Thursday Update on True Love 19th November 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 19th November 2020

Ansari comes to Rizvi ji’s house to take Meethi with her. He agrees to wait for 10 more minutes or he will have to arrest all of them. Saba yet again speaks against Meethi for which her father reprimands her. Abbu and Ammi are unaware that Meethi is supposed to go back to India today. Ashfaque and Meethi enter just then in complete groom and bride look. She tells everyone that she has married Ashfaque so she is legally his wife now. Everyone is shocked as Meethi says that now no one can stop her from staying back in Pakistan. A maulvi and Nilofer come as witness with them. Ansari looks at her speechlessly.

Vishnu tries walking with Mukku’s support and then on his own. She is happy to see his progress. He is thankful to Mukta and her family or he would have died long back. She shushes him. I love you and cant let that happen. All three of us have to be together for a long time now. He nods but is worried about their son’s future and in fact of them as well. I don’t know how I will shoulder all the responsibilities now. I am scared if everything will be alright on not. She suggests going back to their house. He is concerned as she will have to handle their baby and him as well. She doesn’t mind it. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. he is worried as neither of them have a job while she is positive that they will get something if they are together. We will share our responsibilities. He agrees.

Ansari eyes Asgar and asks Meethi if anyone forced her for this nikah. You can tell me if someone is forcing you. She declines anything being such. I have done it willingly. I wont go to India now. I will stay here in Pakistan as a part of this family. Ansari says I am trying to help you while you are using these legalities against me. He crosschecks with the Maulvi if the nikah was done as per their rituals.

He seeks forgiveness from his God as he is about to lie for Meethi’s sake. He lies to Ansari and shows him the nikahnama on his request. Nilofer has signed as a witness. Ansari tries to talk to Rizvi that its a sham. Are you also included in this drama? Meethi denies. this isn’t a drama. Its all true and in front of you. I would expect you not to interfere in our family matter. They anyways have a lot of questions already and you wont have any answer. Khalid bhai is still dearly missed. You must have many other cases to work upon. Your one prisoner is missing. You have to find him, right? Go find him. He is innocent.

Ansari points that this case of an Indian woman living in Pakistan illegally holds equal importance for him. I will prove it very soon that this nikah is a drama. Ashfaque challenges him for the same. Ansari holds his collar. Stay in your limits as I don’t like your jokes at all. Asgar remarks that it is he who is crossing his limits right now. You dint do it right by holding my younger brother’s collar. He has married legally.

Ammi tells him to be quiet. She doesn’t give a damn if this has happened legally or illegally. She turns to Ashfaque. We are mourning for Khalid and here you got married? You dint even think of asking us? She cries. You married a married lady. She is also upset with Meethi as well that they had given shelter to her and she has repaid them this way. You have used my son? Meethi dint want to hurt her or them. I wanted to tell you everything but the circumstances were such that. Saba interrupts her reminding her of Khalid’s death. Police never came in this house but now it comes every single day, all because of you. You have done the worst today. She wants to know it from Ashfaque as to what forced him to marry Meethi. He says, if you know your brother then trust me, I haven’t done anything wrong. She isn’t ready to listen to anything.

I have lost my trust from a brother-sister’s relation. She is also unable to understand what prompted Nilofer to stand as a witness for this nikah. You love Ashfaque, then why did you do it? Nilofer replies that it all happened with her consent. Saba keeps her hand on Ashfaque’s head. Take his swear and now say if you are happy. She says yes. Asgar tells Ansari to go now as everything has been proved. My parents need me. Saba is shocked that he too is in all this. You are making a mistake by supporting this girl. she is a cheater. Ansari agrees with her. She has cheated two families. Her family in India is waiting for her and she got married here. You dint think how they will feel when they will get to know about this nikah? What is your Nani’s name? Damini! I think I should call her and inform her about this nikah here. Meethi looks at him in shock.

Ansari dials Damini’s number and puts the call on speaker. Damini is super happy / relieved to hear her voice. Damini asks her when she is going to return. Ansari interrupts them. She wont be able to return now. She had to return India today only but she chose to get married instead. She has married a Pakistani national. Damini is shocked. She is not ready to believe any of it. Meethi is already married to Akash and loves him a lot. She asks Meethi to speak up. Are you in some problem? Meethi warns Ansari that she wont forgive him in case anything happens to her Anni who happens to be a heart patient. Damini continues to ask for an explanation from Meethi. Meethi declines anything being as such. Don’t worry I will call you back.

Damini is really tensed as the call ends. Divya notices her thus and is concerned for her. damini can sense that Meethi is in some trouble. She tells her about the call. Even Divya is not ready to believe it. They both are unable to make sense of it. damini is sure that Meethi-Akash are in some trouble. Divya calls Jogi. He will talk to Commissioner and everything will be fine.

Ansari tells Meethi (in lower tone so that no one else is able to hear it) that he could have told her Nani about Akash if he had wanted to but he can understand what she would have gone through. I am not so hard hearted. He openly warns her not to think that she (Meethi Chatterjee) has won. The game if lies / deception has just begun. Truth , i.e., I, will win in the end. He congratulates everyone for the nikah and shows an inclination to be a part of the rest of the rituals, whether you call me or not. he finally leaves from there.

A girl comes to Akash. She asks for his help to seek her younger sister’s doll. Have you lost something as well? My dad says that when you lose something then you shouldn’t cry. You should instead pray to God and you will definitely get it back. He agrees that he too has lost something. She takes him with her. He offers his prayers at the dargah. Allah Waariyan plays in the background. Akash prays for Meethi. please show me a way to reach / find her.

Ashfaque tells Meethi not to worry as she knows the truth. You know that our wedding is fake and I have actually married Nilofer. I did it so that you can search for Akash and take him back to India. We will tell the truth at the right time. She is sad as this has hurt Ammi-Abbu a lot. We should not do this. I feel like telling the truth to everyone but Ashfaque says this isn’t the right time for that. Saba Aapa will tell Ansari ji straightaway. We will tell eventually. The most important thing for us to do right now is to find Akash. We will have to keep quiet till then. We will have to complete all the rituals till then so that no one doubts us.

Abbu is ready to accept whatever happened but Ammi is completely against it. my son has married an already married Indian lady. Saba too does not support it. Ammi too talks against Meethi now. Asgar overhears their convo from outside. Even Abbu is hurt but we cannot do anything except accepting the truth. When our son has already married someone against our wish then we cannot do anything but accept it too. Asgar supports him but Saba is not ready to accept Meethi. she is my husband’s killer. He tells her not to start again. Asgar calmly makes her Ammi understand. Saba calls Meethi a witch. She has cast some spell on both my brothers. She walks out of the room upset. Ammi is not ready to forgive Meethi for what she has done. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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