Thursday Update on This is Love 23rd July 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 23rd July 2020

Raman asking the man to get the phone. He scolds Khatri. Yug checks the phone. Yug says there is no message and call. Raman and Mani ask Khatri to call that man. Khatri says its switched off. Yug says maybe that man got to know. Raman asks Khatri to leave. He warns him. Khatri goes. Raman says we missed that man again. Yug says relax, we will catch him. Mani says I m sure he will be scared. Raman says I won’t leave him. Bhuvan says I won’t leave that Khatri, he is double crossing us. Arijit says its not Khatri’s work, he has no courage, he was getting money, either Raman or Mani has done this. Bhuvan says command me to kill Khatri. Ishita says that man will try to contact Khatri. Raman says we were so close and missed him, I asked inspector to keep an eye on him.

Arijit says Raman will not leave Khatri, he would be angry, we will need to focus on Neeti, I will handle things here, you go to Neeti, come back to Delhi once this gets settled down. Bhuvan says think again about leaving Khatri alone, Raman may reach us, give me one chance, I will kill Khatri. Arijit scolds him and asks him to do what’s told to him. He goes. Bhuvan says boss maybe getting gun to kill Khatri. Arijit says you thought right, I will give you a gun, just take this dress for Neeti, she likes to wear new clothes on Diwali. Bhuvan says yes.

Arijit says I will send money and gifts to your family, you have to be with Neeti. Bhuvan says you look after her as if she is your daughter, maybe because you have no child. Arijit says I will kill you, get lost. Bhuvan goes. Arijit sees Neeti’s pic and says I love you, we will be together soon, I will ruin Raman and Ishita. Karan gets sweets and gifts. Ishita asks what’s all this. Karan says Diwali is approaching, we will decorate the house. Raman thanks him. He says we shall celebrate Diwali well.

Aaliya and Ishita like the decoration. Ishita praises Karan. Karan says Ruhi gets the credit for giving me this idea. Aaliya says I m missing her, Sana is fine, we met the gynac. She takes Yug to the room to show something. Yug says you look into a romantic mood. He hugs her. He says I feel so happy, you got me here, I wish to just hug you. She smiles. He says I want to hear your heartbeat. She says you have gone mad. He says I love you Aaliya. She says fine, tell me how much I love you. He says I know you want to tell me you love me a lot. They get close. Ishita comes calling them and asks them to come. Yug says I will help you. Yug says we will continue the talks at night. Aaliya smiles.

She says Yug is silly, I had to show him ultrasound of Sana’s baby. Arijit and Neeti burn the crackers. Arijit gets a call. He worries and says no Neeti. He shouts Neeti and wakes up. He cries. Bhallas discuss about Diwali party. Arijit says Raman Bhalla, I won’t let you celebrate happiness. Ishita says everyone has to wake up early and take bath as her south indian rituals. Raman says we will celebrate diwali in punjabi style. Arijit gets angry and says they are celebrating Diwali, my daughter is suffering there. Karan asks Raman and Ishita not to fight. Aaliya goes to the door and receives the gift box. She asks who is there, who kept it. She checks the box. She gets shocked and says there is a bomb in this. They all get shocked. They get away. Raman says there is a chit inside. He takes it.

Raman reading the threatening message. Simmi asks what’s written. Raman gets angry and throws the bomb box. Raman goes out and asks watchman about the man getting the parcel. The watchman says I didn’t see, many people come on festive. Raman gets angry. Yug and Karan stop him. Ishita takes Raman. Arijit looks on and says now it looks Diwali, Raman looked so happy, how can this happen, when I m upset, you can’t be happy. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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