Thursday Update on True Love 15th October 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 15th October 2020

Meethi puts a cd on table for Akash. Maula Mere Le Le Meri Jaan plays. She takes out his kurta and remembers the memories attached with it. She hugs it tearfully and kisses it. She keeps it on bed for him. She opens the vermilion box and recalls Akash filling her forehead with it. She does it herself this time. She takes one anklet from the pair that he had gifted her. She touches his sandals and seeks his blessings. She caresses the Bal Krishna idol as tears stream down her face. Meethi takes one last look at her room and all the happy memories come flooding. Akash’s wish for a baby brings her out of her reverie. His words echo in her ears. I want our baby to be born here in this house only. His dream of having his own baby and everything keep crossing her mind.

Meethi comes to kitchen. She offers to help Kajri but everything is done already. You have bonded very well with the people of this house now. Anyone can call out for you if they need anything. Kajri nods. Meethi takes a promise from her that she will never leave this house. You will never ever go to Aatishgarh. Kajri feels scared as if Meethi is going somewhere. Meethi replies that she cannot go anywhere. My memories are in all the corners of this house. I will take the memories with me if I go anywhere. Kajri resumes her work while Meethi leaves from there after silently waving her hand at her.

Meethi comes downstairs. Song resumes in the background. She looks at the house and starts heading towards the main door. She remembers her wedding and all the moments that she spent with Akash afterwards. She finally composes herself and steps over the threshold.

Meethi is at the bus stand. Damini too comes with her luggage. Meethi tells her that she dint have the courage to talk to Akash. He is coming home for lunch. I have recorded everything in a cd where I have told him that I will wait for him till 3 pm.

Maiyya hears Meethi’s voice and goes to her room. Pavitra and Gomti have put that cd on where Meethi tells Akash everything. The sisters are shocked to know that Meethi will wait for Akash at the bus stand till 3 pm. She is against it. It all happened for good. Maiyya takes out the cd. We will have to hide it from Akash. I will have to do it for his happiness.

Damini is not happy with what Meethi has done. Meethi tells her that he isn’t ready to listen to what she has been trying to tell him. Damini is sure he will come to take her home.

Akash comes home for lunch and finds his family worried. Maiyya lies that Meethi isn’t home yet. She had gone to temple. Maybe she would have gone to meet her Anni. Maiyya knowingly asks him about the papers for orphanage. She indirectly instigates him. He again gets angry at the mention of adoption. If she can be stubborn then I can be stubborn too. Why cant she understand that there is a difference between adoption and having you own baby, how it is born and its growth. He walks upstairs in a huff.

Damini is worried that Akash hasn’t called yet. Meethi gets a call from Mukta. They ask about each other. Mukta asks her about the background noise. Meethi lies that she is in garden. Mukta invites Meethi and Akash for dinner tomorrow as mom dad are coming too. Meethi hmms. Mukta can sense that Meethi is distracted. Meethi agrees and disconnects the call hastily without even saying a goodbye to her. Mukta is surprised.

Meethi wants to leave but Damini will not go anywhere without speaking to Akash once. Meethi denies but Damini is adamant.

At Bundela House, Akash recalls Meethi’s words about adopting a baby. His phone rings but he disconnects it.

Damini dials Akash’s number. Akash picks it. They exchange greetings. She talks about the problems between the two. Meethi has told me everything. I want your answer now. He replies that he has already given his answer to Meethi. I don’t agree with her for adoption. I want my own baby. Damini has got her answer. She blesses him for all his wishes. She asks him if he wants to talk to Meethi. He says he will, only if she wants to! She takes the call but cannot speak. He is in tears as he hears her voice. She tells him that she is disconnecting the call. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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