Thursday Update on This is Love 27 February 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 27 February 2020

Raman and Ishita coming to meet Padma. Padma asks why did you want to meet me. Ishita says your son Manish… Padma says he has left the house many years ago. Ishita says we came to talk about Sahil Shah, he ruined our life and trapped us, Manish is working for Sahil, he can help us get out of this matter. Padma asks what are you saying. Ishita tells everything. Padma says sorry, you are caught in this trouble, but I can’t help you, Manish left the house and worked with Sahil, his dad and I broke relations with him, his dad passed away some years back, Manish tries to contact me, but I never spoke to him. Ishita says I understand, we too have children, we get hurt when they walk on wrong path, its our responsibility to get them on right path, just you can do this and help us. Padma says he won’t listen to me. Raman says you can at least try and talk to Manish, maybe he helps us.

Ishita says if you talk to him once, he may help me. Padma says I can’t help you, he is dead for me, I can’t talk to him. Raman gets commissioner’s call. Commissioner asks him to get Ishita to his office, did he arrange any witness, they can’t get any more time. He says I can’t help more. Raman says fine, we are coming. He begs Padma to save Ishita. Ishita says lets go from here, its no use. Yug says Ishita isn’t answering. Karan says maybe they left for commissioner’s office.

Commissioner asks who is she. Ishita says she is Manish’s mum, she is willing to help us, she wants to talk to him and convince him. Padma says make me talk to him once, I want to help them. Commissioner says fine, I will call Manish. Mani asks what are you doing here. Aaliya says we have kept Neha busy. Mani says we went out for some work, where are Raman and Ishita. Karan says we will go to commissioner office and find out. They leave.

Manish meets Padma and asks what are you doing here. Padma says I have come with them, help them, you and your boss trapped them. Manish says they are lying. Padma slaps him and scolds him. She asks him to accept his crime. He says I don’t know anything. She gets inspector’s gun and points at her head. She asks him to save Ishita else she will shoot herself. Manish says no please. Ishita says your life is more imp, it doesn’t matter if I go to jail. Padma asks everyone to stay away. Ishita gets the gun from Padma. Ishita says what were you doing. Manish is taken away. Ishita goes out. Everyone comes and asks what’s happening. Padma says sorry, I couldn’t help Ishita. Ishita says its fine. They all ask constable why are you taking Ishita.

Ishita says please go home, don’t make it difficult for me, Mani take them home. Ruhi says don’t go anywhere. Commissioner says Manish wants to make a confession and record his statement. Ishita asks what. Padma says call my son. He says come with me, all of you wait here, go home. Ruhi says we will wait here and go home with Ishita. Ishita says I hope everything gets fine, you all wait.

Manish comes and sees Padma. He says don’t feel ashamed of my mistakes, I m doing this for you, Ishita snatched the gun when I didn’t help her, I have ruined her life, I have become an animal. Padma cries and hugs him. He says thanks Ishita ji for doing this for my mum, my mum has hugged me after so many years. I will do what you wanted, I m going to record statement for you. Raman thanks him. Manish says Ishita ji saved my mum. Commissioner asks him to record the statement.

Mihika asks is everything fine. Simmi says they aren’t answering me, I m in tension. Mrs. Bhalla asks why. Simmi asks her to take rest. Simmi says I had more lunch and have acidity, I have tension. Mrs. Bhalla says I also ate more. Neha says but Simmi didn’t have lunch today. Mihika says Neha you were in the washroom, I served food to Simmi. Neha says no one had food today. Mrs. Bhalla says you both are lying to me, where are Raman and Ishita.

Hetal comes and says I took your soup to room. Mrs. Bhalla refuses. Hetal says everyone had pizza, that’s why they didn’t have food. Mihika says exactly, Ruhi was saying that she was bored of homemade food, you get stressed on little things, you have a headache, go to room and take rest. Neha asks where did Raman and Ishita go.

Commissioner says we wanted confession to happen in front of you. Judge asks Manish to say. Manish swears to say truth. He says Ishita is Ishita, not Shaina, we had trapped her with fake documents, she isn’t Shaina, we used her pic and made fake passport to prove that she is Shaina, she doesn’t operate any illegal things, we made plan to trap Ruhi in blast, Ruhi is innocent, her friend was our gang leader, then we blackmailed Ishita and forced her to become Shaina, she was involved in illegal activities. Ishita says I tried to get raid at the club, and got the drug peddler arrested. Manish asks did you inform the police. She says I didn’t wish to see many lives getting spoiled, Sahil was making them do these crimes, I wanted Sahil to get caught. Manish says its not true. Padma asks what are you doing. Manish says I m taking Ishita’s side, Shamshad and I run this business, Sahil Shah is innocent. They get shocked.

Mani, Ruhi, Yug, Karan and Aaliya coming home. Ruhi says don’t tell anything to Dadi and Dadu. Simmi asks where is Ishita, did she get a clean chit or not. Mani says relax, there is a good news, Manish got ready to give statement in Ishita’s favor, she will get free. Simmi says don’t come in, mumma is waiting for Ishita, her BP may get high, Neha is clever, she is creating a drama. Yug gets angry. Aaliya asks what’s her problem. Simmi asks Yug and Aaliya to stay at Iyer house. She asks Ruhi and Karan to enter the house with Mani after some time, as if they went for some meeting. Mani says yes, we have to behave natural. Simmi goes. Ishita asks Manish why is he ruining his life by lying, why is he saving Sahil. Manish asks can I give my statement without interruption.

She says don’t get scared of Sahil. Judge says don’t say in between. Manish says Shamshad and I run this business, Sahil is innocent. Judge says Ishita is Ishita Bhalla, she can get bail, all the charges on her are dismissed, Manish and Shamshad are involved in this case, they will be kept in custody and punished for the crime. Lawyer asks him to accept Sahil’s bail. Judge says there is no proof against Sahil, he can get bail. He asks commissioner to take Manish’s sign on his statement. Padma asks why did you take big blame on yourself, you will get jailed all life. Manish says you wanted me to support Ishita, I did that. He is taken away. Padma cries. She gets angry on Ishita and says I should have not helped you, I have put Manish in trouble. Ishita says sorry. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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