Thursday Update on True Love 27 February 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 27 February 2020

Meethi turns to go but stops angrily noticing him follow her. It is a crime to follow women. He retorts that he isn’t following just any women but his wife who is upset with him. And I don’t think that trying to make his wife happy is a crime. She is appalled. I am not your wife. He reminds her that she actually is till they don’t get divorced. She angrily tells him off for troubling his whole family. Akash says why as I am standing here quietly. You tell me who did I bother? Yes, if they would have been busy playing host to their son-in-law then it would have been a trouble. She tells him not to make a joke of all this. He asks her if she thinks standing here all night long getting drenched in rain is a joke.

She shares that he is standing on a private property which is called trespassing and it is illegal. You must leave from my Nanu’s property. He smiles which irks her all the more. Did you not hear? Just go from here. He opens the door and steps right outside the gate. She turns to go but stops. She sees him standing there smiling. Why are you standing here? Go straight from here and take left. When he doesn’t move, she shouts at him to go. He just smiles in answer. He turns and stands facing her. She walks up to him. He comments 17….there was only a distance of 7 steps between them. You walked the 16 steps now there is only 1 step left after which you will be mine. You went far from me but couldn’t stop yourself anymore from coming near me. The property which I am standing on right now is government property where even the vendors selling corn (common people) and this is certainly not illegal.

She asks him if by doing this he feels he will make a place in her heart. No, I am not at all impressed. Stand whole day and night here at road. It wont make any difference to me. He questions her if that wasn’t so then why was she looking out of the window the whole night while it was raining. You don’t want me around yet you stayed awake the whole night why? We both were looking out for each other. Answer me why? She fumbles…because I (stops)….because I want you to go from here. You are lying, he says. Answer me with true heart if you ever told me you hate me. Did you ever say I hate you Akash? Meethi says it loud for him. He denies. You are saying this now just to answer me. Think with a calm head. Your heart will tell you how much you love me. You stayed with me in Aatishgarh for 23 days but I lost them.

Now I want the same number of days to do penance. I accept all the misdeeds that I have done. I have come back here only for you. She refuses to go back with him. I have made the mistake once I wont repeat it ever. He challenges her that he will turn her no around in a yes. They stare at each other then she turns to go. He wants to know what she is acting stubborn for. Why don’t you agree with your heart which wants you to stop Akash from going? Why are you not ready to give me one chance? She shouts back, because I hate you. Stay here for your whole life; die here I don’t care. He answers her looking in to the eyes. It does matter to you. Ok, if my dying here will make you happy then let it be. But I must tell you one thing. I have full trust that you will save me even before death tries to touch me. She tells him not to day dream for it wont happen ever. I will never come. She turns and starts going inside wiping her tears.

Akash steps back and stands in the middle of the road while looking at Meethi heading inside. A truck’s horn is heard by Meethi but Akash stays put. She notices the approaching truck and shouts telling him to move but he doesn’t budge. She rushes to him, pulls him aside and in the process, falls on top of him. They exchange a loving glance. Piya o re piya plays. Meethi is the first one to look away. Tappu is watching from the balcony worried about Meethi. Akash tells her, I told you, you will save me before death can even touch me. Meethi gets up from there and heads inside. Akash continues, you still love me. I only need a day to prove that you cannot live without me. meethi goes inside quietly. He looks above and shouts – I love you Meethi. Tappu witnesses all this from the balcony while Akash smiles happily with piya playing in the background.

Nirbhay is cleaning his rifle when Kajri walks in though a little scared to talk to him. She seeks his permission to say something to him. He tells her to go ahead. She asks him till when will they keep ma (Kadambari) locked in that room. He simply reminds her that it is his father’s decision. She had one chance but she dint take it. Kajri explains how she is scared of someone. I am talking about your mother here. He aims the rifle at her neck. You are speaking too much these days. She gathers all her courage as he removes the rifle from her neck. In this house there is one son who can even kill someone for his mother’s sake and another son who cannot even get his mom free from that room. He angrily kicks away the bowl kept on the floor while she runs off from there. Yet her words keep echoing in her head – another son who cannot even get his mom free from that room.

Vishnu is speaking on phone with someone when Mukku dear walks in and is all shy looking at him (he’s looking the other way). She walks almost behind him and they are about to collide as he turns. Were you hiding around listening to me talking? She denies. I was just crossing so….stopped after looking at me (Vishnu finishes for me). She agrees but declines realising it. Vishnu smiles. She turns from him and takes off her one earring. Actually, I was searching for my earring. I have already searched the home so thought to see if its here. She bends down to search. He teases her if she had come in her dream then he will have to go back in that dream to get it back. They both get down searching it. She turns to look at him and he notices it. He also notices the earring which she is trying to hide in her hand and smiles. I have found it! Mukku is surprised for real? How? I mean where did you find them? Vishnu shows his fist to her. its in here but I will do some magic by which it will turn up in your fist. He asks her to put her hand forward. She does so but he asks for the other one (in which she is hiding the earring). She does so. He does some actions and asks her to open her palm to see for herself. She goes from there without saying anything. He smiles – you are mad!

Rohini shares her frustration on lying to friends about Akash. What should we tell them as to why we kept our son-in-law outside? How many lies will we have to say for that person? Meethi comes there. Now we wont have to lie anymore. (Tappu listens from upstairs) We should tell them the truth that we have no relation with him anymore. Why should we lie or hide the truth from anyone? We aren’t at fault. We shouldn’t mind it anymore if anyone asks us about him. it shouldn’t matter to us. He can stand wherever he wants to. Its his life and it doesn’t matter to us anymore. Tappu wonders if that is the case then why she saved Akash. Meethi tells them how she sent Akash out from Nanu’s property. He has gone and wont come back now. you all don’t have to worry about anything. He wont die. And Anni you are already not well so stop stressing over it. She leaves from there.

Damini is still worried. How not to worry? His presence will remind Meethi of their relation. I know she will be restless all the time. I cannot understand what to do. Tappu thinks, I should know what’s in Meethi’s heart.

Akash is sitting outside while Meethi is sitting in her room restless. The screen keeps shifting to them one by one. They remember the truck incident and how they both were together while she saved him from getting hit. She also recalls his shouting I love you. She comes to stand by the window looking at him. Noticing this, he too stands up and smiles at her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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