Thursday Update on Complicated Love 15th October 2020


Thursday Update on Complicated Love 15th October 2020

It was night. Mauli was sleepless while Kunal was fast asleep. She turned sides, tensed about everyone’s words signaling an affair between Kunal and Nandini. She comes to sip a glass of water, then takes his phone. She then denies such thinking against Kunal and decides not to check his phone.
The next morning, Mauli was going in car with Kunal. Kunal gets messages from Nandini on his phone. While reading one, he was about to hit his car. Mauli’s head bang in front of dashboard. Kunal was at once tensed and caresses Mauli. Mauli gets tear eyed, and thinks its her same old Kunal. When she returns home, Mauli thanks Bappa for getting her rid of all her suspicious, it was a sin for her to doubt Kunal. She gets a call and jumps out of excitement. She tells Mamma that the designs of Kunal’s clinic have approved. She hugs Mamma as its her dream project, and she will also be able to start her family.
There, Kunal in the car was on call with Nandini. He promises to take her for Pooja she wanted to go. Nandini was tensed and asks Kunal to come and meet her, she saw something in Mauli’s eyes and is tensed.

Mauli comes to receive the keys of clinic. She walks into her office and was elated as she held Kunal’s clinic’s name plate. She gets a message from Rajdeep. Mauli comes to Rajdeep waiting at Nandini’s apartments and asks why he called her into the CCTV room of Nandini’s building, they hold restraining orders against him. Rajdeep asks who has ever been able to restrain him. He wants to show Mauli a proof against Nandini and Kunal. He plays a footage for Mauli when she had broken into Nandini’s house, she had cooked kheer. Kunal left Nandini’s house later on alone. Mauli decides not to get trapped by Rajdeep’s ill mentality. She shuts the LCD off, and insults Rajdeep to be a mentally ill case. He lost a wife like Nandini just because of his mentality. Nandini and Kunal are good friends, and Rajdeep can’t be near Kunal ever. When Mauli has left, Rajdeep says Mauli really needs a good luck. Nandini is cursed and will ruin her house surely.

Rajdeep stood outside Nandini’s apartment when she leaves in an auto. He follows the auto and wonders where she is headed in an orange flavored ice-cream. In the restaurant, Nandini was upset that they are betraying Mauli, still feels for her. She was sleepless whole night, it felt Mauli’s looks have changed. Did she speak to him? Kunal says had she asked him this time, he wouldn’t have lied. He holds Nandini’s hand and makes a plan for Darshan tomorrow. Nandini nod, then places her head over Kunal’s shoulder. Rajdeep makes a photo of them together. Mauli was in the hospital when she gets a video from Rajdeep. Mauli decides she won’t watch this video, Rajdeep wants to make her lose interest over Kunal and Nandini, but she won’t fall in the trap.

The next morning, Kunal and Nandini pass through Ganpati procession hand in hand. Mauli also reach the procession with an aarti thaal. All at once a man hits Kunal. Kunal furiously turns around, but he finds he was an old companion. Kunal recalls this was the same man they had advised against an extra marital affair. Nandini had turned the other way. He says it was Kunal and Mauli who saved his relation and didn’t let him astray, today he is happy with his wife. He asks about Mauli, Kunal lies that she has gone to get Prasad.

Mauli had brought the keys of Kunal’s clinic for Darshan. She was thankful that this will now strengthen her relation with Kunal, and walks ahead happily. Mauli presents her thaal and the keys for Darshan and gets the blessings. Kunal and Nandini were on the other side and also gets the blessings.
Mauli gets weepy remembering her best moments with Kunal. After the Visarjan, Kunal and Nandini turn around together. Nandini offers Kunal Prasad in her hand. Mauli also turns around and spot them together. Nandini and Kunal only smile looking at each other, they fill color over one another’s faces. Nandini hugs Kunal. Mauli was taken aback watching all this, frozen to her place. Kunal and Nandini turn to move ahead and find Mauli standing there. She steps back, away from both. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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