Thursday Update on True Love 8th October 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 8th October 2020

Akash is sitting outside while its raining. Someone holds out an umbrella over his head. He gets surprised to see Meethi all decked up and her big tummy. He is all smiles as he touches her stomach to feel the baby. He is smiling broadly but then he realises he was dreaming and his smile disappears. He recalls Rathore’s words about Yuvi pushing Meethi so hard that she lost her baby. He is sad thinking that even though Yuvi is Meethi’s brother he killed her baby.

Doc tells Tappu that there is no scope of improvement in the patient (Vishnu). It will be a false assurance to you all to keep him here in the hospital. You can take him home as his condition will not change. Mukku cannot believe what she has heard. Ma, tell him that Vishnu will have to get well for me and our baby. Doc compares Vishnu to a lifeless body which shocks Mukku all the more. I am Vishnu’s life then how can he say so? She shouts at the doc while Tappu tries to calm her down.

Mukku begs her mom to make Vishnu well for herself and their baby. He will have to get well. Nani makes faces as the doc leaves. Tappu consoles Mukku who remembers her curse to Meethi and then Akash telling her that they got what she had wished for. Ma, am I getting punished for cursing Meethi which is why all this is happening to me! meethi has lost her child and now all this has happened with me. I have made a very big mistake. I cannot lose Vishnu please save him. Nani has trust in her God only now.

It is stormy outside. Meethi is talking in her sleep. She apologizes to Akash as she knows he is upset with her. She wakes up with a start when she remembers Yuvi pushing her on the floor which made her lose her child. She composes herself and finds Akash standing near the window. She back hugs him while he stands there as a statue. I know you are upset with me but trust me I dint do it willingly. Sorry for I couldn’t fulfil the promise I made to you. I know it is impossible for you to forgive me.

Neither of us can forgive whatever has happened but I don’t want any rift between us because of all this. I am sorry! Saaiyan plays as he removes her hand. They both stand there awkwardly. On the other hand Mukku sadly holds onto her husband’s hands as their past happy moments flash before her eyes. Akash holds Meethi’s hand and makes her lie down on the bed after making her eat her medicine. He is not uttering a single word and lies down too though he keeps staring at the ceiling blankly. She wipes her tears and hugs him but he doesn’t pay heed. Instead, he switches off the lights.

Akash leaves from his home even though Maiyya and Sankrant try to talk to him about breakfast and a board meeting. Maiyya is missing Aatishgarh. All these signs are not good. He can do anything when he is angry. We will have to make him understand. He can do anything when he is angry.

Akash asks about Yuvi’s whereabouts from his doctor. She is reluctant so he tells him about Yuvi being a criminal. You are a woman and you can understand what a woman feels when she loses her baby. If you still don’t give me info then it will mean that you are supporting that criminal. I wont be at peace till I find him. I am controlling myself very much so don’t force me to do something which I don’t want to. Give me all the info regarding my child’s murderer. I am requesting you for the last time. Doc gives him all the basic info which she has.

Just then Rathore too comes there. He was sure that he would find Akash here only. You and I can try to nab Yuvi together. These records are fake. He doesn’t live here and he is not at his home too as I am coming from there only. Akash observes that Yuvi used to come here every Monday. Doc tells him how Yuvi needs to take some specific injection every week to take care of his skin. He needs to have a prescription signed by me if he has to take that or go out of station for long as no doc permits it otherwise. He will anyways have to come to meet me once. Rathore points out that it is Monday today. Akash adds that his appointment time is just one hour away. they both are prepared to catch him.

Meethi is going downstairs and is worried for Akash. She asks Kajri about him. He is not even picking his phone. I know he is angry and I am worried if he does something wrong or kill Yuvi instead.

Rathore waits for Yuvi in the corridor as he pretends to read a newspaper while Akash goes to another corner. He gets Meethi’s call but doesn’t pick it. Yuvi comes to the hospital. He plans to take prescription for 4 weeks and go to Delhi. I will leave for Europe from there and no one will be able to catch me. he smiles evilly and heads to the doctor’s cabin. Rathore puts his leg forward and makes Yuvi fall. He is shocked to see Rathore there. Rathore tells him that it is impossible to walk away from him. yuvi steps back in shock and starts running. He reaches the corner and is met with a punch at his face.

He falls flat on the floor and is all the more shocked to see Akash. Akash drags him inside a room by foot and locks it from inside. Yuvi tries to explain that he dint want to hurt Meethi but Akash is not ready to listen to anything. He starts beating Yuvi even though Rathore shouts at him to calm down. Akash pulls out a gun from his pocket which shocks Yuvi to the core. Rathore keeps telling Akash not to take law in his hands. Rathore finally manages to open the door and throws the gun away. Akash is still in no mood to free Yuvi. Police takes him away while Rathore holds Akash. Yuvi and Akash glare / stare at each other as Yuvi is being taken away by the police. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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