Thursday Update on This is Love July 26

Thursday Update on This is Love

July 26 Episode

Ishita going to Raman. He avoids her. He gets a call and talks about office meeting. He says we will meet in office, I m reaching. She gets annoyed with him. She leaves a note in bathroom. He reads her note that bathroom shower is not working. He comes out and says what a fate, bathroom shower not working and wife’s mood is also bad. She gets another note and sees his clothes. She writes this is my fav color and I know you won’t wear this. He says why did she put it here then. She writes she has kept it as she likes it, and reads another note that he will not wear any of her choice. He says I will do what you don’t like. He gets another note in cupboard. She writes I knew you will choose the shirt which I don’t like. He says I have to stop her from eating badams,
her mind is working a lot. He reads her note to not use mind much.

Aaliya’s Dadi prays for Aaliya. Shagun goes to kitchen and asks why did you not ask me to make anything, I would have helped you, you made everything. Dadi says one should not enter kitchen without having a bath. Shagun says I have bath after having breakfast. Dad says you have your ways and we did not touch food without having bath, we have to be hungry if you make anything. Shagun gets angry and says I can’t say anything to her, else Mani will get angry. She goes. Dadi says I have to do all the work.

Ananya is annoyed with Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to make breakfast, I will get Ananya. Simmi says Ananya is lying to me, she will stay hungry and get fine. Ishita asks Ruhi why is Simmi annoyed with Ananya. Ruhi says I don’t know clearly and tells whatever she knows. Pihu says I don’t like this khichdi. Shagun says Aaliya’s Dadi made this, have it, its nice. Pihu asks her to make pancakes. Dadi says Pihu, eat whats made, don’t insult food, you have to listen to me if you call me Dadi, till I m here, only veg. Mani is on call and angry.

Dadi asks Mani not to make noise pollution. Aaliya hears them. Mani says Karan’s family is defaming us, what can we do, we fixed marriage and broke it. Dadi says you did it, why to complain now. Shagun says it will affect business also. Dadi asks Shagun not to say in between, you don’t know family values, why do you want to get insulted infront of your daughter. Pihu refuses to have food and goes. Shagun goes after Pihu. Dadi asks Mani to sit and have food. Mani says I m not hungry and goes. Dadi says I will bring discipline in them.

Adi says I hope Dadi made everything fine. Aaliya calls him and says everything is fine, I m stressed out. He asks what happened, did Mani say anything. She says Dadi is here with me, I want to meet you now, I m feeling bad, Mani did not eat anything since morning, I did not wish to hurt anyone. Adi says stop crying, we will meet at restaurant. She says fine, see you there and we will have breakfast too. Shagun hears her and leaves.

Raman sees Ishita… Ishita asks Neelu to see if anyone needs anything. Raman says strange, she leaves notes and not talks to me. Neelu gives tiffin to Raman. Raman asks Ananya how is he looking today. Ananya says very handsome. Romi and Mihika smile. Raman smiles and says even I feel same. He asks Romi to get tiffin to office, I have client meeting, I will end it and come. He greets bye to everyone except Ishita. He leaves. Mihika asks Ishita why did you not compliment Raman, he was trying to talk to you. Ishita says I will not talk to him. Ananya says Raman told me bye, but mumma does not talk to me. Ishita says I need to ask something. Ananya says you will ask about phone, you also don’t believe me, I don’t want to talk and goes.

Shagun asks Pihu not to feel bad of Dadi’s words, we have to tolerate her for some days. Pihu asks why did you not get angry on her, I got angry. Shagun sees Mani and says Pihu, Dadi is elder and you should respect her. Mani apologizes to Shagun. She says I did not feel bad. He thanks her. She says Pihu did not eat anything, shall we go out for breakfast. He says sure, where. She says same restaurant. He says I will book table and goes.

Ishita looks for Ananya. She asks Adi where is he going. Adi says I m going to meet Aaliya, she is tensed, I called her to meet at restaurant. She asks him to be careful. He asks her not to say anything. She says I won’t. He goes. Ishita sees Ananya and asks her why did she leave breakfast, I trust you, please explain me what happened, who gave you the phone. Ananya says Shagun gave me phone saying Simmi gifted this to me. Ishita asks did she say this, call Pihu and ask where is Shagun. Ananya calls Pihu. Pihu tells about going to restaurant with Mani and Shagun. Ananya tells this to Ishita. Ishita realizes Adi has gone to same restaurant to meet Aaliya. She asks Ananya to go home, have breakfast, go school, I will clear all misunderstanding after I come back. Ananya goes. Ishita says I don’t believe this, its Shagun’s setup so that Mani sees Adi and Aaliya, I have to stop Adi.

Shagun calls out Aaliya. She says so Aaliya went, we should also leave soon, I want Mani to catch Aaliya red handed. She asks Pihu to come fast, we will leave. Mani comes and says lets go, I think I forgot wallet, I will get it. Pihu asks Shagun to order pancakes in advance, we will get it. Shagun says we will go there and order. Pihu insists. Shagun calls the restaurant and orders pancakes. She asks what, menu changed, thanks. Mani comes and says come. Pihu says I won’t go there, there are no pancakes. Shagun says Pihu, Mani made reservations there, you have French toast. Pihu agrees. They leave.

