel this way when everyone said Ashoka is dead. Something is not right. Someone is trying to hurt my son and family!

A man comes looking for Acharya Devrath. He tells others what’s happening with Kaurvaki. Vaid ji stops Anand from going out. Acharya left you here to take care of Ashoka. We should not step out from here. Kichak might understand our location and attack! We should be extra careful. They all pray for Ashoka.

Dharma talks to the diya. I know you are in very much right now Ashoka. Please bear it all this time. Daasi announces that it is time for leave for Badrinath. Acharya Devrath is on his way to this place. Dharma leaves in a chariot.

Kichak hits Kaurvaki with a hunter. Call out for Ashoka. Ask him to save you! She smiles. I know you want to make me cry but I wont let you enjoy that ever. This is my promise to Ashoka on our friendship. I will laugh as much as you will hurt me. I wont shed a tear today! He is angered by her challenge. I know how to change your smile into tears. He claps. Soldiers bring Jagannath there. Kaurvaki is shocked to see her father there. Jagannath begins to walk towards her when Kichak hits him on his leg. He falls. Kichak asks everyone to look. You thought of Ashoka as someone you will protect you and free you. I am disrespecting the girl who risked her life for Ashoka today. When he could not come to save Kalinga’s princess then how will he help you all when I will behave in a similar manner to your girls! He will not come. I will certainly do it. The fear and cowardice in your eyes is your truth. You are like the insects that are born to die! What did you think before revolting against me? You can see the result of your foolishness right away. I will make today memorable for you. Kaurvaki, the daughter of former King of Kalinga, will be made the Nagarvadhu today! No one, not even Magadh’s Prince Ashoka, will come to save her today! Kaurvaki looks determined.

Vaid ji hopes Acharya Devrath reaches that lady soon. Ashoka’s condition is such that he might not live to see tomorrow’s sunrise.

Dharma does not want to leave for Badrinath right now. We should head back. Daasi suggests resting here only. We have already crossed half of the route. She notices a temple nearby. We can rest there. Dharma nods. She looks worriedly at the diya.

Acharya Devrath reaches where Dharma was. He asks for her. A man shares that she left for Badrinath. She might be going slow as she is pregnant. You can reach her if you take the short route. Acharya Devrath thanks him. He thinks of Ashoka on his way. I wont let anything happen to you.

Anand says good words to Ashoka. You have to keep that faith alive in yourself by which you have motivated the people of Takshshila. People continue to pray for him.

Amatya is confused. I was sure Ashoka wont be able to stop himself after seeing Kaurvaki’s such insult. Kichak too feels the same. I think he is still not over his anger with Kaurvaki. Amatya denies. as much as I know him, he would have come to protect a woman even though he might be irked or angry with her. Kichak calls out for a soldier and then hits him. He is not my soldier now but a common man. He will go amidst other common people to find out why Ashoka did not come. The soldier nods. Kichak says they wanted to make a joke of me. they thought they will hurt my people but it will only add up to my ruthlessness. I am anxious to see Kaurvaki as Nagarvadhu!

A girl is brought in the brothel. She does not want to be here. The lady in charge (Kashi) agrees. I have spent a lot of money on you to make you fit for this work. She cuts her hairs. The girl is locked in a cupboard next. She throws a scorpion inside. Kaurvaki holds onto Nayak’s hand in fear. Agnibahu pulls her forward. He introduces Kaurvaki to Kashi. Mahanayak has sent her for you. Make her a Nagarvadhu! Nayak looks uncomfortable. Kaurvaki is still hiding behind him. Kashi looks at Kaurvaki. There is something in her indeed. Kaurvaki requests Nayak to save her when a man pulls her. What if it was your daughter in my place? You wouldn’t have let it happen! Save me.

Charu is doing black magic. Sushim comes there which leaves her surprised. He has doused the fire. She shares that she was turning iron into Gold. He says Brahma ji gave a curse, whichever person will try to convert iron into Gold will have to take sanyas very soon. She tells him to come straight to the point. He says he made us a fool once again. he has defeated us yet again. Go in Takshshila and see for yourself. Every kid is saying Jai Janani. Seems like he is going to defeat Kichak very soon. if he returns her after completing his mission then none of us will live!

Dharma talks to the Shivling. I am a mother. I am not sure if he is indeed in trouble or not. I know you have already planned out his life. There will be many obstacles in his way. I don’t pray to you to end all of them. I only wish that you should give him the strength to guide him out of all the obstacles. Acharya Devrath meets Dharma’s Daasi. He asks about a lady named Dharma. She is pregnant and treats people. The Daasi declines knowing any such lady. Acharya Devrath was about to go back when he hears Dharma’s voice. She is chanting Shiva Mantra. He comes in the temple. Dharma calls out for him and offers him Prasad but he stops her. She wonders why someone would refuse to have Prasad in temple. He hopes God listens to his prayers today. what’s the point of this Prasad if that does not happen. I want the proof of his existence today. She says it happens from inside. Have faith in God. He will show you the way. Acharya Devrath says how to do so. He has put the life of a 15 year old in risk. He was helping the innocent people stand against the evil. She asks about the kid. He shares that he is the kid who revolted against Kichak. Today he is on his death bed. Vaid ji has given up hope. He told me about a lady who can help treat people. If I don’t find her then everything will be finished. Dharma points out that he came here looking for her only. Acharya Devrath looks gratefully at the Shivlinga.

Charu asks Sushim if he is sure about it. did you see him? Sushim angrily asks her who will trust her if not her. You think of me to be a fool. I am sure Ashoka is alive. It will be good if you too accept it. She says we will have to do something. What if he is alive and comes back here then? Sushim reasons losing is not a choice for them. We are lucky to find out this truth. We still have time and chance which we will fully utilise. Make father understand that he should announce me as his successor. It should happen before he gets to know that Ashoka is alive.

The soldier joints the people of Takshshila in Vishwavidyalaya. He notices everyone standing around Ashoka and praying. Dharma enters just then.