Thursday Update on Young Love 2nd July 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 2nd July 2020

Nimboli and Disa’s conversation. Disa asks her to go. Mannu tells Pooja that they didn’t have any option rather than opting for aborting the child. Pooja is sad. Mannu asks what is going on in her mind? Pooja says nothing. Nimboli comes to Urmila and tells her Kundan made you have a child. She says just like we made you eat jalebis and he made you eat the child. Urmila says she didn’t have any child. Nimboli asks her to try to recollect. Urmila tells that her mum told about baby.

Nimboli tells you didn’t know when he made you eat it. She says when a husband tortures his wife, the wife gets a child. She looks at her own tummy and rushes to Disa. She asks her to see, and asks if there is anything inside it. Disa says is your tummy paining? Nimboli asks her to see if she is pregnant? Disa says this can’t happen? Nimboli says why did she have the baby as Kundan teases her a lot. Disa says you don’t have baby in your tummy. She says you must be hungry. Nimboli laughs.

Nimboli is going to school. Pampodi says I thought to play with you. My mum in law is not at home. Nimboli says she will bunk school for a day. They go to play. Ganga comes to Mannu’s room and keeps his ironed clothes. Mannu searches on the internet about abortion. Ganga asks why you are reading about this.


Mannu tells that they are doing project for Biology. He says he needs 8-10 points for his points. Ganga says okay and asks him to sit. She explains him about the abortion process. Nidhi tells Anandi that she is so happy as her Papa decided to stay in Jaitsar. He comes there. Anandi says so you have decided. Anant says yes. Dadisaa says your decision is right and made Nidhi happy. She applauds for him for thinking about his daughter’s happiness. Anandi introduces Dadisaa. Dadisaa says she needs to attend a meeting and goes. Anant says what a lady?
Anandi asks Dr. Anant, what you have decided? Will you start your own clinic or work in the hospital. He says he is namesake doctor now, and says he has to joined his father in law forgery business after his marriage. He says he tried to keep Pushpa happy, but failed. He says he left his father in law’s business and is happy now. Anandi says you have to do something. Anant says he has some savings. Anandi says you were paediatrician before and thinks something. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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