Thursday Update on Complicated Love 19th November 2020


Thursday Update on Complicated Love 19th November 2020

Ishaan delays the engagement and says someone else has more right over Mauli than him and consent of that person is really important. He walks to Mishti and says she is that person, kissing her hand. He says Mishti came into his life like a teaspoon of sugar, he wanted her smile for whole of his life; she is his best friend, swag guru and his stress buster. Would she like to be his daughter? He will be heartbroken if she says a no, he really wish to be her Papa. He wants her grow as intelligent, mature and understanding person; bring a sky to her dreams. Is she ready? Mishti looks towards Mauli and asks if he wants to get engaged to Mama, and marry? Ishaan nods. She asks if he would love her mama. He promise to love her mama dearly. Mishti replies, Popsy- No!, Yes and yes and yes-Papa!. Ishaan holds Mishti in his arms and swirls around.

Kunal reaches the hall and thinks Mauli must surely be here. Ishaan says they must now see who stops intervene in their engagement. He gives his hand for Mauli to put the ring on. Soon, the lights of hall goes off. Mamma wonders what happened to the light. Ishaan goes to check. Kunal drags Mamma from the hall into a store. Mamma was worried and tells Kunal to leave.

Kunal says he will leave, but she must only tell him whose daughter is Mishti. Mamma asks what kind of question is this, he has no right to question about it after years. Today, it’s a huge day for Mauli’s life, why he is creating this drama then? Kunal says he isn’t causing any interference in Mauli’s life. He only wants to know whose daughter is Mishti. Mamma asks why he wants the answer now. Mamma tells Kunal that Mauli was broken when Kunal left, she had no reason to live. Mishti came into her life as a ray of hope, they adopted Mishti. The lights were on, Mamma asks Kunal to leave if he respects her.
In the hall, Mauli notices Mamma was tensed. She explains she was only worried because of light interruption. The rings had been exchanged. Ishaan speaks to the guests that it’s been his long awaited dream to marry Mauli, and finally they are together. He promises Mauli he will prove to be a good husband, at least their deal for 7 or 8 lives is done here. She is really nice, and it’s not easy to be her husband; she would attract all appraisals everywhere. People must be jealous watching them together. He has done a lot to get her, and can achieve anything with her support. She brings sweetness to his life. Kunal heard this from behind a curtain. Mauli only smiled at Ishaan’s expression. Ishaan named his life after Mauli.
Dida scolds Mishti as she was eating sixth in a row. Dida scolds Mishti while she insists Dida initially, then runs to hide herself in the washroom. Dida says Mishti has taken after her father, Kunal was also like this. Mamma goes to make up Mishti. Kunal had heard the conversation, he pulls Mamma aside again and asks if Mishti is his daughter? She behaves exactly like him. Mamma tries to avoid Kunal but he swears upon his life. He says alright, she won’t ever see his face ever again. Mamma stops Kunal and says yes, Mishti is his daughter. Kunal was emotionally distressed upon hearing this. Mishti heard this as well and wonders how Pari’s buddy can be her papa.

Mamma stood in a corner, worried and thinks she must tell Mauli that Kunal knows about Mishti.
Ishaan asks about his daughter Mishti. Mauli asks Mamma where is Mishti. Mishti sat in a corner, recalling how Mamma told Kunal that Mishti was his and Mauli’s daughter.
Ishaan walked in the midst of road, deep in Mishti’s thoughts. A car hits his arm while passing by closely.
Mauli and Ishaan find Mishti asleep in a corner, Mauli notices she slept crying in the corner. Dida says she had more than six ice creams, and was annoyed after being forbidden. Ishaan says he had planned a long drive with all of them. Dida tells Ishaan to take Mauli for long drive, she, Radhika and Mishti will go home.
Kunal returns home crying. Pari was waiting alone, hugs Kunal and asks where he had left for so long, leaving her behind. She shouts at him and complains if he didn’t even miss her? Her babysitter tells Kunal that Pari missed him, and didn’t even eat anything. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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