Thursday Update on True Love 2nd July 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 2nd July 2020

Aakash asking Meethi when they both (Mukta and Vishnu) love each other and can be together then why can us not? You still love me. When you were unconscious in that fire you were murmuring my name only. Then why cannot we be back together? She says I am not disagreeing with you. She keeps her hand over his. I still love you….a lot. But we cannot be with each other ever. I don’t want to lose Anni by gaining you. Instrumental music is playing in the background. I have told you before too I am telling you today as well. I am telling you again Aakash Anni is everything for me…my mom, grand mom everything. I can live without you but not without Anni. I cant even think of that. We can never be together….never! let us go out. It wont look good if we both will talk like this.

Rathore says even after knowing everything you still want Meethi to be in that relation. That means Mukta and Vishnu shouldn’t get married? Jogi says how can we agree to snatch happiness from one daughter and give it to another? Tappu too asks him what kind of a father is he. How can we agree to ruin one daughter’s home and give happiness to the other? How will it happen? Nani says I couldn’t even think in my dreams that you were acting. Jogi asks him if it there was no fire then would you have let Mukta marry Aakash.

Rathore denies outright. What are you saying? I cannot even thinking of playing such a game with Mukta. The only drama was to make preps for the wedding so as to instigate Vishnu…which did happen. Nani and everyone is shocked over the lie. Rathore says my and your thinking can never be alike. You want the mind to win whereas I live life with my heart. For me everything is fair in love and war. She counters. When life gets real and practical then love flows out of the window. You are Mukta’s dad. How can you think of this wedding? You and Mukta both will regret it if you get Mukta married with that beggar.

Rathore points out that she doesn’t like Vishnu for he isn’t rich and like Aakash as he is rich. I don’t even want to answer that question. Tappu says I agree that Mukta loves Vishnu but it isn’t necessary that everyone can get everything they want in life. But divorce? He agrees it would be tough but living a fake relation that too with a man who doesn’t love you would Meethi be happy with that? Why don’t you ask her yourself? Meethi agrees with Rathore. Everyone is stunned to hear her say it. She agrees for Mukta and Vishnu’s wedding. I myself want to free Vishnu from this relation. Aakash is there too. Rathore is relieved.


Jogi asks her if she thinks this wedding is a game….to break with one person and marry another. Nani cannot take it anymore. You have become so generous all of a sudden. I know you want to get married to Aakash. Damini tells her to stop it. Meethi calms her down. I must tell you all that I will divorce Vishnu but I wont go back to Aakash ever. He is sad / distraught. A chant plays and everyone else is confused too. This is my promise. Piya o re piya plays as Aakash and Meethi look at each other. He leaves from there. She wants to stop him but controls herself.

Rathore turns to everyone else. You are all elder than me. You understand life and relations much better than me. The truth is out in front of us. We should accept it. Without your blessings neither the kids nor will I be happy. I will only say that will you please bless them. Damini leaves from there followed by Kanha and Jogi in tow. Tappu warns Meethi she is making a mistake. But Meethi denies. I am doing it right. Mukta and Vishnu love each other. Rathore says there is no difference between you and Mukta for me. If I can fight for her then I can fight for you too. Are you sure you don’t want to be with Aakash? She replies in affirmative. Plus I take the responsibility to make Anni agree for this. I promise I will do it. She goes from there. Rathore says Iccha ji’s daughter was talking exactly like Iccha ji today.

Aakash comes back home. Maiyya gets up to welcome him but notices the marks on him. She is worried. You went to celebrate Diwali with Mukta. What happened? Did anything go wrong? He says everything went wrong. Now nothing can happen between me and Meethi. She is confused. I have lost her for forever. He leaves for his room.

Damini is pacing worriedly in her room. Meethi comes there. Why are you getting so worried? I know you are worried for me but relax or you will fall ill. You are my everything. Only you can understand me. But you only taught me since childhood that we must understand other people’s pain. Now you tell me how can I be happy after snatching Mukta’s happiness? Damini asks her what about her (Meethi). meethi says my and Vishnu’s wedding is standing on morals and values. There never was love between us. You tell me am I wrong? Damini wants to know what Vishnu wants. Does he too want to end it? It might be that he doesn’t want to end this relation. Meethi says anything can happen but this should happen that Mukta and Vishnu should get married. We both are your granddaughters so will you not bless her? damini leaves from there. Meethi tries to stop her but in vain.

Tappu asks Rathore what’s the point in ruining one house to set up another house. Nani too asks him how he can even think of marrying Mukta to a guy like Vishnu. rathore replies that Mukta is grown up now, intelligent too. She can take her life’s decisions and their responsibilities too. If she is happy then (I am happy too). Damini brings Mukta and Vishnu there and says, I want to hear the same thing from Mukta and Vishnu.

Everyone gathers in the living area. Damini asks Vishnu if he wants to break his relation with Meethi…and Mukta do you want to marry Vishnu? Everyone is waiting for bated breath for their answer. Rathore says this isn’t the time to be quiet. You two must tell everyone what’s in your heart / what the truth is. Say it! Mukta affirms that she wants this only. A chant plays as the camera zooms on everyone’s shocked faces. Damini asks Vishnu once again. He agrees that he loves Mukta.

Vishnu says I loved her even when I got married to Meethi and love her today as well. That night we were to get married….that was decided but things changed in a way that I got married to Meethi. Even after that I tried my best to live this relation but slowly I realised that neither can Meethi nor can I be happy in this relation. Nani says what happened to your morals now. Vishnu says his morals are equally important to him today as he got them from his teacher didi.


The only difference is that till date I was abiding by the rituals and traditions as my morals and values. I was running away from the reality but today I have realised that nothing is bigger than truth. Nani is frustrated. That is why I have decided that I shouldn’t continue with this fake relation. Anni I couldn’t give any happiness to Meethi then what’s the point of this relation? It would be better if we go separate ways. Rathore goes to him. meethi nods slightly at Damini who gives her blessings to Mukta and Vishnu. meethi smiles at this relieved. Mukta and Vishnu take her blessings. Nani is super shocked / angry. Meethi steps back a little.

Pavitra rings up at Aatishgarh House. Kajri picks up the call. Pavitra tells her that they are in Mumbai in Aakash’s big house. He is getting married. Kajri is taken aback. Gomti comes there to reprimand her. Agarth Bhaiya must not know about it. Kajri turns and notices Agarth standing there. He asks her about the call and Kajri tells her everything. On the other hand Pavitra tells Gomti she dint say anything to bhaiya. I just thought to wish Kajri as it is Diwali. Gomti calls her foolish. What if someone gets to know it? Agarth is upset. My kids just died and this Ekadish is getting her son married. No, this is bad news. Kajri goes from there. Agarth thinks, they are all in Mumbai.

Nani is thinking hard in her room. Suddenly she remembers / thinks of something and calls up Ekadish. Everything has turned topsy turvy today. Don’t know what will happen here. Epi ends at Ekadish’s face. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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