Ishita is on the way and calls Adi. She says why is he not answering. She breaks the signal in hurry. The traffic constable stops her. She says I m in hurry, please. He says wait, you drive in high speed, you broke signal, come out of car and show license. She says I m in hurry. He says come on side. He asks her to pay fine first. She says how to talk to Adi before Shagun reaches…..

Shagun, Pihu and Mani reach the restaurant. Shagun sees Aaliya and thinks Adi will be with her. She wants to make Mani see Aaliya. Waiter comes in between. Mani orders the things. He sees Aaliya. Shagun smiles.

Mani getting angry seeing Aaliya. Shagun says who will be with Aaliya. Mani says who else, Adi. He goes to scold Aaliya and says just because your Dadi came, you came here to meet Adi. Mani and Shagun get shocked seeing Ishita. Ishita recalls how she left her car and took taxi to reach restaurant. She calls Mihika and asks her to collect her car. She stops Adi from meeting Aaliya, and tells him that Shagun is getting Mani to show them. She sends him to office. FB ends. Ishita asks Mani why is he shouting on Aaliya, can’t I meet Aaliya.

Mani says no, I felt… Pihu asks Shagun to come. Shagun asks her to go and have food. Pihu sees Ishita. Pihu tells Shagun that she told Ananya about coming here. Shagun thinks did Ishita know that I have given phone to Ananya.
She tells Mani that we should get restraining orders against Ishita, she knew Pihu is coming here and she is using Aaliya, Pihu gets disturbed seeing her. Mani and Shagun ask Ishita did she know Pihu is coming here. Shagun says you made Ananya call Pihu, you are following her, why are you stalking her, this is not done. Ishita asks what nonsense. Shagun says I know what I have to do and goes.

Ananya talks to Mrs. Bhalla and Amma, and says she will have food later. She does not eat food and waits for Pihu. Ruhi tries to make Ananya have food. She tells her that they should trust parents, obey them, don’t do the mistakes which I did. She makes Ananya have food.

Raman comes and asks did the clients come. The peon says Romi and Adi are attending them. Raman goes in meeting. The clients praise Adi for the good presentation. The man says Adi convinced me that I give this project to you. He asks Adi to make contract papers and he will seal the deal today. Raman thanks them. Raman asks how did this happen. Romi says Mihir and I were waiting, you got late, so we started. Raman says my car stopped on the way. Mihir says Adi had meeting which got cancelled. He came here and gave presentation in some time, well done Adi. Shagun calls Raman and asks him to come to restaurant, Ishita is here. Raman says whats the problem. Adi offers lift to Raman.

Simmi is angry and says I don’t want credit card. Ruhi talks to her and explains her. Simmi is angry that kids are using phones these days. Ruhi asks her not to worry for Ananya, as she will manage Ananya. She asks Simmi to have food. Simmi refuses. Ruhi says I know you are not eating thinking of Ananya, I went to her school and made her have food, now its your turn. Simmi asks really. Ruhi says yes and makes her have food.

Aaliya is worried and Ishita asks her to wait. Raman comes and Shagun complains to him about Ishita making Ananya call Pihu. Raman asks Ishita did she make Ananya call Pihu. Ishita says yes. Aaliya tries to say… Raman says I don’t want any outsider to talk in my family matter. Dadi comes and asks them what are they teaching kids, I thought you all are educated, what are you showing them, what examples are you presenting. Shagun says Ishita did this. Mani asks how did you come. Dadi says Adi is sensible, he got me here. Shagun says Ishita spoiled Adi, she is teaching this to him. Ishita says I did not spoil him. Dadi says like Shagun is spoiling Pihu, I kept rule that Pihu will not eat pancake today and you got here to restaurant, before taunting other’s parenting, look at yourself, atleast Adi is sensible, I feel I should give a chance to Adi.

Mani gets shocked. Dadi asks why are you shocked, you feel Adi is not right for Aaliya, I don’t think you are right to know this, I will find out how is Adi, he will stay in our house for few days. Ishita and Aaliya smile. Dadi says I will know Adi, this is final. Raman says look… Ishita says it’s a good decision, if you stay with him, you will know he is the best. Dadi says done, Adi you stay with us. She tells Mani that she is going home to make guest room ready for Adi. She goes. Shagun thinks my plan flopped. Adi hugs Ishita. Mani asks Aaliya to come. They leave.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi not to worry, he will win Dadi’s heart. Raman asks Adi not to change his clothes. Adi goes to pack his bags.

Adi tells Ishita that everything will be fine. Ishita says it won’t be easy to win elder’s heart, you have to prove that you are best for Aaliya, that you are a good person, I m sure you will succeed, I want you to get a good life partner. She hugs him.

Amma ties the lungi to Adi, and tells him not to enter kitchen without having bath. He says I m not Madrasi. Amma says you are going to marry a Madrasi girl. Simmi and Ishita ask Adi to follow the instructions. Amma asks Adi not to eat chicken now, as she had applied vibhuti to him. Mrs. Bhalla makes Adi have food and says they will make him eat just veg food. Simmi says we will send chicken for him to his office, he can have it here. Romi asks Adi not to worry and impress Dadi. Adi says I m done. Romi and Ishita say they will drop Raman. Raman says its not Adi’s bidaai, I will drop him. Adi waves to everyone and hugs them. He leaves with Raman. Ishita smiles.