Thursday Update on Young Love 16 January 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 16 January 2020

Ahil and rehaan are tensed as they hear what the doctor says. They both start venting out their frustration on sanam, and razaak gets the chance to give the injection to tanveer, and she regains movement. Ahil and rehaan are overwhelmed with emotions, as the doctor tells them that she shall be just fine. as they all sit tensed, the doctor comes and tells them that tanveer has come back to senses.

They both rush to her. Ahil tells her that she neednt have done that. tanveer tries to reinforce that her life is for him only, and asks him if he believes that sanam wanted to kill her. Seher begins to go, when razaak tells him that she is runnig away. she is boggled. Ahil confronts her, and she asks if he actually feels this, and if he really thinks that she can do this. tanveer continus to instigate him against her, while he remembers what sanam did for him, and is distraught, not knowing what to believe.

Shge asks him if he wants to settle his life for the person, who wants to kill his mother, and that she would give even her life, for making him, see sanam’s true life, and that she has sacrificed earlier too, and shall do so again gladly. Ahil tells rehaan to keep her out of sight, in the outhouse, before he does something wrong. Seher is shocked, as rehaan takes her hand and asks her not to speak. He turns away from seher, while she is tensed, as rehaan takes her out of the room. Tanveer smirks evilly. Ahil remembers his romantic moments with sanam.

Rehaan gets her inside the room, while she continuously tries to protest. He says that till now, she was an idol of simplicity and genuinety, but not anymore, as he cant stoop down to taking someone’s life. He shuts the door and locks seher inside it, and her hand comes in the doorway. she screams out Bappa in pain, making rehaan stop in amazement. He asks if she is his sunehri, and asks her to confess if she is, and not the sanam that they are thinking. seher overwhelmingly complies.

They both hug each other. Suddenly, rehaan remembers that she just poisoned tanveer, and asks whats she doing here, and where’s sanam, and if she gave poison to tanveer. She asks if she can actually stoop that low, and she would tell if he really wants to know. she says that tanveer herself mixed poison, and played this drama on death, so that the entire blame can be on her sister. Rehaan is boggled. Rehaan is shocked as seher tells him about her relation with sanam, and how tanveer, their begum sahiba, spoiled and ruined their entire family, in her massacre. He stands stunned, as she narrtes the entire massacre, and that this haveli is made on the graves of her family. He is distraught, as she says that all of this has been done by tanveer, who they idolise and worship.

Tanveer and razaak celebrate their so close victory, at the cost of her life, and how she threw sanam out of the house, just like she had promised, and that noone can come between her and her dreams. razaak too tags along, as to how her life was almost gone. She gets angered saying that he was so careless that she actually could have died, and thinks of punishing him, but he apologises profusely saying that her work did accomplish. Tanveer smiles, and says that its okay, as he flatters wonderfully. she says that she is very happy, and had he asked for anything else, he would have been given that. he is relieved.

Sanam is very disturbed in herr oom, wondering how is tanveer, and why is seher taking so long. She offers to goout, but then thinks that it wont be right. sanam is distraught and apalled, and a boggled, torn between contrasting emotions, ahil also stands, in his room, dishevelled and in tears.

In the garden, seher asks her lord ganesha, as to why this was needed to create a woman like tanveer. a girl comes and asks for an address, and seher asks if she is a heroine. she says that she is a modal, and comments on her lord ganesha fetish, and says that she too is her devotee. seher starts talking about her love for being a heroine. The girl advises her and says that if you dream, you should pursue, and hence she is going to Mumbai for the calendar girl comp, but this industry takes more than it gives, and there are lots of secrets embedded in her too.

Everyone happily seeing Amol riding the cycle. Amol comes to Anandi and says he learnt cycling. Amol thanks Alok for teaching him first. Shiv says Amol was scared and then learn it. Amol says I didn’t break Papa’s record and learn cycling. Alok asks what is it? Shiv says I will tell later. The workers bring dry grass in the godown. Nandu asks them to keep it. They keep it near the electricity circuit box. Nandu wonders why Gehna didn’t come till now and goes out to play. Suddenly sparks appears again. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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