Friday Update on Young Love 11th December 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 11th December 2020

Nandini looking at the decorated bed with Sorry written with flowers and a big letter from Krish. He apologizes to her and asks her to come to terrace. Naina Bawre plays………….Nandini smiles and goes to terrace. She sees Krish standing and looking at her smilingly. ….A romantic song tere saara main. Krish gives her a book…He holds her hand and kisses on her cheek. He says I forgot to gift you on suhaag raat. He says I am not suitable for you, but will try to become suitable to you all my life. He apologizes for pushing her on floor and says I am very protective about mum. Nandini asks him not to apologize and says she understands.

Krish says I know you are very understanding…A romantic song plays…………….Krish and Nandini gets closer. Krish makes her sit on the chair. Krish says he made apology dinner for her and says he was waiting for his wife and can do anything for her. He says you are my princess…Nandini pushes him and recalls Kundan’s words that she is his balika vadhu. Nandini runs from there scared. Krish wonders what happened to Nandini suddenly.

Later Nandini brings juice for Krish and holds her ears apologizing. Krish ignores her. Nandini says she made parathas for her. Krish says he would have agree with a kiss and asks why did you do so much for me. Nandini tells Krish that there is some reason behind her yesterday’s act, and says I want to tell you something. Krish keeps hand on her mouth…Nandini looks on. A song plays…………….bol halke halke plays……… Krish is about to kiss her, but just then Kundan comes and knocks on the door asking Krish to go to hospital.

Krish says he is thinking not to go today, because of mom’s health. Kundan asks him to go, and says he is here to take care of Karuna. Krish says okay and leaves. Nandini tries to go, but Kundan closes one side of door stopping her. He comes to her room and says you have learnt so much in these years, and asks her to take care of him also being his wife. Nandini is angry. Kundan says I won’t let that Krish come near you even for a min. Nandini says do whatever you want, my love will face troubles and win. I will show you that the right wins always. Kundan says mad woman and goes.

Dr. Amit checks a patient and says they have to control internal bleeding. He asks other doctor to operate on the patient. He says if Nandini would have been here then Dad would have been here. He thinks how to get him out of lock up. Vandana comes and asks him to forget Nandini and accept her. Dr. Amit asks her to shut up. Vandana says I am better than that Nandini who left you at the mandap. She asks him to decide else papa will stay in jail.

Neighbors comes to see Nandini for muh dikhayi. They ask if Nandini is elder than Krish. Karuna says she is just 5 years elder than him, and says what matters is love. Karuna is about to go to bring Nandini, but Kundan asks her to sit and brings Nandini. Neighbor asks karuna to do aarti, but Kundan makes her fall. He says I will do aarti and asks her to sit. Kundan goes near Nandini and does her aarti. He then lifts her veil and stares her. Nandini gets up angrily and slaps him hard shocking Karuna and guests. Nandini says stop it. She says if I give one more chance to this devil then it will be an insult to my dead mom. Karuna asks did you get mad? Nandini says he is not my sasur but my kid husband. Everyone is shocked. CLICK ON PICTURE LINK BELOW TO READ FROM SOURCE


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