Thursday Update on This is Love 16 January 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 16 January 2020

Raman, Ishita and Bala telling the inspector about the lady and her goons. Inspector says we can’t find her without knowing anything, come we will get her sketch made. They describe the lady. Inspector shows the sketch. Karan comes and says my wallet is stolen, I want to file a report, is inspector busy. Constable says yes, a businessman got threatened, sign here, where are you going, you can leave now.

Karan thinks who is this lady, I have to find out. Raman thanks the inspector. He says inspector will keep us updated, the CCTV cameras aren’t working. Ruhi says we didn’t know you got flats for us. Raman says who else will do this, its my duty. Ruhi says give her the flats, the lady is dangerous, we want just you. Ishita says we are scared but we won’t give up,

we will face them together.
Simmi says I agree with her, if anyone troubles us again, we can throw red chilli. Ishita goes to attend a call. Rohan asks is everything okay, Karan was telling mom that he had seen you at the police station. She tells him. He says so much has happened and you didn’t tell me. She says don’t come here now, we have got the sketch made. Rohan says send the sketch to me, I will see. She agrees. He thinks who is this lady. Karan says sorry, I m stressed about mom, give medicines to mom, sit with her, she will feel good. Rohan drops his phone. Karan says you go, I will get your phone. He sees the sketch and says this lady can help me a lot if she is enemy of Raman and Ishita. Its morning, Raman says water isn’t coming in the taps. Everyone complains the same.

Ishita asks Mihika to call Bansal and ask for sending milk and water. Mihika calls Bansal and orders the things. She asks what, but…. She says so weird, he told me that there is no milk and water in his shop. Ruhi gets water from Amma’s house. Bala gets a bucket of water, and asks what happened, we have water supply in our house. Raman gets a call. He gets threatened by the man. The man says if you don’t give us the property, consequences will be worse. Mrs. Bhalla says find out, why isn’t the water coming in taps, call the chairman. Ishita asks what happened. Raman says nothing. She says just share it with me. He says that lady’s goon has just called to threaten. She says its extortion, we will complain to police, go with Bala. She asks Mr. Bhalla not to go, she will handle it. Mihika and Ishita go to chairman’s house. The lady acts rude and shuts the door.

The maid says they have left. The couple is held at gunpoint. Ishita says the goons are behind all this, I don’t think Mr. Roy will behave such, maybe its because of them, let it be. Mr. Roy says leave my wife now, they have left. The goon asks him not to help Bhallas. Mr. Roy says but Iyers are relatives and neighbors of Bhallas, they will give water to Bhallas. Goon says we will see Iyers. Raman and Bala tell everything to inspector. Inspector says don’t worry, I will come with you. He gets a call. He says sorry, I have some work, you can file the report and go. He goes and asks lady to leave his wife, he will do as she said. The lady smiles and says I have handled the inspector, I will see who helps Raman now. Goon says Raman and Ishita are getting help from some place.

Yug says I will do the work, I stay here and its my duty too. Ishita says I won’t get tired, leave it. Rohan says Ishita doesn’t need your help. Yug asks why are you interfering. Rohan says everyone knows who is interfering. Ishita says lets no introduce the problems. Aaliya comes and says I m going to fill water from Iyer house. She goes with Yug. Rohan asks what is happening.

Ishita says we will sort this out. He says this is not right, we have to do something. She says Raman has gone to police, I m troubled by Yug. He says I spoke to manager about this. Simmi comes and sees Rohan. He says I want to apologize to you and also thank you, I m a changed person because of you, whatever is happening with me, I deserve this, my wife isn’t accepting me, so I m really very sorry. Simmi cries and says I have no problem with you, I want Aaliya to know Yug’s truth and she comes back to you, I have forgiven you. He asks really, and hugs her.

Rohan thanks her. Karan comes. Rohan says you here.. Karan says I m concerned for Bhallas, I have no enmity with them. He thinks to find out who is their new enemy. He says really sorry for whatever happened between mom and Raman, we have no personal rivalry, if you need any help, I would love to be here. She says thanks for concern. Raman and Bala come home. Raman says inspector said he will investigate. Simmi says there is no gas connection, we have to get food, mum has to take medicines.

Bala says I will ask Kiran to cook food. Rohan says Karan and I will get food from outside. Inspector comes and says sorry, I was busy. Ishita tells the problems of water supply and gas supply. Inspector runs the tap. He shows the water coming. He ignites the stove and says supply is on, tell me if there is any other problem. Ishita says the shopkeeper isn’t giving us anything. Inspector sends constable to get the shopkeeper. Karan thinks the lady played the right game, she had stopped water and gas supply for a while and then resumed the supply in front of police, I have to join hands with her.

The shopkeeper giving excuses and agreeing to help Bhallas. Inspector says maybe someone has played a prank like you, have you contributed for holi, maybe kids got naughty and switched off the water and gas supply, don’t take tension, I think all your problems got solved. Ishita says lets make some sweets, its holi. Inspector leaves. He calls the lady and says I have done whatever you asked me to do, please leave my wife. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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