Thursday Update on True Love 15th July 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 15th July 2020

Akash arrives at Meethi’s house and sees Meethi and Damini leaving from there. He follows their taxi. Meethi throws out her SIM card saying she wants to leave all memories behind. Akash calls Meethi to stop her from leaving, but in vain. They arrive at a train station. Akash goes to the wrong side. He shows Meethi’s photo to everyone and asks if they saw her.

He finally sees Meethi when she’s getting on the train. He runs towards her, but in his way, he clashes with a guy and all his drink bottles get destroyed. Akash apologizes to him, but is stopped by other people. Akash tries his best to escape from them, but they don’t let him go. He gives money to the guy and is able to escape, but by then it’s too late as train has already left the station. Akash breaks down and falls on his knees, and screams, whyyyy?

Sankrant returns home and Maiyya gets angry at him. Sankrant says, your real face is exposed to everyone. Maiyya says that Ambika’s father won’t spare them. Sankrant asks why she is scaring so much, they just got engaged, didn’t get married.

Later, Ambika’s father comes there and calls Maiyya out. He asks Maiyya for Akash. Maiyya says he’s not at home and she doesn’t know where he went. Ambika’s father says he will take Maiyya to place where she deserves to be. Maiyya tries her best, but she can’t stop him from taking her to police station.

Vishnu brings Mukta to his chawl and she is welcomed by all his neighbors. Vishnu’s neighbors say that they are upset with him as he didn’t tell anyone about his marriage. Vishnu says everything happened very quickly that he didn’t get time to tell anyone. They ask him for the party and Vishnu says he definitely will give party to them. Neighbors say they’re just kidding and it will be them who will give party to Vishnu and Mukta.

Ambika’s father locks up Maiyya inside a jail. Maiyya asks him why he’s punishing mother for what her son did. She does emotional drama, but has no effect on Ambika’s father. He says that he knows everything that Maiyya did, murder of Nirbhay, allowing person who shot Rathore to stay in their house. Maiyya says Nirbhaiy is like her son, why he would kill him.

All these have no effect on Ambika’s father, but in end he says that he will let Maiyya go if she promises to make Ambika her daughter in law. Maiyya says she is already my daughter and will become my daughter in law. Ambika’s father gives her few hours and says if Ambika’s grah-pravesh is not done in next few hours, then it will be Maiyya’s grah-pravesh back in the lockup. Maiyya is relieved and leaves.

Damini and Meethi are at their new location. Damini brings tea for Meethi. Meethi says she should be taking care of Damini at this age, but instead Damini has to take care of her. Damini tells her not to say anything like this again. Meethi then tells her that she is thinking to open a paathsala like Iccha. Damini says that’s good as with kids, Meethi will be able to forget her past. Damini is taking her somewhere. She loses her balance and Meethi’s wheelchair goes running. Meethi screams for help. Damini tries to chase the wheelchair, but is unable to. When wheelchair is about to fall in the cliff, Akash comes and carries Meethi off the wheelchair. Meethi is surprised and happy to see Akash.

Meethi is surprised to see Akash. Damini also gets surprised when she sees Akash carrying Meethi. Meethi asks Akash if it’s her dream? How come he’s there? Akash says it’s his responsibility to save her life. He can’t let anything happen to her. Meethi asks him how he found out that she’s here. Akash says his heart showed him the path and he reached her.

She then beats him and asks why he went away from her. Left her alone in hospital as well. What if anything had happened to her.. what if she had died. Both have eyelock. Akash then asks now? Meethi says, you’re going to get punishment. Akash says, is life imprisonment enough? Meethi says she accepts that. Both have eyelock and song plays in background.. Main Vari Jawa. Both smile at each other. Akash then hugs her. Meethi cries from happiness and says I love you to Akash.

Maiyya is worried and tells Sankrant that Ambika’s father won’t spare them. He’s in police and can start case like this. Sankrant asks her if she did anything wrong. Maiyya says she did few mistakes in past and now they must make Ambika their daughter in law. Sankrant asks how that’s possible as Akash clearly said no. Maiyya says Akash is mad in love with Meethi so he won’t understand her, but Sankrant can. She does emotional drama and then asks him to get married to Ambika.

Vishnu and Mukta come to Vishnu’s house. Vishnu stops her at the door to do Grah Pravesh rituals. He brings a candle instead diya and says he is doing all rituals as there is no elder in that house. Mukta gets emotional. Vishnu wipes hear tears and she enters the house after stepping in kumkum. He then tells her that he will clean her legs. Mukta laughs and says, you know all rituals but don’t know reasoning behind it. Vishnu says he saw all that in his friends’ marriages so he learned it. He now brings sugar as there are no sweets in his house. They make each other eat sugar and start their new life. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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