Thursday Update on Young Love 23rd July 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 23rd July 2020

Disa asking Nimboli to bring Akhiraj’s phone. Nimboli agrees and goes to kitchen. She makes tea. Harki tells her that Akhiraj went to take bath. Nimboli says she made tea for Pushkar jijusaa. She keeps tea at a side table and asks Pushkar to have it. She silently goes to Akhiraj’s room and runs with his phone. Disa tells this work needs a lot of courage, and Nimboli has it. Nimboli brings phone and asks them to write Jagdish’s number fast. Kamli tries to write the number, just then phone rings. They get shocked. Nimboli picks the call and says it is wrong number.

Disa asks Kamli to write number fast. Kamli writes down. Akhiraj asks Harki, where is my phone. He comes to Disa’s room and sees his phone in her hand. He asks where did you get it? Disa tells him that she got it in lawn. She says she went to his room to give his phone, but he was not in his room. Akhiraj asks if she is saying truth? Disa says what I will do with your phone. He asks Nimboli to bring his phone. Kamli tells Disa that she didn’t see the last number of the phone number. Disa says she will dial all the number from 1-9. Disa says if the call doesn’t connect then she will go and meet Jagya personally before he promises Akhiraj to support him.

Akhiraj talks to his men and says he needs all the people infront of Panch. Disa silently leaves the house. Nimboli follows her secretly. Akhiraj says his win is sure, and just it needs to be announced. Disa dials the number and gets wrong number everytime. Akhiraj’s jeep stops near the shop, and asks his man to bring water. Disa calls Jagya’s number and Dadisaa picks the call. Disa says she is talking from Jhalra and needs to talk to MLA. Dadisaa says he is not at home right now and forgot phone at home. Nimboli sees Akhiraj and gets tensed. Dadisaa says she didn’t know where did he went. Disa disconnects the call and turns to see Akhiraj standing. Akhiraj asks with whom she was talking to on phone.

Disa says I was talking to Harki. I forgot candles at home, and thought to asks Harki, did she want anything? Akhiraj says Harki don’t have a phone. Disa says she talked to Harki on Kamli’s phone. Akhiraj’s man calls him and says they are getting late. Disa thinks she don’t have any option left than to go there. Dadisaa thinks to send Jagya’s phone through Makhan kaka. Mannu tells he will give the phone to Jagya and takes it.

Anant talks to Anandi and says he needs Dr. Jagya and Dr. Ganga support. Jagya asks him to go ahead and assures full support. Mannu comes and gives his phone saying he forgot at home. Anant tries to go, Jagya asks him to stay there. Mannu tells him that he wants to meet Pooja for one last time and needs his permission. Jagya asks are you stupid, I made you understand yesterday. Pooja needs to forget you, and she shall move on. He says you know well about Anandi and my child marriage, and still you didn’t learn anything. Anant is shocked and says Anandi was married to Jagya before she married Shiv Shekhar. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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