Thursday Update on True Love 10th December 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 10th December 2020

Chameli gets call from Naina who tells her about Rani’s call. She was crying for you and missing you a lot. Chameli suddenly realises that it was Rani. She is happy to see Rani. She is about to go after Rani when Ratna’s men finally find her. they ask for Rani. Chameli notice Rani sitting in a big car. She smiles at them. do whatever you want to but I wont tell you anything. They catch hold of her and take her with them.

Back in Budela House, Rani thinks about her mother’s and Mukta’s words. She is lying on floor again. Meethi switches on the light. Akash brings loads of gifts for her. meethi makes her get up to see all that. They have got magazines, toys and even a makeup kit for Rani. Akash has got matching clothes as well. Rani pushes it on floor angrily. She throws everything. I don’t want anything. Meethi and Akash are taken aback as Rani continues to shout at them. there is nothing called promise. Everything is a lie. You, Chameli and Driver Didi, you all are a liar. No one fulfils any promise. They all break it. don’t try to lure me into it. I know everything. Chameli wont come back. Tears roll down Meethi’s cheeks. Akash looks at her in confusion. She talks to Rani in her style only. You lost your cool so soon. You only said that your Ma loves you a lot then how can she leave you? She wont go anywhere. Rani repeats Mukta’s words but Meethi dismisses it. I promise you I will make you meet your Ma. Your Gori Didi (Meethi) never lies. Rani finds her nice. Meethi copies her style as well. You are nice too. Akash heaves a sigh of relief as Rani hugs Meethi.

Mata’s idol comes at Ratna Bai’s place. She wants to keep a fast this time. Hopefully I will get Chameli and Rani if Ma blesses me. Naina and Kajal are shocked to see Chameli while Ratna Bai smiles. She slaps Chameli. She makes Kajal and Naina take her inside. Ratna Bai laughs at her good luck. Chameli is here. Rani will be here very soon.

Ekadish talks to Meethi and Akash about Rani’s disappearance. We were lucky to get her. what if something would have happened to her? She is someone else’s daughter. Your (Meethi’s) heart is good and your intentions are pure. But hope no problem befalls us in your attempt to help someone. You should call Rani’s mother. Ask her when she is coming to take her. Meethi would have told her the truth if Gomti and Malvika were not here. I don’t think it is right to tell you anything now. I will tell you at the right time. Meethi lies that they should not trouble Rani’s mother. She has gone out. Why to bother her? she will come back in a few days time till when Rani will stay with us. Malvika notices her discomfort. There is something for sure as she doesn’t want to call Rani’s mother.

Meethi reasons that it is a change of environment for Rani maybe this is why she is taking time to adjust. I promise she wont do this again. ekadish gives in. Akash remarks that they are really happy to have Rani here. You too will like her in a few days time. Maiyya doesn’t mind it but what will she do here. She will have no friends here. Plus there is no kid in our home. Akash recalls his friend Yogesh. It is his kid’s birthday today. I hadn’t thought of going but now I think we should go and take Rani with us. She will get happy. Maiyya agrees happily. Malvika too agrees. But it will be for today only. Not everyone’s birthday is every day. You should call Rani’s Ma once. We should know when she is coming. Maiyya nods. We should call and get to know if she is back. It will be good if mother daughter see each other. Call her tomorrow in Dussehra’s puja. Malvika likes the idea. Rani hears it too. You are thinking of calling my mother? Malvika tells her about it. Meethi looks worried.

Gomit finds Rani cute but she has got the whole house after her. we should call her mother once so that all of us can feel relieved. She asks Rani for her mother’s number. Rani asks her do you want the address as well. Gomti and Malvika nod. Rani looks at Meethi who shakes her head to signal no. rani replies teasingly. Gomti and Malvika are irked while Rani and Meethi exchange a wink. Akash smiles. Rani scolds Malvika (Lambu Didi). If I knew it then I would have gone home on my own or have called her. Mad! She asks for samosa that is kept on table. She turns to go when Akash stops her. he tells her about the birthday party. She gets excited at the idea. I will go get ready first and then eat it just like you people. She runs upstairs. Maiyya also finds her cute but she speaks a lot. Malvika can sense that there is a secret behind this girl. it will surely be of help.

Malvika opens Rani’s room door. she wonders what Rani is doing and calls out to her. Rani turns around. malvika is shocked at her look. She is dressed like the women at brothel. Rani asks her opinion about her look. I look like an item right? Malvika walks closer. You look beautiful. You do this makeup at your place too? Rani answers in affirmative. All the Didi’s and my mother does the same makeup where I live. She doesn’t let me do it though. Malvika is in thoughts. She tries to get info out of Rani. Rani says my Ma looks solid, she is very fair. She puts red lipstick like this. she goes to her work so has to do it. She suddenly stops recalling her promise to Meethi. she diverts it. she has to look good if she has to go to work. Malvika nods. What all have you learnt from your mom? Rani lists down everything – talking style, swearing words, dance. Malvika indirectly pressurises her for dance.

Meethi is worried about Maiyya’s reaction when she will get to know the truth about Rani. She wont understand it that Rani is not to be blamed for any of this. I don’t know what should I do. I have to tell her. hope nothing goes wrong in this house because of this issue.

Rani puts on music and puts a flower in her hairs. Meethi stops in her tracks as she hears the music. Who will play such a song in this house? She thinks about Rani. Rani dances on London Thumakda. Meethi runs towards her room while Rani enjoys dancing. Malvika smiles at the piece of info that she has got. Rani continues to dance around in her typical style. Meethi is shocked to see her thus as she opens the door. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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