Thursday Update on Lockdown Love Story 10th March 2022


Thursday Update on Lockdown Love Story 10th March 2022

Dhruv asking Sonam to leave. He packs her things and throws the bag. Sonam looks on. Dheeraj says when everyone is helping others in corona crisis, you are adamant to make her out. Dhruv says corona doesn’t matter to her, she was using it in her plan. He asks Sonam to leave. Sonam prays to Devi Maa for help. She stands crying. Dhruv says this prayers and all don’t suit you, get out. He holds her hand and takes her out. Milky smiles. Shashi comes in front of Dhruv and stops him.

He says Sonam won’t go anywhere. Dhruv says she will be going out. Shashi takes the bag from his hand. Nutan gets angry and asks did you go mad, what’s left now, what’s left to see in this girl’s character now. She asks Dhruv to make her out. Shashi says I have seen everyone’s character, I have said it, Sonam won’t go.

Nutan says Sonam will go. Shashi says you and your son can’t decide everything, others also live in this house. Nutan says no one wants her to stay here, except you. She asks everyone to say who wants Sonam to stay back. Dhruv turns to see. Nutan says its pin drop silence, did you see. Shashi says I want Sonam to stay here till the lockdown. Dheeraj and Ankita not. Nutan says you have seen what everyone wants, everyone wants Sonam to leave this house. Sheetal says right, Sonam is a liar, she scared the family, who will keep her home. Shashi says we will see what everyone wants, we will have a voting done.

Dhruv asks what. Shashi says Sonam will stay if she gets votes from the family, else she will leave from here, fine, agreed? We will decide it after voting. Dhruv says do anything, but you will leave. Shashi says we will know it after voting. Sheetal says this girl is not helpless, don’t do anything to help her. Shashi asks her to stop it, she will get one vote also. She cries and does a drama. Shashi says everyone thinks Nutan is right here, if there is no agreement, then just voting system is left to decide. Dhruv says I will send Sonam out of the house. He holds Sonam’s hand and takes her. Shashi shouts. He stops Dhruv again. He gets angry. Sonam sees Dhruv. Shashi says Sonam won’t go anywhere without the voting. Nutan says let him do, we will see the result. Dhruv and everyone goes. Hulchul says I will leave, sorry for the trouble. Shashi asks him to stay back for some more time, see the result and go. Sonam says thanks, you all have supported me a lot. Shashi says we will know who is with you and who are not.

Nutan saying Shashi has made it a battle ground. Sheetal says you will win, people are scared of you, Dheeraj, Ankita and Sneha won’t say anything in favor of Sonam, Shashi will show the door to Sonam after you win. Nutan says don’t underestimate him, he has thought well, we don’t know who is in his team. Sheetal says if anyone votes against you, he will always pay for it. Nutan smiles. Sneha is upset with Dhruv. He asks why are you upset. She says Sonam has come from Mumbai with love for you, you have insulted her, we have to vote for her stay, you don’t feel hurt, you were not such. She cries and goes.

Dheeraj asks Ankita not to think much, Nutan has raised them, its a sin to go against her. Ankita says its not about going against her. He asks what is it then, if we agree to help Sonam, then it will be against Dhruv and Nutan. She asks will you go against Shashi, knowing Nutan is wrong. He says Dhruv is right, we have to get peace this way. Nutan comes and does an emotional drama.

She says you have always heard me more than your dad. Dheeraj nods. She says you understand me, right, you have seen my struggles for this house, I always decided for this house’s betterment, just make sure that you help me. She says a good wife supports her husband in the right decision, else she is called a bad wife. Ankita worries. Sonam prays. She says Dhruv has to know Milky’s conspiracy, give me strength. Shashi blesses Sonam. He also prays for Sonam. He says let Nutan ask for votes, I want to see who has humanity in their hearts in this house, go and call everyone. Everyone is called. They come in the living room.

Nutan says its matter of 5 mins, Sonam will out of the house. Shashi asks Sonam and Dhruv to come. He says the people who are in favor of Sonam’s stay here will come on this side. Nutan says I m against Sonam’s stay here. Shashi asks Dheeraj to give his vote. Dheeraj goes to Nutan. She says when I was wrong, mum used to fight for me, you used to slap me and scold me in front of others, I used to feel you are wrong, mum is right, I feel that your scolding was also necessary, I feel mum is not right, so for the first time, I will go against my mum and take dad’s side, I will give my vote to Sonam.

Shashi smiles. Nutan gets angry on Dheeraj. Dhruv stops her. Shashi says let everyone decide by their wish. He asks Dhruv what does he want. Dhruv says you know what I want, its clear, I want her out of here. Shashi asks Ankita. Sheetal threatens Ankita. Ankita says Nutan told me that a wife who goes against husband is a bad wife, so I agree to her, I will stand with my husband, I give my vote to Sonam. Sheetal asks Sneha to go. Sneha says I want the laptop which mum promised, but I can’t leave Sonam, I will sacrifice my laptop and give vote to Sonam. Sonam cries. Nutan says children are not giving the vote, Sheetal you come and give the vote to me. Sheetal says yes, Milky’s vote is also left, Milky go and cast your vote. Milky says I m Choti bahu of this house, I will support my husband and give vote against Sonam. Shashi says Milky isn’t our bahu, she will get half vote, Dhruv had said this, did he forget. He asks Sheetal to come. Sheetal says Nutan will lose even if I give my vote. Nutan says there is another person to give the vote.