Thursday Update on This is Love 9th July 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 9th July 2020

Natasha asking Sunil why did he do this, she is his sister. He says someone is blackmailing me, he told me that he will kill you, mom and dad, so I was helpless to do this. She asks what, are you telling the truth. He says yes, of course, I don’t know who is doing this. She says we should tell this to the police. He says no, it will be a big problem for us, it can be dangerous, if he does anything to mom and dad, then… She says yes, we have to be careful. He says he messaged me that he knows what you are doing. She asks what, did you meet him. He says no, he is calling me from different numbers. She asks him to take her out of here. He says don’t worry.

He thinks how will I get her out of here. He worries and leaves. Ishita comes to Mrs. Bhalla and sits.

Raman comes. She signs him to be quiet. They go out and talk. He says we convinced the supplier for a less amount, what happened. Mr. Bhalla asks is there any tension. Ishita says mummy ji is fine, I m thinking of Neeti, she is in a bad state, she was alone, her dad wasn’t with her, I feel bad for her. Raman asks what are you doing, you want to help her, why. She asks what’s the problem. He says her family may object, you focus on mummy ji.

She says we all are with her, that poor girl is alone, her dad came and disappeared. He asks her not to worry. She says a child needs a family, she is all alone, her dad should have been here. He says we have many problems in our lives, don’t do this. She says fine, if that nurse asks for my help, I will be there for her. He says fine, do what you want. She says don’t know who is her heartless dad. Neeti is treated. Nurse says I m sorry, you scared me, you didn’t like me fighting with your dad, it was for you, I promise I won’t do this again, you also don’t do this again. Neeti responds.

Nurse says I will call her dad. She calls Arijit. She gets his message… I m going out of town. Arijit does aid to his wound. He says I will take revenge on Bhallas. He gets nurse’s message…. how can you be so irresponsible and leave Neeti, I will take care of her. He gets angry and replies… fine, I will transfer money to your bank account. He says Ishita met Neeti in the hospital, she will go to her again, how shall I get Neeti out of there. He calls Bhuvan and asks him to meet him right now.

Aaliya gets coffee for Raman and Ishita. She asks did Dadu and Bua reach there. Ishita says yes, mummy ji is fine, her therapy is going on fine, family manages stress always. She tells about Neeti’s worse state. She says how can her dad leave her alone, she needs help and care, poor girl, I felt so bad. Aaliya says yes, that’s really sad. Raman says I also met that girl and felt bad, you won’t talk to her dad. Aaliya asks why will Ishita interfere in their family matter. Ishita asks don’t I have any work. She goes.

She calls the hospital and says I m Neeti’s relative, is her dad there, pass me his number. The nurse says sorry, its confidential info, we can’t give it to you. Ishita says I understand, no problem. She ends call and says I will not leave that man. Raman laughs and asks Aaliya to give him the money, he won. Aaliya says Amma has won.

Ishita asks what’s going on. Raman says we had a bet that you will call the hospital to know about Neeti’s dad. Aaliya says you are so impatient. Ishita asks how did you do know. Raman says who knows you better than me, I asked you not to get involved in this. She says she is a little girl, she needs us.

He says fine, help Neeti, but don’t solve her family problems. Aaliya asks what’s Neeti’s full name. Raman says don’t know. Aaliya says I heard her name somewhere. He says don’t start now. Arijit asks Bhuvan to give him an advice. Bhuvan gets happy. Arijit acts good. He says my friend’s daughter is stuck somewhere, he doesn’t know how. Bhuvan asks is she a criminal. Arijit says I will slap you, no, she isn’t a criminal, she is admitted in the hospital, my friend wants me to get her out, his daughter’s state isn’t fine, she gets violent, tell me, how can we do this.

Bhuvan says we will go in the darkness at night and get her, none will know, trust me. Arijit says brilliant, will you help me. Bhuvan says sure, I m expert in taking disguise. Arijit says its serious, my friend’s daughter is serious. Bhuvan asks which hospital. Ishita goes to see Neeti. She sees someone and goes to check. She sees Neeti. Neeti screams and shows someone. Ishita says please relax, I have come to help, did anyone come here. Nurses come. Nurse signs towards Arijit and Bhuvan. Bhuvan says we shall leave now, else they will think that girl is shouting because of us. Arijit asks him to shut up.

Bhuvan saying the nurse is good, she is taking care of the girl. Arijit says right, she is good, thank God Neeti is fine now. Bhuvan says we shall leave now, come. Arijit says Neeti’s state is not good, I can’t leave her. Bhuvan says doctors are with her, what can we do being here, why are you thinking much about your friend’s daughter, we will fall in trouble, its not right to take big risk. Arijit says yes, you are right, I m sorry, we shall leave, we will come later. Bhuvan says you get emotional for no reason.

Mihika asks did that girl shout seeing you, do you know her. Ishita says no, I didn’t see her, I was thinking if she knows me, if I know her. Mihika asks her to sleep. Ishita says I will call the nurse and then sleep. Its morning, Bhuvan meets Sunil. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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