Thursday Update on Young Love August 23

Thursday Update on Young Love

August 23 Episode

Shiv asks why Anandi is crying in the rain and what the matter is. Anandi tells Shiv that Jagat is in Jetsar, Shiv says that he knows about this, Anandi explains the situation and Shiv reassures her and takes her out of the rain.
Shiv explains they are becoming one, but everyone has a place where they want to be alone and should wait to let someone in, that’s why he didn’t say anything. Anandi says that he has a big heart and she wonders sometimes she is not worthy of him. Shiv explains that first he was taken in by her beauty
Then when he got to know her and her attributes were the reason she has a place in her heart. He states if she feels like it she can share her feelings.

Anandi explains that CM dropped her off at the mandir, there is flashback of Jagat asking for forgivness, and how Jagat was saying Anandi has everything and all he wanted was a apology. Anandi says he was only apologising to get his family back but she was not able to forgive him, when she saw him all the hurt came back. She says she feels very little not being able to forgive him and starts crying, Shiv holds her hands replying that the person who has caused her so much pain she is thinking bad of herself, this alone shows that she has a heart. If anyone else was in her place they too would not be able to forgive him, even God hasn’t that why this is happening to him. Even if she did it would have been a mark on husband-wife relation. Anandi agrees with Jagat, and that she is not able to forgive him. Shiv saying that if he had known her tears would heal his wound he wouldn’t have stopped her crying (on his finger)
Shiv compliments Ananadi’s smile and tries to cheer him up, he shows her a windchime and compares it to Anandi and says he brought it for her. They have a sweet moment together and we see that Jagat is loka chupi seeing them
Jagat is sitting alone recalling what his family said to him and Anandi’s reply to him. He talks to himself that everything is finished and he is ruined, all relations are broken and he is alone, he cant believe that Anandi was not able to forgive him. One of Jagat’s inner self saying that Anandi is the reason he didn’t get forgivness. Another self stating that Anandi is not at fault, and not to listen to his other self. Another self stating that his niceness is his fault, he is a man and when men make mistakes they don’t need to apologise, Anandi has ego that she can talk to you like this. His second self telling him not to listen and not to think of relations like this. If hurt is no different then why should punishment be. Another self comes out saying this is all a game and drama and Anandi wants to punish him and she is taking revenge. The self’s are talking to each other that Jagat is the one who has lost, one saying that Jagat is getting what he deserved, another saying that Jagat is ruining his family name by having Anandi married to someone else. Each self is

anandi and shiv enters inside shiv house and evryone are siting in hall only..CM…papa…mom..dadu…and as soon as they see shiv with anandi they all have a 440volt smile on ther faces and as soon as dadu sees anandi says oyu will have 200 years of life and evry one laughs and papa says its always 1 hundred and dadu says i was thinking of you so 100 and i ahve some special plant in my garden and was thinking about you so 100 ,means 200…and CM has merest smile and papa and mom have a hearty laugh and papa says what a plesent surprise to see you here… and then he says why anandi who alwyas use to smile so sweetly and brightly is today not smiling and its not reaching her eyes..and dadu also says same thing and ask why her sweet anandi is nto smiling…and mom also says yep its seem like smile has left you face and why do so it happens… and all the time shiv standing beside her and watching anandi alla the time and smiling so slightly and swetly at evryone and at anandi too…CM as usual is not liking it yet for the sake of others yet giving merest smile and trying to stay straight face

anandi listning all this felt little relax and says to all she came here to tell evry oen about her 1st huby jagdish and he is here and he came here for hsi own reasons and its not her he came for and she has no feelign for her 1st huby at all and she asks evryone by joining her hands to forgive her for all the trouble they went and she promsie she will never bring any harm or hurt to any one and specially to shiv..she can never think of giving him pain… listing this mom says hse knows and she trust her and papa says she didnt need to proof her trust as he has started trusted her long before and he is happy she came and openly shared her thought with them and shows how truth full she is…and dadu says now this is called his grand suaghter in law and shiv and anadi has a eye lock when dadu says he knws she wll never hurt shiv…whts so eva…

pighead in a medical store and says he is MBBS and can he get a job…and he is rejected and then he went to a field where people are trying to work there and again he is rejected and when pighead leaves they say this boy is from big haveli and who wanna take panga(mess) from people of big havilli… and then he goes to grains store shop and asks the man to give him job and he shouts at him when he dint thought about there surpanch daughter then why would they think of him..when he dint thought about the pain he inflicted on her then they too are least bother…so get out and pighead walks slwly and hurt and in pain and is about to lend in mud pit but balances and sees a small shed and goes and rest there… and then when he sits says he is hungry and cant even go back to hosital..hospital made for him by the people who dosent want to firgive him and he dosent even have his medicine and then says in poisionous voice…its all because of anandi..see what you have done to me and oyu will pay

dadu brings evry one to garden and says work has been alloted to evryone… and you all have been given 15 minutes for your all work and then says time starts … all goes for there work and dadu watching them doing there work… and then sees papa(alok)cuting trees like anything and says you are cuting like you are cuting enemy’s head so cool down and do it properly and

shiv watching anandi all the time and dadu says him to do his work jawan… and anandi shiv again has an eye loch session and then anandi sees CM working with water giving operationa dn takes a plant to her and says lets plant it togehter and Cm in her curt voice says she cant do theplantationa s she dosent knwo anything about it…listning this anandi says belive her she will never hurt shiv or will give him pain and listnign this Cm says time will te who much you are firm to your words and dadu listning this and havign a fond smile on anadi’s effort and says statue to evry ioen and evry one stops doing whateva they doing and then teeases anadi what you are doing at CM place and then says to shiv how dare he moved and dissmiss both of them anandi is relucant to leve her work but dadu fakes anger and says nto to disturn iothers as they still ahve 3 monutes left to win and shuu them inside saying to shiv go and show her your bedrooma nd Cm has a very strange and non aceepteance smile on dadu plana nd mom and papa are smiling and loving the trick dadu played on anandi and shiv and then says statue over and beings the work and they both goes inside to see the room.

anandi shiv in there room and anandi sees the room so simple and and says he hasnt put anything in room yet its so beautiful and sahiv says he hasnt because when she will come she has to put things f her choce and they have eye lock and this time anandi too smile a little and then they sit and starts watching there ebgegment vdo and shiv is smiling seeng anandi’s expressiona nd jsut then anadi says to stopa nd shiv stops the vdo and asks what happened and she says she thought she saw some one…and then says go ahead…but after soem time she again sees soem thign behind the curatin and says shiv to rewind and he do so and then she says to stop and then is shoked to see the face of pighead behind the curtain and both stand sup and are shoked to see pighead.