Thursday Update on Young Love 9th July 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 9th July 2020

Harki asking Urmila to keep fast for Kundan’s life. Urmila refuses at first. Disa asks are you mad to ask a pregnant girl for keeping the fast. Harki says I will make her eat fruits. Urmila nods. Kamli asks shall I keep the fast. Disa says no as her inlaws have died recently. Harki says she has to inform Nimboli about the fast. Disa asks why will Nimboli keep fast for other woman’s husband. Harki says it is not good to stop fasting. Disa says ok, I will ask her to keep fast for getting a good husband and good inlaws home. Harki looks on.

Nimboli runs inside home and informs everyone about Urmila’s parents arrival. Urmila’s father gives him condolences to Kamli for Jata Shankar and his wife’s death. He says he brought goodies for Urmila’s teej festival. Urmila says she will bring tea and breakfast. Harki stops her and sends Nimboli. Urmila goes with Nimboli to bring breakfast. Urmila’s parents looks on surprisingly.

Pushpa comes and taunts Anant for making place in his heart for Anandi. Anant threatens to get stay order for visiting Nidhi. Pushpa says you are a widow and you are a divorcee, what a perfect match. Nidhi goes cryingly. Pushpa asks Anant to sit down and talk to Anandi while she goes to talk to Nidhi. Anant apologizes to Anandi on Pushpa’s behalf. Anandi says I can understand. She says Pushpa is Nidhi’s mum and lost the right to give her upbringing. She hopes Pushpa accepts the changes in her life. Anant says I can’t forgive her.

Urmila’s mum talks to her and asks why she is behaving good with Nimboli. Urmila tells her that Nimboli is a very nice girl and her friend now. Her mum thinks to instigate her against Nimboli and puts in her mind that she is his sautan. Dadisaa informs Mannu that tomorrow is Teej festival. Mannu says it is festival for the married woman. Mannu thinks to give shagun sattu to Pooja. He tries to get a laddoo, but Dadisaa stops him and says it is for Pooja. Mannu smiles and is happy. Pooja talks to Mannu and informs him that Sarita saw him eating tamarind, but she made an excuse. Mannu tells her about Teej festival. Pooja tells she is keeping the fast and asks how he will break her fast. Mannu is tensed.

In the night, Kamli wakes up and sees Pushkar standing near the window. She asks what you are doing? Pushkar tells that he is trying to search his parents in the stars, and asks her to find them. Kamli tells him that they might have slept and asks him to sleep to make his parents feel good. She makes him sleep.
Urmila waits for Kundan to come and make her eat sattu. Harki says they are sleeping. Disa says everyone celebrate differently and asks her to have sattu. Mannu comes to kitchen while everyone is sleeping, and takes the sattu for Pooja. Dadisaa calls Ganga, just then…

Mannu going to the kitchen to get Sattu for Pooja. Just then he hears Dadisaa calling for Ganga and saying she is coming. Mannu hides. Jagya makes Ganga sit and make her have sattu with his hand. Dadisaaa looks on happily. Mannu comes to Pooja’s house. Sarita hears the noise and asks who is there. Pooja wakes up and asks what happened? Sarita says she heard someone knocking on the window. Pooja understands that he is Mannu and tells Sarita that it might be her perception. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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