Thursday Update on True Love 13th August 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 13th August 2020

Nani comes home and Rohini approaches her. They have all been waiting for her as it is too late. Nani asks her to get some sweets. I have got good news. rohini guesses that it will be related to Mukku. She would become a mom soon, right? Everyone gets happy. nani asks her not to utter bad if she cannot say anything good. This shocks the rest of the members. Thank God that they both separated before something unfortunate thing like that could happen. They don’t stay together now. Jogi doesn’t believe her but Nani says I am saying the truth. Damini calls it a bad news. This cannot happen. Nani charges at her.

Why would you want something like that to happen as your daughter is living in a big house? You want Mukku to spend her life in that colony just like you have. Only a maid like you can spend her life in a place like this. You want the same for Mukku right? Jogi stops her. I am fed up with your taunts. Tell me the truth. She shares both the incidents (once when she had gone to Mukku’s house in the morning and found Vishnu at home). I was sure Mukta would have gone to one place only and that was indeed the reality. When I reached there all my doubts turned out to be true.

Flashback is shown where Mukku and Meethi are seen leaving from Bundela House with Akash. When I asked the guard he told me they have gone to attend a party. Ram hi Rakhey, Mukta finally understood everything. She went straight to enjoy herself as soon as she left Vishnu. I want her to leave him for forever. Jogi is aghast. Damini calls it a sin to even think of something like that. If something like this has happened then what are we here for? Poor people. Nani retorts that the poor people are already in heaven and those who should actually enjoy it are sitting somewhere blaming their destiny. Jogi warns her talk a little calmly with Damini. We will talk to Mukta.

Mukku follows Vishnu as he steps out of the auto. Will this silence solve our problems? You were quiet all this while and dint answer any of my question. I only got one answer that you are out of your job. Why did you not tell me that you were going to do something like this? If you would have shared it with me then we would have searched for a job for you together. I share everything with you but you hid such a big thing from me. Why Vishnu? instead of answering her, he removes her hand and walks away from her.

Akash and Meethi are on their way home. Meethi is worried for Mukku. We should have been with them for a little longer. He says we wanted that only but the way Vishnu walked out from there it doesn’t look like he wants to talk to anyone. Meethi cannot understand why Vishnu took this job. Akash too is clueless. He is well educated. There must be some very big reason behind him doing this or he would never do something like this.

Jogi is trying to call Mukta but it is switched off. I don’t want to repeat the mistake which happened at Tappu’s time. He thinks of calling Meethi but Divya stops him. how will Mukku feel if you will talk to Meethi about her and Vishnu. She is grown up now. If she hasn’t shared something with us then it means that she don’t want to hurt us. She will talk to Meethi on her own and find a solution too. I think we shouldn’t do something that hurts their self respect.

Meethi says it will hurt Vishnu’s self respect if we ask him to join Bundela Enterprises. Akash agrees with her but it also a fact that they are from the same family. he can talk to me as a friend. Who will help him if not a friend? Meethi understands his point but it is also true that Vishnu is a very different and disciplined man. He wouldn’t take help from anyone or use someone for his benefit. He will never seek help even if he is in a very big problem. He will do anything small even but wont take anyone’s help. We should give them some time. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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