Thursday Update on True Love 6th August 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 6th August 2020

Meethi, in her dreams, is recalling all the incidents that happened in Shimla. She sees light and then a person advances towards her. it is Iccha. Meethi is happy to see her mom. Iccha asks her if she saw a bad dream. Meethi nods. Iccha says fear scares you in dreams when in reality it is weak. The bitter experiences of life make people stronger and intelligent too. Try and understand the people around you. Look beyond what you can see on their faces. Akash calls out for her and she turns to look in the direction from where his voice is coming. Meethi turns to talk to Iccha but she doesn’t find her there. She recalls Iccha’s wise words and nods. I miss you ma!

Vishnu is outside a shop in the market. He take off his watch thinking they will meet everyone for the first time after their wedding and he cannot even get a new dress for her.

Mukku’s dress has come in the office. Mukku denies. I was seeing it but dint place an order. He shows her the order receipt of 17k for COD. She still declines. He stays put. It cannot be cancelled once the order is made. Yuvi is witnessing all this. He remembers how he had made the order on Mukku’s behalf. The delivery guy questions Mukku why she placed the order if she dint have the money in the first place. She sternly tells him she did not do it. Yuvi wants to know what has happened. mukku tells him about the order and how she dint book any. You know I went to Mr. Mukherjee.

The delivery guy counters it might be that ma’am would have clicked on buy option but why would someone confirm the address. It can also happen that she ordered yesterday but realised she dint have money today. yuvi tells him not to talk loudly. He calls for Mona and tells her to make the payment by telling the cashier. Mukku tells him she dint order for it but he takes it on his reputation. Its just about 17k. If he goes back like this then my name would be ruined. she tells him she cannot afford this dress. He tells her to take it as a small gift from Yuvaan Enterprises. She says she wouldn’t be able to take such an expensive gift. He asks her to pay it in 12 instalments. She has no option but to agree.

Vishnu has brought a gift for Mukta. He calls out for her. he is happy and hides the gift behind him while he continues calling out for her. she comes out wearing her new dress which takes him by surprise. He tightens his hold on the gift box that he is holding. He appreciates the dress. She tells him the price which leaves him shocked. There is a long story behind it and she tells him everything. She tells him she dint want it but Sir dint let me say anything at all. Vishnu stops her from saying anything further. You bought a dress with your sir’s money that’s not an issue but why are you lying. She is taken aback while he repeats it. The story is very interesting which has been told so that I don’t say a thing. you know I cannot buy such an expensive dress for you. Your Nani was right. I am not worth marrying a princess. She is hurt by his behaviour and sad too.

What has happened to you? I can never think this way. He says I thought my Mukku will need a new saree to wear in the party. I will gift her when I will go home. She will get happy and hug me. but what’s the value of the saree brought by me (of Rs. 1200) in front of your 17k dress. He throws the box on the table. She tells him anything that he will bring with love is worth more than anything. This dress doesn’t matter at all. He tells her not to do anything for her. wear the dress that you have chosen for yourself. He leaves and she is hurt by his words. She picks up the box sadly and opens it and hugs the saree as she cries.

Akash asks for Mukta and Vishnu from Jogi and Divya. Meethi asks them to call them asap. We haven’t met after our respective weddings. Divya sees Ambika passing by and greets her. jogi is happy to see her. ambika praises Meethi and Akash. Meethi asks for her dad. Ambika tells her he wouldn’t be able to come today as he is the incharge of CM’s security. Akash goes to check on his board of directors.

Rathore gets a call from Jogi who asks if he is coming. Rathore is gathering his courage. I want to meet both the couples but! Jogi tells him that Chaubey isn’t coming today. you should come. Maybe fate gives you some sign because of which everything gets sorted asap. Rathore agrees to come. Akash tells Sankrant to check on the preps. Nothing should be missing. Ambika wants to sing a song. He agrees to start the party with her song.

Vishnu and Mukta reach through a taxi. He just opens the door for her to get down and looks away angrily. He doesn’t notice what she is wearing and in turns taunts her not to hide such an expensive dress. She is wearing the saree brought by him. he notices this and goes speechless. She says you couldn’t understand my love. value is of love not of gift. She heads inside while she wipes her tears.

Meethi and Mukta are ecstatic to see each other. Vishnu also joins them. Maiyya dint think they will come. The whole family has come to eat in the party. Nani does not like the saree that Mukku is wearing. She scrutinises her from top to toe with a dislike and then looks at Meethi who looks like a princess. Rohini brings sweets for Nani which she takes willingly. What has Mukku done by marrying that beggar! It could have been her instead of Meethi today. mukku and Vishnu meet Sankrant next and then go to meet their family.

Akash tells Sankrant the board of directors are here. Take care of them as they are quite senior. Sankrant assures him he will take care of everything. Ambika was listening to this. She follows Sankrant to give him his medicine. He takes it happily. She is happy that the party will be happening because of him only. The medicine is not to keep you away from liquor but instead is a vitamin. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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