Thursday Update on This is Love August 23 Indian Serial Star Plus

Thursday Update on This is Love

August 23 Episode Indian Serial Star Plus

Raman and Ishita smiling. She says its one year. He says it was tough for me to live away, I was waiting for the day when I will meet you, hug you, I had a miserable life. She says sorry, if we did not make Pihu sure that you got away from me, she would have not come to you, if Shagun knew this, she would have made Pihu away from us, remember our promise…. FB shows Raman and Ishita fighting infront of the family.

Ishita goes to Raman and says I packed your bags. He says I did as you said, I blamed you for everything. She says you will go Bangkok with Pihu, we decided this, we can’t leave Pihu alone with Shagun, its good if she stays away, Shagun will stop harming Pihu, you have to convince everyone that you are annoyed with me, then Shagun will leave
Pihu, I can’t stay there, you can stay with her, we have to be careful that we don’t contact each other. Raman asks is there no other way? She asks do you have? He hugs her and cries. He leaves from the house. FB ends.

Raman says but I felt bad to lie everyone that I hate you. She says how would we make them sure that you hate me, Pihu’s safety was imp. It was imp to make her sure that you got away from me, else she would have not accepted you. He says she was annoyed with me and did not accept me easily. Ishita says yes, she called mummy ji also. FB shows Pihu calling Mrs Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman left home, Ishita is also not here, he wants to stay with you, did he come there, fine take care. She cries and tells Mr. Bhalla to see whats happening, Raman left home and Ishita’s daughter hates her, its all because of Shagun. FB ends.

Ishita says I accept Pihu’s hatred and our distance to protect her. He says yes, whenever I see Pihu’s innocence and smile. I think what would Shagun do in my absence, thanks for sending me here. She says Pihu needed you. He says once Shagun gets convinced that we got separated, we can try to get Pihu. She says don’t feel guilty, you did this for Pihu. He says your mind works well. She says even you, Vidyut’s drama, Ruhi feels Vidyut and I have an affair. He says they are spying you, Adi called me and said you lied and going Australia, not Singapore, they heard you, they love you a lot and spying on us. She says if they come here. He says they will see you with your lover. They laugh. He asks her not to worry.

Aaliya helps Shravan and gives love letter. Shravan says this is for Simmi, she should feel someone loves her. Aaliya says she will be impressed reading this. Shravan says we need a fake name. They think. He reads newspaper and tells some name. Aaliya agrees.

Shagun says its good I have sent Pihu to zoo with Nanny, I can go on dinner date with Vidyut. Mani calls her. She asks what, you have to travel again, fine carry on, Pihu is enjoying a lot, I have to go, I m going on dinner with a friend, I hope you don’t mind, take care. She ends call. Vidyut comes and compliments her. He gives flowers. He asks for Pihu. She says I have sent her to zoo with Nanny, you called suddenly, I was surprised. He says I was stuck in imp work, I have a friend, I m trying to unite him and his wife, they love each other a lot and can’t stay together for some reason. She says so sweet, i felt cricketers are not romantic, and you are uniting lovers. He says Lord did not unite me with anyone, so I m doing this, who knows I also get someone, come we will go for long drive. She smiles.

Raman asks Ishita do you know Shagun and Pihu are here. She asks are they here. Ruhi calls out Raman. Ishita says Ruhi is here…. He says they are our children, spy like us, if they see us, it will be a problem. He makes Ishita hide. Ruhi sees Raman and runs to him. He gets emotional and says I m seeing you after one year. He hugs her. Ruhi says we missed you. Raman says I have also missed you and… she says Ishi Maa also, accept it. He says why will I miss her. Ishita hears them. Raman asks her why was his phone off. He says battery dead. She asks why did you come there. He says I came to see scenery, its good. She says I know you have come to meet Ishita, she has come with Vidyut. He says that’s why I will not meet her. Ishita pats on his hand. He says I will take divorce.

Ruhi says no, don’t fight with her, fight for her love, talk to her with love and don’t use divorce word. He says why not, I want divorce. Ishita pinches his hand. Ruhi asks what happened again. He says Lord has beaten me again, I won’t come, I have come to meet Pihu, Shagun got her here. Ruhi says it means Pihu is here, I have to meet her. Raman says no, Pihu thinks I m cut off from you all, if she knows, you know how she is, where are you staying here, come with me. Ruhi says talk to Ishi Maa. He says leave Ishi Maa, come. They go. Ishita says Shagun does not understand she is breaking a family, but not for many days.

Simmi checks some things in her purse. Ananya, Shravan and Aaliya look on. Ananya goes to her and asks for money. She makes Simmi give money from her wallet so that she gets the letter. Simmi says I don’t know why I kept old papers. Simmi gets the love letter. She says I will throw this. Ananya says check it, maybe its Nani’s medicine prescription. Simmi says no, I kept it, and dumps the letter.

Shagun and Vidyut are on dinner. She thinks my life is going to get interesting again. She thanks him and says this place is gorgeous. He says I used to like you in college, you did not see me, you are still gorgeous, you are dreamy. He gets a call from Raman. Raman asks are you on date. Vidyut says yes, what happened. Raman says I need to discuss something, can you meet, its urgent, I will send you message. Vidyut hopes everything is fine, why was Raman stressed. Shagun asks all okay. Vidyut says no, urgent situation, I have to go, listen see the water show, enjoy here, else I will feel guilty, I will make it up for you, promise. She says we have to meet tomorrow then. He says done, gentleman’s promise. He kisses her hand and goes. She thinks Vidyut is so charming and brought new freshness in my life, thank God, like Ashok and Mani, he has no connection with Raman and Ishita. Read Next Page 2

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