Thursday Update on This is Love 6th August 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 6th August 2020

Karan says we will go there and find the man who is messaging Ishita. Yug says the address is fake, I know that area well, I have sold many sim cards there, just track the number’s last location. Inspector sees Bhuvan and stops the bike. He calls the ambulance. Yug says the location is near our house. Ruhi says it means he was around our house that time. Yug says we will not waste time, lets go. They leave. Police gathers there. Yug, Karan, Ruhi and Aaliya come there. Bhuvan is taken in the ambulance. Karan asks what happened. Inspector says a man is badly stabbed, he was left to die here.

Ruhi says we should contact his family, he is our friend, let us see him. Inspector says we are taking him to the hospital, you can go and check there. Sanjay thinks shall I tell boss, no, he will ask many questions, I don’t care whatever happens outside the building. Yug asks can you tell us about the patient. The lady says sorry. Ruhi and Aaliya insist. The lady says really sorry. Doctor asks is there a problem. They ask the doctor to let them see their friend. They go in to see him. Nurse says go out, its emergency case, his state is critical, he may get more critical, someone stabbed him 4-5 times, please go out, he needs blood, if you care for him, donate blood to him. Karan says what’s his blood group, I will arrange it. Nurse allows them to see Bhuvan. Ruhi says it means Ishita was saying the truth. Aaliya says Shardul is lying, he is plotting this. Ruhi says we have to save Ishita.

Simmi says I don’t know what’s happening, this lookalike is troubling us. Yug says we behaved so badly with dad. Karan says Shardul convinced everyone, I argued with him, I wish to throw him out, he is clever, it won’t be easy to make him out. Yug says I will donate blood. Aaliya asks why would you give blood. Simmi says no one had food, if mum gets unwell, Ishita is still believing that fraud person. Shardul says calm down, once we get that proof, I will throw him out, think about me, my wife is living with a stranger in guest room. She asks him to relax, children didn’t come back, no one wants to stay here. Shardul thinks what are they doing out, I will call and see. Yug says we can’t leave Bhuvan to die, like Ishita says, we should help people. Aaliya says yes, who knows, he may get conscious and tell about Shardul. Yug says maybe, else you kill him. She beats him. He goes. Ruhi gets Shardul’s call. Karan says don’t tell about Bhuvan.

Ruhi answers the call and says we have come for dinner, we met Karan’s friend, he is from US, Karan insisted to spend time. Shardul says get him home, we can have punjabi food. She says he is punjabi himself, we came to have south indian food. She lies and ends call. Arijit says police should have got Bhuvan’s dead body, his contacts have my number, did anything go wrong. He calls Sanjay. He says Bhuvan didn’t come home, is he there, fine, don’t sleep, stay alert. Sanjay says fine. Arijit calls Shardul and asks about Bhuvan. Shardul says police would have got his body, I will go and see, and call you. Ishita hears him. She thinks to do something to stop Shardul, she is hurting everyone.

She starts shouting that there is no food for us, what’s this way. Simmi says sorry, I had kept the food in the fridge, I will heat it. Ishita says fine, heat the food for Raman also. Simmi says he isn’t my brother. Ishita says I will do it myself. They argue. Shardul comes. Simmi says he is my brother Raman. Shardul asks what happened. Simmi says she is fighting with me. Everyone comes and asks them to stop fighting.

Raman says Simmi, you have to apologize to me. Simmi says my foot, never. The nurse says sorry, Bhuvan has died, you can carry his personal things from the police. Aaliya says what shall we do now. Shardul asks did police come here. Sanjay says someone’s dead body was found there. Police comes. Inspector says we got a wounded man here, we got the news that he died, we want to see CCTV footage. Shardul says I told the society secretary to fix the cameras, sorry we can’t help you. Inspector says it was the only way to reach the culprit, fine we will see. Watchman says cameras are working, why did you lie. Shardul says they will catch you first. Ruhi says Ishita is calling us home. Inspector says you can take the dead body and belongings with you. Yug gets a call.

He goes to check the place. He says Bhuvan’s body was here. He gets a memory card. He calls Karan. Karan and Ruhi try to check the card. Yug says it means we can get the data, thanks. Yug asks how will we find out, Ishita is waiting. Aaliya says no, we should check it. Karan says stop, open this. Yug says tell his boss’ number. He says its Arijit’s number. Karan says I m not surprised, Arijit had sent this man. Ruhi says Arijit is always with us, we didn’t know he is behind it. Aaliya says its Neeti’s pics, right. Ruhi asks how is she connected to this. Aaliya says Arijit was behaving like he has seen Neeti for the first time, he is such a liar. Ruhi says maybe he has sent Neeti to us. Yug says we can’t prove that Arijit is with Bhuvan. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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