Thursday Update on This is Love 13th August 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 13th August 2020

Mihika coming to call Raman and Ishita. Shagun asks did I miss something. Mihika says Raman was saying he is imagining Ishita as a punjabi bride, I got an idea. Shagun asks are you thinking the same. They make some plan. Shagun says Ishita always does a lot for us, its a great feeling to do this for her. Amma cooks food. She says let her eat this, I made this for her. Mihika says its Ruhi’s mehendi today, you will get tired. Amma says I made all this for the bride, I didn’t get a chance to do anything for her, I will feed her by my hands, make her ready and get her here. She gives the accessories. Mihika makes Ruhi ready.

Ruhi opens the blindfold. She asks what’s all this, you made me south indian completely. Aaliya says its a surprise, you have to go somewhere. They get Ruhi to Amma. Amma welcomes her. Mrs. Bhalla says you are doing puja and didn’t invite me, I have come on own. Amma does Ruhi’s aarti. She feeds the food to her. She says when you got best mom trophy for Ishu, I loved you a lot, I knew you can complete her life, she was very happy. Ruhi cries and hugs her. Mihika gets food for Ruhi and feeds her. Ruhi cries and says I will miss you a lot. Simmi hugs Ruhi and gives her a necklace. She says I could forget Ananya because of Pihu and Ruhi, they gave me much love, I wanted to give this necklace to Ananya on her marriage, I want to give this to Ruhi. Ruhi thanks and hugs her.

Its morning, Ruhi sees her mehendi and says if this colour gets dark, Karan’s love will be true, why didn’t this colour not get dark. She calls Karan and asks will you always love me, I can’t give you a child. He says tell me if you don’t want to marry. She says I have to marry, I can never leave you. He says I love you, we are getting married, enjoy this moment. Everyone sees arrangements. Mani asks what’s Raman taking, Shagun told me the plan. Mihika says yes, I don’ want him to stop our surprise. Raman says I got something for you. Ishita asks what. Mani and Mihika come. They take Raman and also the bag. Ishita says where did the gift go. Everyone gets ready. Ishita welcomes Sudha, Karan and guests. Karan sits in the mandap. Pandit does varpuja. Ruhi comes. Karan and Ruhi exchange garlands. Ishita talks to someone. She signs Shagun. Raman and Ishita do the kanyadaan. They ask Karan to take care of Ruhi. Karan says don’t worry. Sudha says I will slap Karan if he troubles Ruhi. Sudha gets a call. Ishita asks her to finish call and come. Sudha goes out and can’t hear anything. She hears a baby crying. She goes and sees a baby. She says who left the baby here. She hugs the baby to console.

Raman and Ishita tie the gathbandhan. Sudha gets the baby. Karan asks who is this girl. Sudha says I went to attend call and heard the girl crying, how can parents be heartless, I got the girl here. She asks Mihika to make milk fast. Ishita says wait, why did you get her here, we don’t know about her blood line and family, go and leave her. Shagun says yes, we can’t take a chance, go and leave her. Prisha comes and says its my baby, I mean my NGO supports orphan kids, we don’t know the baby’s caste, we know this baby isn’t an orphan now. Ishita says leave the baby outside. Prisha says no. Sudha says no, how can I give her. Ishita says she is not ours, we have no duty, Prisha is my niece, she works for an NGO, she is a gynac. Sudha says I won’t give the baby. Raman asks what can we do, why shall we keep baby, everyone wants their heir, they torture bahus, you told me that you can’t give love to some other blood. He asks Prisha to take the baby. Ishita asks Sudha to come for watching the pheras. Ruhi goes to Sudha and asks if you allow us, can we accept this baby. Ishita and Raman smile. Sudha gives the baby to Ruhi.

Ishita says congrats for the wedding gift, wish you a very happy married life, Sudha gave a life to a baby. Prisha says what can be better than this, a girl got a family, and Ruhi got mum’s respect. Ishita says my Ruhi got her Ruhi. Ruhi hugs Ishita and Raman. Raman says Ishita went to complete adoption formalities. Ishita thanks Prisha. Prisha says an innocent girl got a new life today, thanks to you. Ruhi and Karan take rounds. Karan makes her wear mangalsutra and put sindoor. Pandit says wedding is completed. Mihika hugs Prisha. She says I m so happy you came here, get Ishita fast, there is a surprise. Raman and Ishita hug Ruhi and Karan. Everyone blesses Ruhi and Karan. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays… Everyone takes a selfie.