Thursday Update on This is Love 16th July 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 16th July 2020

Mani coming to talk to Yug. Yug refuses and goes. Aaliya says he isn’t listening, he is behaving strange, what shall I do. Mani says he is disturbed, lets give him some time. Arijit wins the chess game. Malhotra praises him. Arijit says I diverted Bhallas about project potential, I have to keep an eye on them. Malhotra says you are great, I have to be with you, none can defeat you in the game. Arijit asks him to check his move. Thia calls him and says Neeti will be fine. Arijit says thanks, Neeti is happy with you. Thia says its my duty. Arijit says Ishita, now handle your family and show me, I will see how much time you get, trust me, you won’t get any time, if there is another Tadka in this drama, it will be fun.

Ishita sees the shopping bags. Mihika says we just carried the bags. Mrs. Bhalla says we did lots of shopping, I got this saree for you. Ishita asks why. Mrs. Bhalla asks how did you forget, its Karwachauth tomorrow, I m preparing for Ruhi and Aaliya’s Karwachauth also, I got all the items. Ishita says sorry. Mrs. Bhalla asks where are Aaliya and Yug, they had gone for dinner. Raman says they are at Mani’s house.

Ishita says Mani is alone, so they are staying there. She asks Raman not to show anger in front of mummy ji, she may get stressed and have a vertigo attack. Raman says fine, do what you want. He goes. Ishita says its just his work pressure. Simmi asks what happened at office. Ruhi says I will tell you everything. Tara talks to her mum. She calls out Natasha. She says I m keeping fast for Sunil, you have to get Sargi for me. Natasha argues. She says fine, I will also keep fast. Tara asks for whom, Shardul isn’t here. Natasha says don’t ask me, get ready and come.

Simmi asks what happened to Yug, he wasn’t unreasonable. Ruhi says dad shouldn’t be angry, Yug is not accepting his mistake. Ishita says Aaliya and Yug will come home on Karwachauth, we will talk to them. Natasha comes home. She says you can’t stop me tomorrow, its a challenge, lets see whose fast Shardul breaks, yours or mine.

Ishita says I won’t let you get close to Raman. Natasha says lets see whose fast breaks tomorrow. She gets inside. Natasha pushes Ishita. Ruhi scolds her. Raman comes and asks Natasha to go. Natasha says Ishita has pushed me, she will kill me. He shouts enough, are you mad, I m not Shardul, I m Raman, get out. Natasha leaves. She goes home and gets angry. Tara asks her to come for shopping. Natasha says I m not coming with you. She shouts on Tara. Tara asks her why is she angry. Sunil asks Tara to come in. Arijit calls Natasha. He asks why are you shouting. She says I went to meet Shardul, I wanted Shardul to break my fast, Ishita spoiled my day. He says it means you are keeping a fast for him. She says no, it will be fun when he breaks my fast in front of Ishita.

He thinks Raman is lucky, two women kept fast for him. He says you should keep the fast, tell me if you need my help. She asks really. He says yes. She says take Tara from here, I won’t be able to insult Ishita. He says relax, use Tara and try to enter Bhalla house. She thanks him. He says I will just enjoy the drama. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla see arrangements. Raman asks what’s happening. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is going to give sargi to Aaliya, she asked me not to come. Raman says I will go with her for your sake, I m upset with Yug. She asks what did Yug do. Ishita says they fight for small things. Ruhi asks Ishita to talk to Sudha. Ishita asks Sudha to come home. She says Sudha is coming in the morning with sargi for Ruhi, Ruhi can decide if she wants to keep fast or not. Ruhi says fine, I will keep the fast. They smile. Ishita prays.

Ishita asking Raman to just come. Raman asks her to go, he won’t come. Sudha comes home. She gets Sargi for Ruhi. Ruhi says wow, mom, its all my fav sweets. Sudha says Karan just talks about you, I understood everything about Ruhi now. Karan asks where is my Sargi, I also kept the fast. They laugh. Ruhi says no need. Karan says I will keep the fast. Yug says they didn’t come. Aaliya says Ishita would come, don’t argue. Ishita comes with Sargi. Aaliya asks didn’t Raman come. Ishita says Raman takes much time when he sleeps, he didn’t wake up, so I have come. Yug says Raman always keeps fast for you. Ishita says he will wake up and then keep the fast. Sudha blesses Ruhi and Karan. Mr. Bhalla consoles Simmi and asks her to do such things for someone who values

her, not for someone like Parmeet. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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